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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear America,

Okey dokey. 
Time to turn it up this morning (talking about the music on Dear America)

Oh how I love arguing with idiots intellectuals in the morning...

Anyone who has been following G for the last several months must know I try not to take either myself or the topic too seriously, even though the situation is rather serious -- red flags seem to be flying all over the place.  But yes, some may say my views lack an intellectual mainframe, others may say I'm way too cliche while throwing out rhetoric with paint balls and cheap shots, and still others would just tell me, enough already -- go out and get a real job.


The beauty of having your own platform, your own blah-goshere to babble about with, is the mere reality that we can say and believe absolutely anything we want to with the ability to post and paste at any hour of the day.  To say that little ole G creates and peddles any amount of "hysteria" not only makes me belly laugh, it most certainly makes me look about and go, where?  am I missing something?   Now that's funny.

It's not like I pretend to be something I'm not, my disclaimers are written between the lines everyday; I have never claimed to be a political science major or Rhodes Scholar or anything of the kind -- come on, really? 

Take it from the top and recognize that I make silly references to it time and time again, I'm just a girl with an opinion -- so shoot me. 

Speaking of which, even a successful, smart, charismatic girl from Alaska -- who has governed an entire state no less, can't catch a break.  With nearly 70% of republicans loving her, and independents running 50-50, she is blasted in the liberal mainstream media and looked upon as oooh, how did that conservative columnist put it, that David Brooks....right, he called her "a joke."  Of course the media takes pleasure highlighting Brooks blasting Palin -- what's not to love about that.

But ex-squeeze me?  (yes, G is choosing to quote Wayne's World... oooh..tells you just how intellectual I wanna be today)  But in keeping it real, conservatives didn't get excited about their guy until such time we had a hot ticket on the campaign trail along with him -- that's why McCain got all bent out of shape and ended up using her as a scapegoat upon moving on;  while the left instantly had their blood boil -- as everybody, and I mean everybody who witnessed Sarah that first night, was either starstruck or painfully petrified by her life force.  But movingon.org, back to Brooks:

Hey, what does your dad do?  He writes about the lives of other people in politics, the world, the economy, the times.

I do believe, Mr. Brooks, running the State of Alaska's billions of barrels of oil and the budget to boot has got you beat.

It is Mr. Brooks, in that moment, causing the chuckle. To have as occupation the title political pundit (which has to be the highest form of oxymoron I've ever come across) compared to that of Governor and think you're all that, let's get real. And for me, I continuously yarn my own tales of the American day to day -- making every attempt to amuse myself and keep me from falling to pieces while I watch the politics at play destroy the very fabric of our lives.  But now Sarah -- she ain't no joke -- and more like the yolks on you, Mr. Babbling Brooks.  just sayin'

But the fun we have in writing about it, no?  Oh to make a living living vicariously through the lives of others...  While Brooks continues to gain fame and popularity through dissing a conservative comrade (sounding all too eerily familiar to G this morning) -- his comments are merely placed on a media pedestal for fifteen minutes while Sarah marches on with a smile.

Which reminds me of another question, what does your mom do?  Oh my gosh, my mom's Katie, like ya know, like everyone knows my mom  -- giggle giggle -- and just loves that bouncy bubbly way she puts politicians in their place, like you know, like haven't you seen her? 

Hours of tape and the American people come away with 'do you read?' 
Yes, that Katie really taught Sarah a thing or two, yessiree.

Of course, lest we overlook where Sarah's background of communications and journalism got her?
Enough said, dont'cha know.

No, I don't qualify to run a State; it's not in my background and not something I have any interest in doing -- I mean, half the time I question just the state of mind I'm in let alone be able to manage the lives of others outside of my little family; and certainly, with any deeper consideration I would  have to cross state lines entirely, as California is quickly falling into the ocean of waste, corruption and stupid leadership along with the rest of our beautiful country. 

I do know, however, I've become pretty adept at saying the word "no"; something too many politicians have a hard time doing as late -- and with that believe in every stretch of my own imagination  that I could quite possibly do a darn good job going "line by line", as Obama promised he would, making cuts.

No, I don't speak for all conservatives or republicans or anyone other than myself -- but to say this one girl can't speak up, shouldn't project her warped sense of humor about life as an American conservative living in an age where it tests every principle we stand on?  Puullleeze. Spare me.

Blogs are exactly what our founding father's had in mind -- along with high speed Internet, for they invented it you know. Our voices are heard round the world with all of us united for one thing and one thing only -- the freedom of speech.  So let's all come together and be thankful for that, shall we?

While the Patriot Post gives us this little number to ponder:

"Belly Laugh of the Week: "I'm a big supporter of non-censorship [because] it forces me to hear opinions that I don't want to hear. I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger society becomes, [and] they can begin to think for themselves." --Barack Obama in China, though he's the one with a Cyperspace czar, the one who supports the "Fairness" Doctrine, and the one who was/is at war with Fox News because they disagree with him"

Mmm Mmm Mmm.  Barack Hussein Obama.  Mmm Mmm Good.

And how about that kid who elected not to say the Pledge of Allegiance?  He just couldn't say it; he got to the last line and just couldn't do it -- not when everyone in America doesn't experience the same sweet "liberty and justice for all".  Certainly, this child's argument has merit and he has every right as an American to say as he so pleases; he can say it or not. We should all be so grateful to have the liberty to do as we please without infringing on the rights of others to be able to do the same.  And that's just where it gets muddy.

Just as he has a every right, so goes the child who has the right to stand up and put his hand over his heart and pledge allegiance to the flag...as a matter of fact, that child has a right to pray in school, if that was the inclination, or have a Christmas party in the classroom, or wear a cross, or post fliers promoting the nativity scene across the street -- all of which come under fire by the ACLU and atheists across America everyday. 

Our rights and liberties cannot just be transferred to another -- one does not trump the other.  If you respect one, you respect them all.  End of story.  And while we're going there, we are just going to have to learn how to celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and Hanukkah merrily merrily down the stream or we will drown in our own ignorance.

And that's just how ludicrous it's getting here in America.  We side on political correctness.  We side on doing without or cancelling what we've always done in the past -- even though it was tradition -- sorry, we just can't do it anymore 'the Hasan's' sent a letter and plan on coming to the next school board meeting to protest.  We allow one person's "I don't want to" or "I don't agree with that" to dictate a complete change in policy and tradition, paving the way for massive society do-overs -- which, with every bone in my body and ounce of feeling full of myself, I say is completely and utterly wrong.

Yes, let's...
let's get back to me.

After months of growing my own here on G, finding comfort in the strength of letting it all hang out in an highly irreverent fashion at times, I feel pretty darn good.  Sure, it is kinda weird waking up in the morning along side people whom I don't even know telling me "you are making us look bad with your hysteria and ego-centrism."

I guess responding with 'was it good for you' would be silly of me. 
But worse case scenario, are you my brother?  You sound so much like him.

G is just G, people.  The egocentrics and hysteria which you perceive little me to create is, in a word, hysterical.  I believe you have G confused with a P (Pelosi) or a B (Barack) or another G -- which would be the entire state of our governmental affairs.  Thanks be to G they are here to save us, right (which big G was that)?

You know, my major was Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Child Development - true story. Seems fitting doesn't it?  Think about it (but not too hard, as you -- my little unknown soldier -- might hurt yourself).

Make it a Good Day, G

no, even better,
Have a Nice Day, G

might as well get one last cliche in before noon  xx and leave you with a song

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