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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's a Real Concern Thing

Dear America,

"You must strive with all you have 
and with true sincerity to make a difference in this country.  
By your life and words you must put to silence 
the voices of ignorant critics of the faith.  
Be bold to proclaim 
the name of Christ in this time 
when many who call themselves Christian 
are ashamed to speak the name.  
You may have greater impact on this nation 
than that of any politician 
if you make your goal to help restore 
the influence of Christian faith and raise a standard 
of our nation's morality."

so he's baaaack ....William Wilberforce here -- and he was speaking to his fellow Brits...with all hope and intent to restore a great injustice, and convince a nation to abolish slavery and totally extinguish the slave trade.

One of his early life influences was a man best known for having penned "Amazing Grace,"  John Newton.  As the story goes, the parents of a young impressionable William, thought of Newton as a "religious fanatic" and made every attempt to keep him far far away.   Not that it mattered really, the enlightenment was fostered and made real in an instant -- Newton's influence became a permanent fixture for a Wilberforce of every age.

While the Newton impression is not without real controversy -- having been a captain of a slave-ship.  But it was through this very experience -- as most fundamental transformation comes -- that led him to the grace of God, seeking forgiveness, and restore his own authentic Christian spirit within. And he changed.

But, for Wilberforce, it wasn't just about the righting of a wrong with regard to the slave trade -- it was deeper, much bigger than that, if you can believe it.  He felt as if the people of Great Britain were falling apart in nearly every way, and he just couldn't keep quiet about it.  So this remake, Real Christianity, as told by Bob Beltz, comes from the original source titled, A Practical View of Real Christianity, and,as I said just yesterday, was first published in 1797...and, in turn, reprinted countless times over the years and translated into multiple languages.

The thing is, much like the steadfast, fundamental, transformational, intrinsic nature of our written documents of faith in this country -- specifically, our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution -- it matters not that years ave passed by, or if, in fact, we the people "progress."  It matters not that ten years goes by, or four score and three days go by, or whether we enter a so-called "new age."  It matters not.

The fundamentals never change.

Wilberforce recognized this essential element of keeping the faith, encouraging people to take a look inside their own heart and take a hard look at their own lives. His book tears apart the differences between keeping a "cultural Christianity" and an "authentic" one, but not without making an awkward apology first.  (which, if you really think about that, it is funny....like why apologize, Willy, if you know in your heart of hearts that what you are about to do is basically the most compassionate thing you could ever do for your fellow man? right? but I digress)

So his apology runs from being about the quality of his writing to what qualifies him to go on record. And then gives us this:

"I would suggest that faith is everyone's business.  The advance or decline of faith is so intimately connected to the welfare of a society that it should be of particular interest to a politician.  Furthermore, the fact that I am not a member of the clergy might help people be more open to what is said in this book. No one can accuse me of writing what I write because I have been motivated by self-interest or theological prejudice."

"Faith is everyone's business."

And it is.  And this does not change over time.

Symptomatic of our raging cultural Christianity is the clear and present danger of losing face and faith of our authentic Christianity.  And just what should happen when in fact even the "cultural Christianity" gets attacked -- as it is now?   I mean, what kind of world are we living in when the Veterans Administration takes away all references of God in funerals?  seriously?  even when it is personally requested?  [That is almost as insane as the Harvard "study" deciding that Fourth of July Parades are "right-wing propaganda."]

Hold up while I pause to click my glittery red shoes....melting into one, melting into one, melting into one...

For America, the premise of growing a nation was built upon ageless, fundamental, universal beliefs (most of which started with the Bible!!!)  It is true.  Look it up.  Our founders described our destiny as "Divine Providence" for Pete's sake -- do you think that is just superficial poppycock to sway the populace and control the masses?  This DIVINE PROVIDENCE was for real. The natural law, or Nature's Law, was rooted in certain truths of God, humanity, along with our responsibility and duty to uphold clear standards based on the Absolute -- as it pertains to ALL people, of ALL faiths, for ALL time.

