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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear America,

DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE; means something different to everyone...

What is coming to light over the course of the last year -- marked by the day we elected Barack Hussein Obama to the highest privilege of our land -- is not only cause for great celebration that we have finally reached the day entrusting our dear America in the hands of the very first African-American, but a chance for pause.

Asking, what in the world have we done?

For THIS is what's called the morning after regret; this is the product of nine months later, and taking on the liberal mindset, along side the realization of this woman's right to choose -- along with everyone else -- that that opportunity has long passed and quite certainly can't help us now. The damage has been done.  The bun's been baked and burned.

All I can say is I didn't vote for the guy.  Now don't all of you "moderates" and "independents" and "libertarians" feel pretty scorched now.  Oh, it's such a sick feeling that buyer's remorse, that 'wudda shudda cudda' gut reaction -- the sinking feeling that oh, I've really done it now.

What we've got here is a failure to communicate; or is it just we can't handle the truth?

We didn't want to see the truth; we didn't want to hear the issues; we ignored the signs; we dismissed the associations and never stopped to connect the dots.

Why oh why didn't we pay attention?  How in the world could we not see it?  Did he have us that starstruck and googly-eyed?

How ironic, a warning from the first lady herself to think before we punch -- making sure we don't vote for the one with charisma just because "she's cute"; and what did we do, we voted for the handsome man who's showing enough chutzpah now to blow our America up to smithereens.

And then I got to thinking about this magic democrats hold over people -- as if they are the party to bring the masses everything it needs -- and looking around at all the people who just want that now. 

That is part of the problem.  We've raised generations of people who expect it, want it, and feel entitled to it for far more reasons than I can count -- and for what?  Where has it really taken the poor, the minority, the addicted, or the lost soul?  Where?

What I also find disingenuous, is how can the Democratic Party continue to point fingers to the religious conservatives as evil and radical -- and continually use these extremes as a platform against the GOP -- and get away with it?  There is such a huge disconnect; somehow even though the majority of Americans truly believe that the truth shall set you free, that we live a life in faith, and deep down stand unafraid because of our religions, too  -- we have somehow created a divide between Americans.  And for what? 

Don't Democrats go to church too?  Don't moderates and liberals and independents and libertarians all go to church?  YES, they do (well, not all of them but you know what I mean).  Why do the Republicans get smacked in the face with this massive label that is perceived as weird, radical, God-fearing Americans -- when the truth is, we are pretty much all the same?

The Democratic Party wants to hypocritically cast our faith as illegitimate in an effort to benchmark their holier than thou people's liberation to choose -- to abort -- to live a life wayward and lost as if unbeliever's themselves -- in order for the party to win over the masses as the party who saves.  Really? 

A divided people are quite certainly broken -- as surely we lack the cohesiveness and inner strength. We need the government to save us and bring us health care and welfare -- and the more fanfare about it the better.  It just convinces us that much more, see, that the government really does care, and they really can come in a take over our lives and take care of us...as look, over there:

  • they bring us medicare and medicaid -- Established in 1965...44 years later, and how are they doing...broke.   Truth is, it is actually below broke, for how else do you describe running deficits every year and getting away with it?
  • they bring us homes to live in, thank you Fannie Mae (1938) and since it worked so well the first time, added Freddie Mac (1970)...that's right, albeit home's we couldn't afford in the first place, and leveraging bad loans on the resale market to the point of no return; insuring that the entire banking and credit market go boom.
  • they even bring us retirement in social security, for all those hard earned dollars we've put into the system from our jobs over the decades.  Established in 1935... after 74 years, and for the record, broke...I'm not sure what you call it, robbing Peter right now to pay Paul?  Give it up Uncle Sam.  I've already worked it out, my retirement will be renting the back room of an am/pm and working the night shift, what's yours?
While here's a different angle:

Louisiana Senator,
Mary Landrieu (D)

Is presently asking Congress for 250 BILLION DOLLARS to rebuild New Orleans .

Interesting number...What does it mean?

A.  Well ... If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New  Orleans (every man, woman, and child)
You each get $516,528.
B.  Or... If you have one of the 188,251 homes in New Orleans , your home gets $1,329,787.

C.  Or... If you are a family of four...Your family gets $2,066,012.

Both sets of examples I was gifted yesterday in my Gmail box; a very big shout out to my Auntie Emm and her son-in-law, Jake -- who both have it going on and seem to be doing a bang up job spreading the wealth of perception interruption.  G THANKS YOU for being my muse today xxxxxx

But whattup?  Communication and perception is everything; and it is really important right now to stay on top of the message.  Find out who says it, why they say it -- ask what's in it for them -- or what they want from me or from our dear girl, America, to make it happen?  What does the message take our attention away from  -- truth or lies?  What does the message actually create -- division or unity? 

