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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a Rubber Chicken Thing

Dear America,

happy tuesday.
is it?  is it?

spinning faces, leaving traces... just what kind of president did we awake to this morning?  Will he be the fiscally responsible one (the kind willing to eat his peas first like a big boy) -- or the blame-game-name-calling-fear mongering-playing chicken-with-politics-liberal puppet?  It all happens so fast, you know.  The flip -- if you blink -- you could easily miss it.

Stephen Hayes, of the Weekly Standard, takes the Obama vs. Obama to task this morning.  Steve makes a couple of stunning highlights, including this Obama-ism from 2009:
“We have not proposed a tax hike for the wealthy that would take effect in the middle of a recession. Even the proposals that have come out of Congress – which by the way were different from the proposals I put forward – still wouldn’t kick in until after the recession was over. So he’s absolutely right, the last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up – take more demand out of the economy and put business further in a hole.”

Where did this guy go? 

This was in August 2009, during an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC, when Obama was the happy-go-lucky-stimulus-toting-business-is-booming-fresh-young-bird.  Oh my, if he only knew then, what we all see happening now; he might have just toned down the rah rah free market rhetoric like a chicken with his head cut off.

I'm into chickens today, but it is not my fault.  Everybody keeps claiming the sides are playing chicken with each other -- daring each other to take it to the limit, or something. As a two party system, we can easily slip into this strategy when digging deep into negotiations.

Besides making me crave a bucket of the Colonel right now -- with an extra large side of coleslaw -- the whole debt ceiling narrative is beginning to sound like a barnyard of chickens... squawking, and pecking at each other, like the sky is falling...after awhile, it becomes more like white noise, just something going on in the background.  (Being a mama, myself, this chatter is like child's play -- continuing with a subtle theme on G thing from just yesterday -- just dare you guys to really give us something to talk about.)

Well, peck this:  the GOP has been clear from the start -- they have never considered raising taxes even remotely part of the equation.  What is the big problem?  No taxes means no taxes.

And in 2009, even Obama agreed that it would be ludicrous to consider raising taxes in a recession.  And believe you me, we are in a recession.  The economy is not growing.  We are not hiring.  We are falling back into another dip.  And a brand new stimulus (our president's go-to-answer-for-everything) is the last thing we can do; it isn't even up for consideration.

A neighbor of mine gave our dog, Boo Boo, a play toy just this past Sunday.  It's a rubber chicken.

and it got me thinking...

We are kind of being led by a rubber chicken:  it doesn't really have a life of it's own -- it responds to the environment, the handler, the life we give it.

By itself, it doesn't really understand what it is, or how it is made, or where it really comes from -- as that is merely the natural response of any inanimate object; it only knows that it is on the receiving end of something else -- a toss, a fetch, a poke, a squeak.

Sure, bloggers and pundits have compared him to a talking puppet -- a talking head of the Power Elite; but in reality, he is acting more like one of Boo Boo's play toys.  An identity appears only when in concert with other action, other people, other things that make him tick; otherwise, he just sits wherever he is left, unclear of his next step, unaware of where he will stand -- or sit -- or play -- or be tossed -- or roll over in the tomorrow.  And the flip can happen, unexpectedly, in a flash.

We have a rubber chicken in office -- he is simply full of hot air and squeaks when poked and prodded.  And the more we bother it, the more it reacts right back.

The thing is, no evidence of real substance can be found.

At least, no evidence as far as this girl can see; he, himself, is an empty vessel  who can only DO when stimulated by something else.  His integrity, rests on the integrity of who he associates himself; his honor, depends upon the level of honor at the heart of the hand who holds him. His action, is directly related to he who holds his attention, through agenda and charm -- as an arm of the unions, as a boot on the neck on business, as a knee-jerk reaction to capitalism, much like a flick of a fly off his shoulder.

The things he says he holds dear -- in speeches, in inaugural addresses, in press conferences -- are merely tools, fluff perhaps, just part of the innards of transformer material, offering a means to end to get from one place to the next.  He pounces on freedom and liberty when it serves a purpose; he hones in on the ideals of our founders when it fits a cause; he rests his hope upon this nation's foundation, only as a platform of changing it and jumping into the next phase of play time, fueling the creative process.

He, himself, has no allegiance to it whatsoever -- "it" being the things most of us hold dear; for him, the it continues to morph into something else, fundamentally, from the grassroots; it is as if the it is alive, as a living constitution, if you will, acting as the intrinsic, ideological material from which everything a new age comes, using only green energy of course.  IT is meaningless, really; what truly matters falls back to one thing and one thing only:  where IT gets him.

For me, it's kind of like how the president referred to the unemployment rate just yesterday -- he said, "it's a stubborn thing."   Exactly.  
America is made of perhaps a few stubborn things to a spineless-gutless-empty-rubber-chicken-of-a-president who appears baffled by what most of us deem just supernatural inclinations, the substance back behind our every move, our every breath of life.  He just doesn't get it; as it is just not in him.  He is just not cut of the same cloth, he is just not aligned with the same things,  and he just doesn't know any better.  It is not his fault.  It is just how he was made.

He is simply a president going against the natural, organic, grassroots, American, corn fed grain.

You know, I had in mind to go into the difference of Shared Sacrifice ideology vs. Shared Prosperity -- and I went off running around like a baby chick on speed feed.  With any hope, may tomorrow find this girl settling herself down -- you know, it's not like I'm anybody's play toy, or something. 

Make it a Good Day, G

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