Nothing in our heritage is date stamped, marking it's obsolescence.  We do not grow out of wearing our true colors -- whether it be our true faith or our Nature's Law -- just like we do not one day grow up no longer needing to say our prayers.  No matter the age, we still line the streets waiting for the parade to come down the lane, because the celebration of our independence is a celebration for every American. [which leads me to believe, if the very thought of  watching a Fourth of July parade brings a frown -- whether someone from the left or right or somewhere in between -- then perhaps one should consider changing one's local, country, allegiances, etc...just sayin'] 

It is one day out of 365 to celebrate melting into the one American body.  One day!

When in fact, the truth is -- EVERY DAY should be spent celebrating our faith, our country, our Divine Providence --  every single mother lucky day.

When we are dead, how will our children keep things together?  You think such things as 'the stimulus', or nationalized health care, or the Dodd-Frank Wall Street legislation, or the open border, is going to save them? Will 'youth activism' and left-wing Organizing for America save them from themselves?  Will the playground of left-wing billionaires, destroying our currency and disgracing a free market America, while indoctrinating followers of a new god, popularly recognized as just SOROS, fill the real void -- will it raise the betterment of the general welfare or simply the welfare of the Power Elite?  (go to The Daily Bell for further explanation on what is the Power Elite)

Soros is a non-believer, and makes no apologies for it.  And it makes me wonder, just where is all the deep pocket funding coming from in the fight against one of this nation's fundamental beliefs... 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. [Amendment I]
Our Constitution was written to restrict government, not people.  We are a nation of people; we are a people in constant building of a nation.  It doesn't just happen by accident, by default, by inheritance, osmosis, or without effort.  And just as atheists have every right to not participate in a founding belief, they cannot restrict the free flow of "free exercise thereof" of other people's beliefs -- in any way.  period.  Just where do you get off, just because your 'universal god', namely "you," rests in a belief system without God; how selfish of you!

As I have said before, I don't know how one "expresses" their "higher Atheist" -- just have no idea how it is done; but if it has anything to do with restricting my free expression, then they are in no position, and have no law, supporting it.

In the last couple of weeks we have been wrestling with the ideas of nation building, child raising, allowing the conversation to include God, both in the public square and anywhere our "free expression thereof" deems appropriate.  So let me conclude today with words from our president -- taken from the conclusion of his address to the nation following changes in the Afghanistan war, he said:

"That's a lesson worth remembering -- that we are all a part of one American family. Though we have known disagreement and division, we are bound together by the creed that is written into our founding documents, and a conviction that the United States of America is a country that can achieve whatever it sets out to accomplish. Now, let us finish the work at hand. Let us responsibly end these wars, and reclaim the American Dream that is at the center of our story. With confidence in our cause; with faith in our fellow citizens; and with hope in our hearts, let us go about the work of extending the promise of America -- for this generation, and the next. May God bless our troops. And may God bless the United States of America."
tell me this isn't just lip service, giving the majority what it wants to hear; tell me this isn't just a conviction of an age gone by; somebody, please, tell me these words really mean something, still.

Here's a couple of real concerns:

Will we get to a point when somebody will tell our president to stop invoking God into his national addresses, to cease and desist speaking God's name, and in every way, admonish our country's inherent beliefs?

Will we one day grow to discredit, disavow,  "the creed" that binds us, as "written into our founding documents?"

After all, these ideas run part and parcel of "a lesson worth remembering," right?

After all, we are just one big American family, tied together by faith and Divine Providence, just melting into one...melting into one....every day, not just the fourth of July.

So, in this moment, if I may be so bold, we will see it when we believe it; and, seconding a sentiment of Wilberforce himself, who from the get go gave us:

"I'm not going to attempt to either convince skeptics or answer the questions unbelievers always seem to ask, but rather point out some of the problems with the beliefs and actions of those who already claim to be Christians."

Make it a Good Day, G

did you read this?  In America, African-Americans are the most religious group (88%), Hispanics running second, with White people in third place (showing 30% with no religion).   leading us to also ponder, just how do these numbers shift when we separate the cultural crowd from the authentic -- and feel free to pick any religion of choice.

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