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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear America,

The difference between today's family and yesterday's -- besides women determined to have careers --  is we live in such a modern society we only need to go to God when we need God, if ever; it's really kinda cool like that.

When you couple the highly-evolved, intellectual, liberal feminist and her family along side the ideals of a conservative wonder woman and her family -- you have the makings of a good old fashioned American sibling  rivalry.

How does she do it?  How does she do five kids -- one of special needs -- and go from small town politician to Governor of the State of Alaska, turning it upside down no less, AND have a strong faith in God at the same time AND make it look so easy breezy with a smile that lights up an entire country?   Yeah, that's grounds for mutiny on the family if there ever was one.

As the story goes, after Trigg was born, she returned to work after only three days absence -- where was Katie asking her about that?

"I know how to do anything, I'm a mom."
Roseanne Barr Arnold

As a woman, Sarah intrigues me.   As a conservative woman, she enlivens my spirit and reinforces my belief that one person can affect change.

But because she stands for everything a liberal woman is against, well not exactly everything -- she does have that full time career going on, there is that...

but because she stands for strong family values, a belief in God and the sanctity of life of the unborn -- she is everything a liberal woman loathes and with that grounds for full on attack, no holds barred.

How did Newsweek put it...how do you solve a problem like Sarah?...as the cover laced with an inappropriate, pirated photo of her in shorts sets out to prove nothing more than it's slimy ability to sell magazines.  The left considers her simply a problem to solve, an annoying fly in the face -- while it's attempting to do everything in it's power to destroy her credibility and future in politics.   Too bad that tactic will never work.

As one of her first one liners to the world, Sarah gave us this:

"what's the difference between a hockey mom
and a pit bull?...lipstick."

This was the moment when half of America gave out a great big sigh of relief.  She moved us -- she brought us back to life after a nearly aborted campaign -- she was the It Girl of the entire conservative movement overnight.

Ahh as the other half sat there squirming in their chair trying to figure out just what they were going to do with a problem like Sarah. So it is no surprise, the first attack was towards her babies, the second and third attack was her credibility and experience -- even though she had years more executive experience than the democratic presidential nominee, and then it was her religion, her convictions, and on down the line, to where today they have to use her body -- which is still gorgeous and in shape five babies later...wonder woman eat your heart out.

I think Sarah creates such disdain from the left simply because she is not only this idealistic conservative wonder woman of sorts, but she appears to be a completely happy woman at that.

Funny story.
The first week Sarah was out of the closet and placed center stage, my girl and I were at our favorite Chinese restaurant eating hot braised chicken and pot stickers, when the booth next to us started an unappetizing conversation.  Yup, Sarah.

Picture all of them my peers -- forty something, working moms -- only liberal.  Yup, you guessed it, the women became my first dose of reality towards this little light of mine, Sarah. It was rather disturbing, as I, like Sarah, seem to share this similar Pollyanna view of the world at times, try to give all women the benefit of the doubt and champion anyone who seems to do what she does well, with a heart, worthy of respect. 

I sat there asking myself, how could these women be so catty?  I nearly made a scene, but stopped short --popping my head over the booth in retaliation would have made me feel good, but my girl would have cringed in embarrassment. They weren't worth it.

But where is mutual respect anymore?  I adore Oprah for this point alone.  She made her mark leaving a lasting impression into the hearts and minds of all women who had the ability to catch her program throughout the 90's.  If you were one of those women, you would have been given a vitamin boost every day via the television and through the mouth of this remarkable machine bringing us revolutionary authors and metaphysical thought. 

We became something deeper, something more, something life changing all together just by viewing a talk show in the afternoons.  Oprah became a success helping other women find their own way, uncovering secrets that held us back, and excavating our true selves in order to find a little happiness in our day to day, and in all hopes, becoming better women.

Even though clearly a liberal democrat -- I appreciate who Oprah is and what she accomplished and how she alone could easily take credit for affecting the lives of millions of women around the world.

Perhaps it was because we had no warning, no background, no greater understanding as to who Sarah was before the media piranhas got hold of her -- but first glance, we either loved her or hated her right from the start.

But what is truly remarkable, given where we are today -- a year after election night -- is how she continues to have the strength to stay with it.  Considering all that has been thrown at her, from the early days when she was too green to be fully prepared -- to today, author of a best seller in our midst -- there is still something deeper that is at play and takes our breath away, whether in awe or in disgust.

That something is the Spirit inside her.

No amount of criticism will ever really touch her -- while it remains foolish for people to try.

Sarah is the real deal -- and has the real power behind her to prove it. She isn't dependent on the whims of public opinion.  She doesn't rely on polls. She doesn't back off in the face of humiliation.  She doesn't do any of that because she is untouchable and lives her life from a Higher Source.

People who recognize her Spirit first know this to not only be true, but believe wholeheartedly in her ability to change America because of it; while people who have no idea what to do with a problem like Sarah go about  perplexed and confused, asking what does she have going on that I don't have, stumble and grope for the next greatest gotcha moment for television.

It is you, the latter, whom I address today -- for it is you who simply don't get her at all. She lives a life from her heart -- and by the looks of things, a heart very secure indeed with her love towards her family, her God, and her country.  For those of you who have no connection to a higher Power or operate a life from it, Sarah will always be a mystery; she will never be worthy, will never be enough, and will never stand for what you are -- because she is so much more than that.

I believe she will always be doing exactly what she wants to do -- whether front and center, second fiddle or behind the scenes -- and there isn't anything or anyone or any political machine with the strength and will to stop her -- because she is so much more than that.

That's why she keeps smiling, and we keep watching -- we want that.

Make it a Good Day, G

i was only kidding when i said "it's really kinda cool like that"


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