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Friday, July 29, 2011

It's a Free Flow of Compromise Thing...make it stop....

Dear America,

it is late in the day.  way.
let's just say, the flow out of the old spigot -- the creative mind -- was jammed up for quite some time...  way.

I don't know...perhaps it has something to do with the lack of leadership in Congress -- as well as the Executive Branch -- but who can tell anymore, right.

Just fascinating how an indiscriminate, intangible, weight of the world can simply level us, no?

it's just so hard being outside the beltway just watching the politics continue to stack up -- one on top of another, loading the stream of fiscal responsibility with excuses, denials, rhetoric, and compromises.

hold up...

"put something on the table!  tell us where you are!"   

ooops.  that was breaking news that just slipped in, here in SoCal at 2:42 PST
...that was John Boehner....screaming from the podium at the opposition.

can I just say, wow, again.  he sounded kinda annoyed.

and maybe, for the first time, sounding like he actually grew a pair...  way.

Not that it really matters, right.

oh my....
ya see?  the flow is all but shut off.

But look around, the week has been heavy, unrelenting, dark and deep with despair.

how can you just sit there and expect just a girl to rise above it -- continue to make her lemonade -- find her silver lining -- let the good times roll  -- under such dire conditions?

Something really trivial set me off on this wrong track today, believe it or not; even though, for the most part, up until making my mid-morning tea, I would say this girl was doing pretty fine -- considering.  but that's when it happened.  the catalyst that set me off course, navigating me down a bad, bad turn...it was the tea bag itself.

Choosing a tea that came free with a thought for the day, this is what lay in wait, ripe for sabotaging my morning:

"The mind is energy.  Regulate it."

harmless, right.
good advice.
...wrong again.

it floats off  the edge of my tea cup just waiting for it...the natural burst, the spontaneous combustion of mind and matter.  there is only one way for this to go according to the G thing...as wrong track as it may sound. For my initial ah-ha moment, free for the thinking, flashed before me, saying to my self:

let's just hope Obama doesn't catch wind of this...

and doink, der it is...
that's when I realized, he already has.

Just watch, look, and listen to mainstream media -- otherwise known as the free-flowing commerce of propaganda and mind control.

yup -- hitting the rapids rather suddenly --  the spigot clogged, the creative mind ceased up, and happy go lucky G got herself plum stuck clinging to a rock, reaching for a branch of the tree of life.

here is just a few media matters to consider:

Thank you Brent Bozell, and the entire team at the Media Research Center, to bring to America's attention of the rampant, daily, weekly, monthly, media bias. All these stories came from MRC website, while you can  Go Here for more on the debt ceiling and the media, with Brent addressing the issue personally.

Okay *** Breaking News*** the NEW new bill just passed in the House.

It is on the way to the Senate.  way.

hold up...
hang on...
nope.  they will not bring this one to the floor of the Senate either. way.

so really, we are nowhere fast -- or is it more like the slow steep of my morning tea.

we have been addressing compromise all week...leave it to friday before actually looking it up in the dictionary.

Hold up a second --  before we delve deeper into the real definition -- you know -- first impression -- anytime someone refers to a some kind of compromising position -- our mind immediately imagines the worst.  am I right?  --  a sordid affair, an illegitimate business deal, a lowering of a standard of some kind in some way... yes way.... go on G...

More or less, compromising isn't always a good thing, right.

And that's what we get when we look it up -- sure, sure, it also says something to the effect of a coming together, making a mutual promise, settling differences by making mutual concessions.  sure, there is all that.

BUT it also says, a compromise -- generally speaking -- reflects a certain reduction in quality, values, or a degree of something; to expose or make liable to danger, suspicion, or disrepute; to impair by disease or injury; to settle...yes, by those sticky mutual concessions.

Fortunately, what is emerging from the tea leaves at the end of the day, comes a sense of relief.  Good fortune and a prosperous future may rely upon the 75% of Americans polled who believe America is going in the wrong direction, believing we are stuck on the wrong track -- while only 17% feel we are headed in the right direction.  This from rasmussen reports. 

For a minute there, I was beginning to think the Obama-Spock mind control thing was working.

she's baaaaaack

compromising on america's debt -- whether it be a gang of six with twelve foot ceilings, or however the bonehead Boehner/Reid Bill turns out -- may be the worst thing we could ever do.  who's not to say that compromising is simply messing with the natural flow -- complicating America's inherent Chi -- by regulation; and hence, lowering our standards, reducing our abundance...completely narrowing the path to solvency and a sound future.

The feng shui masters of our birth gave us a foundation; they provided the Rule of Law to handle the free flow of material, of creative mind, with purpose and a duty -- as long as we tended to each our own.   America was built upon an independent, self -reliant spirit in each and every one of us, as the engine back behind a natural, wanting self-mastery, paving the way for success, prosperity and happiness.

we all messed up...a long long time ago.
Compromising now should be the last thing we cling to, that's all.

Make it a Good Day, G

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