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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear America,

Good Morning America xx

I feel really good today.  Can't put my finger on it exactly; but it's election day -- and this girl loves an election no matter where the heart of it lies.

I think Republicans are gonna sweep all three; that's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.

The Jersey boys have me guessing, but I think Corzine has made such a mess, even staunch Democrats have to fight back -- nobody likes taxes, or government waste, or fraud, or corruption.  Those are the buzz words of the times; and what a sorry state of politics we are ringing in if America all of a sudden looks more like a third world country when it comes to the integrity of our government -- notwithstanding what happens on election days.

I love the Jif® Peanut Butter commercial, posted in my Dear America this morning. The thing is, we're a country of choosy mothers choosing Jif® while it reminds us of our very principles at stake.  Out of the brotherly love and the beauty of growing up competing for everything, the two boys come to the counter wanting the bigger half...and the heads-up mom knows just how to settle the score; one can cut -- while unbeknown-st to both -- the other can choose. 

Just as Dede Scozzafava made her cut...she decided what principles she was sticking to and which one's she would compromise herself (and party) with...and American voters get to choose. 

Yes, pretty freaky where G's head goes sometimes.

But this is it in a nutshell, ba dump bum.

The whole misappropriations of votes based upon the inconceivable act of deviating from the core ingredients of the tried and true recipe of the Republican party is not only a referendum to question the labeling of all future candidates, it smacks to the roof of our mouth with a paste not likely to go away anytime soon -- ergo the visual of giving a dog a spoonful of peanut butter.

The Republican Party is in the mess that it's in BECAUSE the party didn't hold to it's core principles, the inherent beliefs, and the everlasting faith in sticking with the very essence of the party -- too many politicians have compromised the party in making deals under the table, settling for career choices over country benefits, and falling so far away from financial conservatism and fiscal responsibility -- there were no longer differences between sides.  And Dede is a case in point.

WTF, Dede?  How can you even call yourself a Republican, and how did Republicans actually vote for you in the first place?  The thing is, this is where we can be so stupid  -- we take it for granted that a little thing like party affiliation immediately following a name actually defines the person we are voting for -- not.

and even if someone starts out spot on, Washington tends to destroy all probability that they can hold on without losing their ground from time to time -- the political machine smashes any possibility of keeping personal integrity into a gritty, yet oh so slimy concoction that more resembles Vegemite® than the smooth and yummy peanut innovation -- the quintessential all American spread that consistently bathes bread in tradition, simplicity and integrity.   You know what you get every time -- day in and day out.

Dede had a only one way to go -- and that was out of the Republican party (and lickety split, thank you). The only place for her came in the company of liberals; and if I may be so bold, she just may be looking into the mirror this morning questioning her very identity, asking 'who are you and what have you done to my Dede' in the wake of day.  Certainly, all the rest of us have no idea what she stands for.

Just like Arlen Specter... who is he kidding? 

These people who use the American voter as pawns in their own game of 'ooh which side is better', which side is bigger, which side has more of a chance to get me where I need to go -- that's the side I'm choosing today.

Well, just maybe I'm feeling so groovy today as a few of us voters get to choose; they get to choose the better half, the bigger piece, the best choice for the country. They get a chance to make a difference, to use their vote, and make a change in Washington -- how fun is that. It is so American. I'm so excited.

Oh no, my groovy-ness is slipping into jealousy.  I wish I could vote today. 

Hey people, make it good will you?  G is counting on you to pick the better half-- for this is a "win one for the Gipper day" if there ever was one. 

That's another thing, you know Republicans are unveiling their own Health Care Reform Bill today?  How exciting is that -- another reason to smile!  It is filled with everything we've been talking about like allowing states to open up the Insurance borders, TORT Reform, and cost elements that focus more on saving money than spending money the government doesn't have -- and more on personal responsibility than on universal coverage.  Now that is something to talk about.  Yippy Skippy®

I heard yesterday on Glenn Beck that one of the largest groups trying to push Democrat's Health Care Bill are attorneys, go figure. Apparently, they have been promised a pass on all the scuttlebutt on TORT reform, so as to not adversely affect their earnings by way of sticking it to the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies on behalf of insidious lawsuits demanding ungodly amounts of retribution.  Just a little more of the same, political payback for their financial support for Team Obama -- isn't that sweet.  Well boys, cheaters never prosper...and

GO team GOP GO -- fight back and win! Come back from behind in the final quarter with only seconds to pull off a Hail Mary.  We know you can do it -- and are up on our feet, waving our flags to cheer you on --committed to you as long as you remain loyal to us, doing your very best for the home team.

And it gets better. 

Team GOP also plans on managing the time left on the clock, as they intend to actually read aloud the behemoth 2000 page bill-- the Democrats entire game plan uncovered and revealed in the light of day; with every intention of calling out sneaky plays, lousy sportsmanship, and failed ownership of the American way leading our country into sure defeat -- now that's what I call a counter-insurgency strategy.  Let the good times roll where they roll (in a version to follow along with your air guitar...turn it up and whip it good)

Now take a seat before you hurt yourself, the rest of today should find us planted in front of the television, listening to a little long story about health care (boooring) while eating a peanut butter sandwich with a tall frosty glass of milk, leaving just enough time for a nap.

after that we can eat cake, watching all three races win one for the Gipper  -- America's future.

Make it a Good Day, G

Remember, there is no 'I' in TEAM.

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