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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Chasing Pavements Kinda Day Thing

Dear America,

so if you are one of the two people who follow G, you would know this girl loves to carry a theme for a day or two or five...

So, you know that feeling when you have a pit in your stomach when watching Hoarders on TLC?  That should be how we all feel right now, being on the outside looking in on this debt ceiling debate/how 'bout we just add 2.4 trillion dollars to our bottom line without a care in the world. [weren't here just yesterday? then you would have no idea the connection, but continue, please]

Sure.  The president wants us/congress to give him 2.4 trillion dollars more credit -- to save about "4 trillion" OVER TEN F#%&^&g YEARS.  He thinks that is the most prudent use of the people's money...yeah, like that's a good idea.

Now quickly... doing the math in my little old head before another brainiac idea comes to his mind -- the wise one wants 2.4 T to add to our current debt, while knowing his current deficit for this fiscal year alone is @ another 1.5 T -- when you add 2.4 plus 1.5 we get 3.9 trillion dollars... OVER ONE f&*#%$g YEAR..

Which brings to mind, it's a good job if you can get it [and this just in, even the "GANG of SIX" is leaning this direction...reminiscent of G's gangbang'r day]

[and just so you know right out of the gate...the ride with this girl today will be like riding a wild mustang...unpredictable and virtually, totally, untamed]

Now, talk about G carrying on on a theme -- today is OPENING DAY at the races here in Del Mar.  It was two years ago TOMORROW...upon the very first "Day After"... that this girl jumped into the blogosphere.  It just so happened to also be a "day after" a big speech on Health Care from the president...but details, shmeetails.  It's all about me for these two seconds....one one thousand, two one thousand...

Moving on.org.

Let's talk about this Hoarding America some more...we haven't even entered the era of being gravely afflicted with the real costs of the "Affordable Care Act" -- we are still like two years away!  The trillion dollar "Affordable Care Act"  -- the oxymoron of the century busting out of the new age -- is yet to start taxing us, charging us, penalizing us, and costing us; and costing us a plenty.

And apparently, the "80% of Americans" [see Lie #19 on this link to the "American Thinker"]-- according to the Chief Pollster and certified king on the fly -- are all over this "bi-partisan" "balanced" approach to our debt and deficits, just like they were all over the president's affordable health care legislation, I'm sure.

Just how does he keep doing it and getting away with it, is what I want to know.  It's like he just pulls a number out of his head and thinks, gosh, that sounds like I know what I'm talking about.

G note to self (along with anyone else who might care to listen)  If that same hypothetical "80%" worked the numbers on health care just two years ago, they would have recognized the shoddy math pulling it all together -- I mean, stealing 500 Billion from Medicare to help pay for it just for starters...Where were all these people screaming about hands off my medicare then?  Especially when Sebelius -- UNDER OATH -- admittedly reported that she counted that same 500 B's twice!   I mean, it's impossible to even make this stuff up.
Haven't we learned anything? The federal government has become a master at hiding the ugly truth -- thoroughly masking the horrid details under some kind of pragmatic facade, masterminding the ideological shift away from self-reliance, and effectively throwing all future generations six feet under before their little lives even begin.  Running like any other 'credit worthy' bureaucracy, details the people will never ever know are safely and efficiently manipulated deep into the fine print.

While once something becomes designated worthy and subsequently placed into the system, it never ever never goes away, ever!  We just continue hoarding ourselves into oblivion -- through massive social reforms, under huge bureaucracies of paper pushers, adding hundreds of thousands of new government employees, headed under thousands of agencies and programs and departments and czars.

ARE YOU F^%#^&g kidding me?!  Oh no! G is not being out of line, I am just channeling a vice president from the good ole days, when something became a BIG f#^$%g Deal.  (remember that day with G...now THAT was a good day).  

This country is being buried under complete Bull Shit; and it is just wrong every which way to Sunday and back.

And don't get me wrong, like any decent hoarder -- the upkeep is usually condoned by a co-dependent or two.  It's not like it is the democrats fault any more than it is the republicans fault [even though, having said that, a sharp critical mind would recognize the exponential growth of the debt and deficits over the last three years is a wee bit different...I mean, we just can't add a trillion dollar stimulus, a trillion dollar banking bailout, a trillion dollar health care bill,  while adding "kinetic military action" in Libya and Pakistan and Yemen to two wars -- when we can't afford to pay for what we already got in unfunded liabilities in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid -- each of which are on a trajectory of certain death].

But like I said, co-dependent relationships giving creative license to keep on keeping on, even if it will ultimately kill us, seems receptive only on deaf ears.

The thing is, even a baby has more juevos rancheros to negotiate better, reminding myself of a favorite imagination of a truly brilliant mind:

"Infancy conforms to nobody;
all conform to it; 
so that one babe 
commonly makes four or five 
out of the adults who prattle and play to it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


How the populace of a certain congress begins to all look alike, no?

Quickly conforming to a false cultural belief before standing firm on self-reliance, even if it is just their own -- what a sham.  How our founders must be viewing the antics from upstairs in total, gut-wrenching, utter disgust...either that, or they have turned us off altogether, tuning into re-runs of Hoarders in Hulu Heaven, more fascinated by the mischief of human nature wreaking havoc upon a segment of society who clearly knows not what they do or how to stop.  Thanks to TLC, at least then, it appears more like entertainment than real life.

Mitch McConnell just makes me ill; and just like my first sentiment on the day -- that sickening feeling we should all be feeling right about now (at least 80% of us anyway) -- to the point, that at times, being unable to watch a second longer -- THAT is how I feel listening to this Senator.  He personifies a political hack that should be gone by now.

If virtue is it's own reward, than the opposite affect must be a sad, sad thing to behold.

How can any republican support the soft tyranny running amuck within this administration?

America is leaning towards SOCIALISM in every way -- since when is this ideology American, let alone okay?

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, 
the creed of ignorance, 
and the gospel of envy, 
its inherent virtue 
is the equal sharing of misery."
Winston Churchill

just allowing the hoarding to continue, simply closing our eyes when we walk in the door, doesn't change a thing.

Which reminds me of another good day in G land, when lamenting "if all is not well, than it's not the end"...awaiting a flourishing finish.

and yet it is the end of this day, which just so happens to be opening day at the Del Mar Race Track ...and away they go...(gotta say it with an accent kinda like a Rupert Murdoch)

Make it a Good Day, G

my money's on pink.

fyi...G Thing title on the day has more to do with the overall mood...supported by another new favorite song, by Adele...just click on the title and you, too, can get into the mood.

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