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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear America,

Took a hit, but G is still feeling pretty groovy.

Whatta night; and what does that make today? 

Good class, it makes today the Day After -- the point of discussion on my very first blog; but this is no time to sleep in, even if we tied one on (or two) last night -- as times a wastin' -- we can't sit back on our laurels for even a minute; we must press on, onward and upward.

Okay, take a minute if you must...
 Oh but whatta night.
okay, just one more...
as we are the champions and all...

K, now snap out of it!  Upon the wake of day what have we learned? 
  • Perhaps more R & D is needed, on what makes someone an R or D
  • Perhaps a little fine tuning on message
  • and with that message keep it clean, positive and above politics as usual
  • Perhaps not being so easily duped by appearances
  • Perhaps not always following what's cool and popular at the loss of principles -- or even better making conservative a little cool.  Is that possible people?
  • Perhaps the beauty of having second chances or the gratitude for nine lives
  • Perhaps what may seem red or blue can turn a shade of pale on a dime
  • Perhaps policy ranks higher than personality
  • that We the People still have the power over WeeWee the Politician
  • or perhaps how that Big White House will never admit when they get us all wrong
But if nothing else, we've awakened a sleeping giant.

Certainly, both campaigns of the Governor's races were run brilliantly.  The candidates stayed above the fray for the most part, even when the other side partakes in dirty tactics and innuendo.  The candidates stayed on the message of limited government, limited taxation and getting people back to work -- as these are the things that people want and need.

But more than anything else going on, the young arrogance of Washington continues to dismiss the right, passing us off as extremists and religious radicals, or as the uncool and out of touch, or as the old school vs young blood  -- all of which are getting us all wrong. Washington, have you seen me? 

You think you know someone...or 230 million (based upon data that 40% lean conservative and 36% moderate leaving roughly 20% liberal)  Hello?

Yes, the conservatives are more older than not -- there is that.

We gravitate to leading ho-hum, normal every day lives -- you know, lives with jobs, a savings, children doing well in school, and maybe even a dog or a goldfish.

We are radical in our devotion to God -- I gotta give you that --

that kind of radicalism shows up in all kinds of churches across America; can be ever so frightening in that 83% of Americans acting all crazy and sh*t...ohhh Looord have mercy on us.  

How about them churches -- a whole slew of Catholics, beginning with vigils Saturday night and throughout the next day carrying on and all. And the Baptists -- with some Southerner's even forbidding drinking and dancing and raising a ruckus. Or the African-American Gospel Baptists -- with the singing and dancing and acting all happy on a Sunday morning no less -- yeah, that's gotta be controlled.  Or in temples wearing those funny little hats; or temples, splitting the women and children from the men; or temples kneeling down in praise to the Lord or Allah or Everlasting Prince of Peace  -- yeah, all that's just gotta to stop, don't ya think?  We are a crazy lot.

If the conservatives are crazy religious extremists, what do we call Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his Trinity United Church of Christ? Or the Leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan? 

It was October 16, 1995 when Farrakhan orchestrated the Million Man March on Washington D.C., along with affiliates of  the New Black Panther and Al Sharpton --  guessing only grassroots efforts to gain Washington's good will only work if you're anything other than normal, boring middle class Americans -- while being all black has its benefits too. 

But I tell you, that Farrakhan isn't light on the controversy meter, noting at the time of Hurricane Katrina he claimed that the levees broke from human error -- on purpose -- to extinguish the lives of hundred of thousands of poor black folk of Louisiana.  And more recently (October 2009), he said this: "The Earth can't take 6.5 billion people. We just can't feed that many. So what are you going to do? Kill as many as you can. We have to develop a science that kills them and makes it look as though they died from some disease." The scariest part is that this statement is in reference to the H1N1.  Huh?  Nope, nothing extreme there.

Extremism is everywhere and often nowadays in America; and then again, it is easy to label that which may be considered extreme for political gains or losses.  But what happens when it is merely illuminating the hearts and minds of a vast majority of disenchantment, like the Tea Party'rs and Town Haller's and the anti-socialized medicine believer's? 

What Republicans must do is stay out of the fray and remain locked into the ideals and policies based purely upon what works and unites us as a party; if we break into factions, or wallow in the mud of social issues where we don't always find a meeting of the minds, the overall message will be quickly lost into the murky dregs that lie at the bottom -- like after a broken levee or even the unfathomable devastating blow of one republican to another conservative in the eleventh hour of a campaign.

Oh upon this day after I find we have a lot of work left to do; as I witness our message at times entirely misunderstood or worse, trampled upon in disgust. 

The DNC was so clear and precise and brilliant in it's creation of Barack Obama the candidate and modern messiah to save the world -- this will be a monstrous act to follow.

However, more important,  it must not be an act.  It can't be staged. It must be real; otherwise it won't work.  We must truly believe and trust our gut and our ability to turn heads and take no prisoners in our march on Washington in 2010... and 2012 and 2016 and 2020...and so on and stay strong. 

We must work to create a new dimension of conservatism; one that settles into the society by way of our children, growing into a way of life that all Americans can benefit.  One that incorporates our old-fashioned roots with a pure unadulterated revival; pronouncing the simple ways in which we have it right, right now especially, and that we the conservatives have what it takes to save America (and outnumber those who don't).   Because we do. 

It's not Yes We Can --
it is YES WE ARE American!

It's not about fundamentally transforming anything  -- it is about capitalizing on who we are already -- because we really like who we are, and make no apologies.  We are the country who saves the world and comes to the rescue.  We are the country who builds American with American resources on American soil to Americans who trust and love AMERICA (OMG @ least we Use2b).  We don't need more R & D to know that, as last night proves it -- while we go about our ho-hum days and attending church, trusting our life and welfare under God, standing up on our own two feet in praise, we know it and embody it.

We don't need to preach the message, as they will see it by our actions and our deeds.  We don't need to wave our beliefs like a flag, we just need to hold true to them  -- love one another as ourselves, honor thy father and mother, do the right thing for the right reasons, treat our bodies as a temple and look up to the Lord for strength and peace.  People will know us by what we stand for and for what they see -- not for what we "take away."

We need to keep our attentions on what works, what makes America great and grand, as only the party of the GOP can do; while G will be doing just that in the days to come.

I like to call it America's Revival...what's a harmless little congregational retreat amongst friends?

No need to book the stadium
as it ain't nothing but a g thang...

 Make it a GOOD snoop doggy day, G

Hint for Gdays ahead: 
Little more of you do your thing and I'll do mine. 
Little more less is more, more or less.
Little more sun, less moon.
Little more happy, less sad.

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  1. Very cool - you actually know people who are well known to the new governor, Lt Gov and AG in VA ... for a number of years. A closeness that is not possible in the BIGNESS of CA. Kind of special ... guess who