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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's an EIGHT Trillion Dollar Man Thing

Dear America,

so here we are...

currently at about 14.3 Trillion.
Obama wants an additional 2.4 Trillion
(just to get him through the next election...
just one year away)

then, attaching the current deficit at 1.65 Trillion...

we come to, for all intents and purposes,
roughly an 18.35 Trillion dollar National Debt by fall of 2012.

And if John Boehner gets his way...on target to reducing deficits by only 22 billion in the next year, and pledging a promise of debt reduction by 1.2 Trillion over the next TEN years... he will play a part in setting us up in 2021 for what?  hmmm...conservatively speaking, adding maybe a trillion for each year, 28.35 Trillion in debt.

But from another angle -- because the many facets of this are just so illuminating -- taking all this into consideration, Obama is on track for bringing America to about 18 Trillion dollars in debt -- BY NEXT YEAR!

Thus -- under the Obama Administration he will have accumulated  EIGHT trillion dollars in debt, being solely responsible for the DOUBLING (and then some) of our national debt in a matter of four years [comparing him to Bush -- which Obama loves to do -- who added 4Trillion over eight].

But think about it:  it took 43 presidents to bring us to 10 Trillion -- but it just took one term under President Obama to bring America to her knees.

So, what we have then, from another angle, it took 232 years to make ten trillion -- while before this administration is through, he will have added 8.35 (trillion) in just four short stupid reckless... "brainless dickless hopeless heartless" (in an ode to Christmas Vacation on the fly) ...years. that's what I'm talkin' about.

A local talk radio young gun in the San Diego area is Mike Slater; yesterday, his topic was wrapped around the whole "compromise" thing.  And it was funny...he's like, you know, [which, if you are a Slater Crusader, you would recognize the "like" thrown in.  His reputation of over-using the word "like" is something of fascination out here...he gets dinged on the show every time he throws it around and they count them...but I digress]  anyway, he's like telling us what's with this idea of compromise?  essentially wondering how exactly does it work, when it is such that those of us who do not want the debt ceiling raised at all, are forced to give in, to the tune of trillions of dollars?  how is that right?

Posing it from another angle, he's like:  [paraphrasing] 'how about we go to the president and say we want to lower the debt by ten trillion, but we'll settle for five?  how 'bout that compromise?' or something like that, anyway....but interesting point, doncha think?   just why does the party who wants a real Cut,Cap and Balance have to compromise UP and conform to the liberal scale, clearly hellbent on government running amuck?

how is that a compromise that works, unless you are insistent on a compromise of values, let alone dollars and common sense?

"I want everybody in America to do well. I want everybody to have a chance to become a millionaire. I think the free market system is the greatest wealth generator we have ever known. This is not about punishing wealth. This is about asking people who have benefited the most over the last decade to share in the sacrifice, and I think these patriotic Americans are willing to pitch in -- if they're asked -- because they know that middle class families shouldn't have to pick up the whole tab for closing the deficit."  President Obama
does this actually reflect the real feelings and actions of this president?

...bu  bu but but but Mr. President ...thought it was the "millionaires and billionaires" who are the villains in all this -- now you are suggesting you want everybody to be one?  Oh, that's right...not one who earns it the old-fashioned way, but becomes one ....through special favor, through policy of redistribution, and foregoing a fundamental American principle built upon self-reliance, promising equal opportunity, not equal outcome -- and thus taking from one, right now, in order to give that wealth to another.

..and Mr. President...you want everybody in America to do well, except the oil companies along with any energy un-green, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies.... small business owners.... nearly everyone in the private sector, and otherwise, anyone who is not a member of a union

...everybody DOES have a chance to become one [a millionaire], Mr. President.

...the free market system, when government gets out of the way, IS the greatest wealth generator..perhaps if you say it often enough, Mr. President, you may actually begin to believe it!

(that is like a flip on “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  -- Joseph Goebbels.)

...this ADMINISTRATION IS about punishing wealth -- not to mention controlling it, manipulating it, stealing it, violating it, diminishing it, chastising it, eliminating /redistributing it in every way...isn't it, Mr. President.  isn't it?

When Obama was just a candidate, he made many promises -- insinuating in every possible way a firm alliance and allegiance to America, both in principles and core values, from all angles.

If we can force ourselves to look back to 2008, he promised to go LINE by LINE on the Federal Budget to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse of the the federal bureaucracy...instead, he has added 22% to the growth of government; he promised to cut the deficit BY HALF before the end of his first term...instead, he has quadrupled it; he promised to show "sausage making" on C-SPAN...ha ha hahaha; he promised he would be different, bi-partisan, reaching across the aisle, changing Washington and the status quo....ha ha hahaha; he even promised to stand by his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman...instead, he has simply decided not to defend DOMA.

The character of a man during the campaign is simply indistinguishable as president (who we have come to know as just a boy).

Another fallacy came to light in the last twenty-four hours.  Going to words of the administration press secretary, Jay Carney, when he explained the road ahead like so:

“It’s a Sophie’s Choice. Who do you save? Who do you pay?”

So, with the audacity to contradict his president really -- a president who very recently stood firm on fear mongering and claiming that he is "unable to guarantee social security checks will go out" -- Carney admits THERE IS A CHOICE.

Well, there you go; returning to multiple angles, of course there is a choice!  As well as, a LAW, that requires Social Security to be paid; which just so happens to be the same LAW, spelling out explicit policy guaranteeing payment on our debt/interest on debt first, to prevent a default from happening at all! [Not to mention the bi-weekly payroll deductions feeding directly into the funds to pay social security checks, without disruption]

But thank you, Jay, for making it so clear.  The president has a choice -- it is also known as a duty...to God and to country....something he swore to, on the Holy (Lincoln) Bible, just two and a half years ago.

Of course, given his track record, it is awfully hard to tell if he will hold himself to it.

So here we are...just letting a little light shine upon all the angles...free will...duty...responsibility...self-reliance...law...indebtedness...prosperity...

in the end...all of us --  in equal portion -- are at CHOICE.

Make it a Good Day, G

ps. I take exception being equated to either a Hobbit or a Terrorist...and so choose not to link you to either original source of those stories.  why bother. but let's just say we "hobbits" can't wait for 2012.

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