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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's a Status Quo is So Gay Thing

Dear America,

it's funny, one of the first stories I read this morning was all about fourteen [female] Senators having sent a letter to the King of Saudi Arabia begging for him to change -- pleading to his higher self to allow women to drive.

Among the gang-ette of fourteen... both of my California Senators!  Isn't that just fabulous.  Now yeah, sure, we can multi-task; there is really no shame in spreading ourselves around for the love of country and all.  But seriously, right now?  When in fact our Senate cannot even gather the troops long enough to vote on major life changing financial legislation, with Harry Reid refusing to bring Cut Cup and Balance even to the table...this is how my Senators keep busy?

Sure we are global now -- and this campaign featured through an organization simply known as Change.org -- is all about building respect for women all around the globe under an array of good causes; but don't you think we have enough, right here at home, to work on?

Not to mention, I would think getting a driver's license, ranked  by importance and pinned to the front of any given refrigerator at the home of a the typical Saudi woman, comes after treating women like real human beings.  Like giving them certain unalienable rights like each and every American woman...

All women under Sharia Law have to be escorted by a man everywhere they go; they can't even speak to a man that is not their husband in public; they can't even decide what to wear in the morning without being forced to cover it all up. They can't eat with men in restaurants; they have no decision making authority in the home; they can't even CHANGE their religion without meeting up with certain death.  Their genitals might even be brutally mutilated, okay...

But let's get them a driver's license.

While this is the letter my two Senators from California just had to place their Jane Hancock; allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia gets tossed into the Things to Do Today of team Boxer & Feinstein, and twelve others, ranking the Debt Ceiling Resolution, Balanced Budget, Cutting Spending, Unemployment, Obscene Growth of the Federal Government to come happily ever after.  Way to show your priorities, ladies.  [fyi, the lone republican Senator, was Susan Collins, of Maine]

I really didn't set out to discount a good deed of fellow American women this morning; standing up to oppression, whether large or small, all add up and make a difference.  We have seen the small step for man, big step mankind, become something bigger than life time and time again.

To pick at that small step even more, very often, these baby steps require a steadfast, solid, unwavering, fortified in every way, spine before that big toe even makes a move, so much as a wiggle.  We know that sometimes, what started out as the will of maybe 150,000 women protesting -- growing to become the grassroots movement back behind the efforts of Change.org's involvement -- becomes a full on platform for real change to occur.  Once it gains a foothold, natural momentum has the support to fundamentally transform reality.

This is precisely why the Debt Ceiling/Cut, Cap and Balance Debate seems so inane; the spine is missing.

Neither side is showing any Chutzpah  -- which is ironic, considering we are operating under the Audacity of Hope president, and after making a very convincing argument through the likes of Jay Carney, administration spokesman/poster boy of the moment, when addressing the press, saying, "We have shown a lot of leg on what we were proposing." 

all elements of sexism aside in the aftermath of making such an asinine comment, what leg?  Was the leg covered by an Abaya by chance?  [For a fabulous expose, and more along the same lines, go to sweetness & light, right here]

While what we get from the left is Harry Reid...business as usual and whining about the Tea Party...stopping just short of calling John Boehner a unick when expressing his concern, noting that the republican party is "being driven by the radical right-wing in tune with the tea party...We should not let these extremists dictate the outcome of this debate....it is time for ideological extremism to end... break away from those extremists who seem to be running  the Republican party in Washington.”

Basically, what Harry met Nancy want, is a compromise built solidly on more of the same: an illegitimate growth of an overzealous government without checks, balances, scruples, principles... let alone, a limit.

So what are we left with?

Honestly, just how are we still standing up?

...when the Left Leg is simply begging for us to continue under Status Quo -- stumbling along on a limp that sees no end... compromising upon so much... and redistributing every bloody thing... until we are left powerless, broken, and in ruin; with the Right Leg bending and tweaking and twitching uncontrollably, to the extent of going utterly numb.

Back bone?  Spine?  It's something that masterfully sits above the legs; and when turned into an admirable quality, it is something rarely associated with compromise --- but of pure, unadulterated, honorable, resolve.  Until such time we have statesmen (or WOMEN!) showing one, we, the people, will suffer.

Sure, Reagan bended a wee bit back in 1982; a closer look at the details would reassure the average patriot he compromised on a policy to stand firm on a principle. When searching for more on the bigger picture then, and now, I stumbled upon a fairly decent article on Reagan's "compromising" spirit here.  Reagan transformed taxation in this country beginning with a few small steps, eliminating loopholes, that in the short term amounted to tax increases, in order to change everything.  Can you just imagine still operating with the top income tax bracket at 70%?  Think about it.

"Right wing extremists" are screaming loud and clear DO NOT COMPROMISE on this now.  "WE the People" are lighting up the congressional switchboards, overloading websites, taking it to the airwaves and bloggers large and small, united with the same cause; and we number in the MILLIONS!  The spine of the right wing sweeps long and wide, spanning from sea to shining sea.

This has to be the time when America rejoins with her spine -- for we are faced with 60 trillion dollars in unfunded entitlement liabilities, while under the weight of an insurmountable 14.4 Trillion dollars in debt, when we continue to spend WAY more than we take in and running 1.5 trillion dollar deficits, when government by the numbers looks absolutely insane!  Go here for more on that...leading you, on fingertips, to The Heritage Foundation.

Call us what you want, Harry, but Status Quo is so gay.  [that is just piggy backing on something like this.]

Make it a Good Day, G


  1. Thank you for your research for TRUTH. Your 13 July provided a link to the actual Treasury Check Ledger that shows USA has about $200B / month income - debt payment only $29B /M plenty left to pay for defense and SS & MC. Today you provide the link to Heritage Federal Spending by the numbers .... in each case scooping the "real" news cycle by 3 days.
    BZ! From Old Salt

  2. Thank you for your research for TRUTH. Your 13 July provided a link to the actual Treasury Check Ledger that shows USA has about $200B / month income - debt payment only $29B /M plenty left to pay for defense and SS & MC. Today you provide the link to Heritage Federal Spending by the numbers .... in each case scooping the "real" news cycle by 3 days.
    BZ! From Old Salt