Where has this welfare state, this sense of entitlement, this expectation of our government to take care of those who are better off taking care of ourselves taken us after all these years, and more importantly, along with our hard earned money?  Absolutely no where, and then again...

My view is that everyone is better than we were in the sixties-- since the civil rights movement that is.  It's not rhetoric, it's the truth -- just look around.  You see anyone confined to the back of the bus?  Do you see anyone not being served or having to use a separate bathroom?  Do we separate school children anymore?

All people who want jobs, who want an education, who want to be a productive part of society -- not a product of society -- can make it.  There is no doubt in my mind that this comes forty years later -- after a huge breakdown in communication and loss of trust and life -- the reality that we are better today than we were yesterday. 

Obama proves it.  Condoleezza Rice proves it.  Colin Powell proves it.  Thomas Sowell proves it.  Juan Williams proves it.  Star Parker proves it.  O.J. Simpson proves it (in a very backwards way) Rodney King proves it (easy there, do your background check).  Alveda King (niece to MLK, might surprise you) proves it.  Shall I could go on...Oprah!

As a party with major momentum on it's side, the GOP needs to think and rethink how it communicates the message.

We should be the party of true American liberation, and freedom for all -- as that was just what our dear Lincoln did in the sixties of the eighteen hundreds.  It would be a hundred years later before it was tested again -- but from the sixties, no matter what century you look at, we arose as a better people for it.  We were the party then -- and should be the party now.

The problem now resides in the fall from favor in the eyes of people of color, and perhaps poor people of any color -- as they have been used by the unions and politicians, their bosses and their brothers, drug lords and absentee fathers.  They have been used up and sit disillusioned, while believing with their whole heart that this young, hip, really cool President has all the answers to their prayers.

Whether we are born a poor black child or a descendant of white and wealth, all of us share the same country -- with the same hopes and dreams.

So if the GOP is the party of religious fanatics, isn't this where we use it to our benefit?  Why not team up and partner with each other from one church to another?  Why can't we pair up, in the secrecy of the dark of night if we have to, and link white folk to black folk via the word of God and faith? 

Why can't we pull a g thang -- and go a little gangsta  -- and connect people who have the commonality of belief in times where it tests our faith?  One church at a time...one congregation to another...uniting people in love and kindness, stretching out to real needs of a community or neighborhood, lifting people up as one follower at at time to another.

Community organizers anyone?

If anyone asks, deny it -- just as our current administration gets away with everything.  What, what Czar?  Who, what organization?  Where, what about New Jersey?  You get my drift.

We have seen what grassroots does; we just need it to be of favor to the side of a limited government, not an unlimited bureaucracy and catastrophe waiting to happen.

We can teach our children well -- whether red or yellow, black or white -- Jesus loves the children in his sight.  Perhaps starting at a place which launches our weeks ahead, on Sundays, is where we need to be.

The Democrats have not brought salvation to the poor and downtrodden -- and have no intention of ever doing so -- otherwise they lose control, and without control, they don't have the power to control our lives. 

Now just what will it take to get us from here and into the hearts of those who really belong to us in the first place  -- as truth is, they've just been taken for a ride.

I say the story of creation wins over Darwin every time; it's just a matter of perception and how it equates to creating a new reality and quite certainly a new dialogue between us. The paradigm needs to be tweaked and shifted to the side where it belongs -- the right -- the true believers who have the ability to lift ourselves up without government assistance; for anything other than that is purely misguided allegiances.

From the words of our President:
"I stand here today humbled by the task before us,
grateful for the trust you have bestowed, 
mindful of sacrifices borne of our ancestors...
At these moments
America has carried on not simply because of the skill
or vision of those in high office, but
because We the People have remained faithful
to the ideals of our forefathers,
and true to our founding documents...
In reaffirming the greatness of our nation,
we understand that greatness is never a given.
It must be earned...
This is the price and the promise
of citizenship.
This is the source of our confidence --
the knowledge that God calls on us
to shape an uncertain destiny...
Let it be said by our children's children
that when we were tested,
we refused to let the journey end,
that we did not turn back, nor did we falter;
and with eyes fixed on the horizon
and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift
of freedom
and delivered it safely
to future generations."

Interesting -- but okay, whatever you say, you're the boss, you're the big guy, if you say so...Actually, if it weren't for the last nine months, I'd be all over it.  Beautiful words.  Simply couldn't have said it better myself.  And yet,

I'm confused, is he not walking his talk, or is it just me -- where did this President wander off to? 

Those words were spoken this day, January 20, 2009, within his Inaugural Address to the nation.  Of course, same day he also swore upon Lincoln's bible to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" --
and look at us now.

We are the creators of our future -- with a little help from the big guy (not him, the other One).

May God bless you today,
May His light shine upon you and give you peace,

Make it a good day, G 

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