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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's an All-American Gamechangers, Hype and Promises Thing

Dear America,

well a few big boys met around the table for awhile and got it done...only wish we were talking about the Debt Ceiling and the Balanced Budget.

But today, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, as football is back in business; yet, on the other foot -- dropping as we speak -- we will surely find a worn out cleat, kicking our future on down the field on what appears to be astro-turf, on a record-breaking-scorcher-kind of day.  The District of Columbia might just take notice of how it is done, just sayin'. 

If we were to take a moment to really think about it -- what we saw in the great debate before the start of the 2011 NFL Season, was nothing.  Most of what we saw was a closed door;  meetings were happening, but nobody was really talking in front of the camera; just a whole lot of little boys somehow finding their inner big boy -- and just working things out.  

As a matter of fact, it was getting so late in the day (figuratively speaking, of course, as according to the pre-season calendar posted in everybody's man cave in the back of the mind) -- I didn't think we were even gonna have a 2011 season.  I mean, the first tailgate -- requiring enough Brats for twenty and Beer for fifty -- is right around the corner; put the fear of God in us why don't you... waiting until the eleventh hour before coming to a deal.  Unbelievable! You guys sure know how to freak a girl out.

If only football was as essential to our future as the financial wranglings and un-raveling's in D.C, right?

What else can we expect from a president who learned how to negotiate by street organizers and radicals; throwing any good faith negotiation right from the start playing the only way he knows how -- hard ball.  Here's a good take -- from The Heritage Foundation (just a few of my favorite boys and girls on earth) -- setting up the entire play.

Is the president coming to the table to work things out above board? Or, is he testing the markets? playing politics?  revving up his base to incite chaos, worry,  masterminding utter fear of the unthinkable?

What nobody seems to be questioning -- that is, if you get all your news from the mainstream media -- is that this fear mongering of what may or may not happen, has been fabricated out of the halls of government to create the very situation to go along with this president's favorite go-to play:  never let a crisis go to waste.

But make no mistake, understand that it is our Congress -- those who have the express power to create and legislate the budget -- who have been acting without a budget for over 800 days; while the debt ceiling, in and of itself, is entirely created out of thin air. This didn't just happen to us overnight.

It is the Un-Limited-ness of our government that has failed us; the debt ceiling debate is merely a symptom of recklessness, overexposure, and complete arrogance -- untethered by fame and fortune; basically, the falling apart at the seams, is but a product of ceasing to simply show up and do the mechanical, tiresome, tedious, day in and day out of preparation; in other words, following through with the deliberate exercise of keeping skills sharp, the body toned, and ready to just do what you are being paid the big bucks to do.

The take away should not be Oh My God, we're doomed, give the president what he wants -- even if it buries us...like some kind of phenom running roughshod all over us, giving him a level of unsubstantiated confidence, having been based solely upon an unproven and questionable reputation without a true skill to his name. 

Rather, it should be Oh My God, what in tar-nation is wrong with all of you people...blindly standing in for the home team?  Do you not see the writing on the whiteboard wall? Do you not see how this will play out?

The solution could not be any more elementary or recognizable; just how can you all not see it?

Moody's has already eluded to the fact that it may be too late to save our credit rating; as it is, they do not perceive a certain understanding -- through a thorough connecting of the dots and arrows and x's and o's -- has been sufficiently made.

For Moody's, they need to witness the incandescent bulbs going off inside the beltway before they can have any assurances we have learned our lesson... you know... in order to allow for a certain level of trust in all parties involved, intent on proceeding with caution, due diligence, and in good faith.

According to an array of "Credit Decider's", unless a commitment to a balanced budget is thrown in, we ARE as good as buried and eating the totally organic, USDA certified, hybrid -- though temperamental -- turf.  (And boy, does it cost a lot...but I digress).

The thing is, when faced with negotiations like this -- when clearly both sides need to save a little face while they kiss a little ass while they play around exchanging a few Hail Mary's in the so-called final hours -- those of us in the stands just want the game to continue in such a way that lays tribute to the Real Rules (not rules for radicals).   The value of showing good sportsmanship -- to the level equal to that of our own children, who come to learn by the time they are a fifth grader -- is all we really want to witness from both sides. I mean, playing fair and on principle, how hard can that be?

We surely don't need to watch any of you guys sauntering out to the camera, like you are all that, before a deal is done.

Putting all my allegiances to the girls team aside for the moment -- we just need you guys to be big boys about it; take your cues off the NFL, showing more substance underneath that cup is all we really ask.  (ooooh burn.  you go girl.)

Perfect.  This is a good time to bring in somebody from the bench:

"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." 
--James Madison

or have the ball.

Make it a Good Day, G

the Madison quote came from another All-American team of Patriots:  The Patriot Post. Read this before the day is done.

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