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Friday, July 8, 2011

It's a Meet your Maker Thing

Dear America,

Things, they are a'changin'...

and on that note, on this happy friday, may you consider yourself properly forewarned -- as my inner church lady is beggin' to have the floor.

First, from one of my favorite days -- in reverence to Lady Context, of course -- read G from March 2010.

This year, the Jewish Festival Tisha B'av begins on July 19th through August 9th, and like every year, includes the full reading of the Book of Lamentations within the Jewish community; the book, likely written by Jeremiah -- however, for the record, it, to this day, cannot be directly linked to anyone's hand -- is a poem lamenting the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonian army and King Nebuchadnezzer, in 586 B.C.  For more on the day, you can go here, for starters.  But to keep things flowing, let us move on...

This is the scene:

"The roads to Zion mourn...
Her foes have become her masters; 
her enemies are at ease.  
The Lord has brought her grief 
because of her many sins.  
Her children have gone into exile, 
captive before the foe.  

All the splendor has departed..."

Make no mistake, the gravity of this book of the Bible is huge; it rests in a simple truth -- that God keeps His promises -- God responds to us like a loving father.  Yes, it is true, He loves us unconditionally, for we are made in his image and it is good (usually); but when we break away from Him, it works the same way.  There comes a time for judgment, as in there really is a time for every season under heaven.

Jerusalem fell; and fell badly.  And they did it to themselves.

Now, just so you know, the prophet, Jeremiah, saw it coming.  He warned the Israelites to wise up, to straighten out and fly right; but they ignored it, continuing down the path of destruction, hardly believing that ultimately there would be consequences. 

The thing is, to be people of faith, we actually have to ACT like people of faith. [go back to the last couple of days featuring William Wilberforce]  And sometimes, when we stray too far away from the principles, the firm foundation from which we gain our strength and good character, all a father can do is allow for a pure 'meet your maker' kind of moment to take over.

America is experiencing this Meet your Maker moment everywhere we turn -- Debt Ceiling Debate, Balanced Budget, Overspending on Entitlements, liberal indoctrination of our children, living indebted to other nations, lawlessness within our own government, unethical representatives, an administration hell bent on creating Class Warfare and spinning America into chaos...only to name a few.

But the greatest fall comes with our unprecedented cultural decline from living our lives from... through... by...for... the Grace of God; through and through, as a people, we are falling and failing God in every way. 

The final words of Lamentations (Jeremiah) leave us on our knees:

"You, O Lord, reign forever; 
your throne endures from generation 
to generation.  
Why do you always forget us? 
Why do you forsake us so long?  
Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we 
may return; 
renew our days as of old 
unless you have utterly rejected us 
and are angry with us beyond measure."

Make no mistake; It is a God who responds to us--  while to be sure, He answers to many names. Which is why our founders often referred to "It" as our Creator; for the word God IS magical, creative, natural; It can be anything we want It to be.  And just to keep the atheists from having a coronary this happy friday morn, let me say this:  you do not have to believe in God to talk about God (just like you do not have to believe in global warming to have an opinion on it and be part of the discussion); just because you give God no power over you, doesn't mean It doesn't dwell all around you.

IT. God.  IS.  It is the creative life force back of all things seen and unseen as according to your own beliefs. And, to be a non-believer of such Greatness, Omnipotence, clearly puts you in a huge minority,  no matter where you live around the globe.  It is just a fact.  But let's not dwell, shall we...

William Wilberforce followed the path much like a certain prophet, Jeremiah.  He gave his fellow countrymen a fierce warning, relying in whole, or in part, of his fellow man to be of good conscience in every way, to live by an authentic faith,  to restore a real Christianity actively demonstrating in their lives.

"The path they are now pursuing
is not the one made 
by the work of Christ 
and will not lead them to the life 
they are desiring 
nor the peace for which they crave."  

Wilberforce, 1797 A.D.

And here we are today, on a happy friday in July, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and eleven.

And so what brought this stark Meet your Maker experience through the eyes of this American girl upon this happy friday morning?  An alert sent to me in my email...

As a nation, we need to be well aware that MAN does not SAVE or CREATE anything (including jobs).  The source of all that man is -- everything that man can be, do, or have --  comes from One Creative Life Force (whether you are in agreement with it or not).

It is time to be on our knees "to renew our days as of old."  It is as simple as that.  We have royally &^%#'d up as a nation, as a people, as a keeper of the Peace that passes all understanding.

And that email...  It sent this happy little heart to this.

This is historic.
Whether we do a rain dance, kiss the Temple wall in Jerusalem, happen to show up at Reliant Stadium in Houston on August 6th, or simply bow our head and give thanks to the grace of God every day from here on out... let it be done.  Let it be done. For it is all good.
While it is only prudent to point out, history proves, we don't stand half a chance if we don't.

and hey, to my little inner Church Lady, you go girl...no really, it is time for you to go.

Make it a Good Day, G 

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