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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear America,

"oh Michael.  It was an abortion. It was an abortion, Michael, just like our marriage is an abortion something's that unholy and evil.... I didn't want your son Michael, I wouldn't bring another one of your sons into this world.  It was an abortion, Michael.   It was a son.  And I had him killed because I knew this must all end..."
Classic scene. Lucky for youz, youz ah, can replay it all day long with a click on Dear America.

While anyone who's been following me will know, G spent nearly a month of Sunday's discussing the health care legislation, between the yahoo's of Congress, the town hall meetings, the issues at hand, it was a plethora of organic blog material in the month of August, let me tell you.  The one thing we never did, however, was discuss the one topic that currently has D.C. all lit up and slapping people around a bit -- the women's right to choose and federal funding.

You must know on the onset, G has a lot to say about this; perhaps it will morph into a couple of days, I'm not quite sure.  But needless to say, we gotta have the talk.  So sit down, maybe get yourself a drink and relax; and I will try not to embarrass you. Both of us may find ourselves squirming from time to time, but it's gotta get done.

First and foremost, I'm gonna just lay it all out right here and now.  Women can be so stupid; and I'm just speaking to my peers for right now: over twenty five, white women are stupid, as these are my people:
  • 60% of all abortions are white women
  • 48% of all abortions are over the age of 25
  • while 10% of all abortions are divorced women. 
  • 64% of the nearly 42 Million sexually active women use contraception...
  • which means...36% DO NOT, or are fertility challenged
  • 37% Protestant, 31% Catholic, 18% 'born again', 1.3% Jewish, 23% 'none'
While we're at it:
  • 38% of all abortion recipients make $30,000- 59,000/year
  • 13% make over $60,000/year. 
  • And as it stands today, only 14% of all abortions are paid with public funds, usually provided for at the state level.
  • 20% teenagers, 1.2% under the age of 15
  • 52 % before 9th week, 37% between weeks 9-12
  • 68,000,000 individuals have an STD, with 3,000,000 teenagers acquire an STD/year

  • There are roughly 1,200,000 abortions performed each year.

So part of this argument is simply smart women, making stupid choices with their body, who have the money to pay for an abortion because it is their prerogative and right as a women to use abortion as birth control -- and will most likely go to church and pray about it when done, this according to the stats, as well.

Okay, before you get your panties in a wad, yes, people do make mistakes, there is human error. There are unexpected accidents from mother nature; I mean, 47% of all pregnancies are totally unplanned! There is that.  But let's keep moving.

The point I want to make is about these stupid women, besides the creation of a bouncing baby boy, the days we are living in today demand our attention to STOP and pay attention to the prospects of other dilemmas we may face along with our highly educated, pulling a decent income -- I am free, hear me roar -- choice to have unprotected sex.  We're not talking to the 20% of teenagers, now are we?  K, let's be honest.

We're talking to the women of N.O.W., the intellectual free choice American women who burned their bras 40 years ago and never looked back...maybe had a couple of kids by now...but no regrets...oooh maybe just one...that one night with that guy...what was his name...whatever.

But more than anything else, I can't believe smart women would choose to be a pawn in the discussion; you know you're being used, don't you?  Think about it.

The left uses you in their favor as liberal propaganda; while the right uses you to look the other way and make it all about the rights of the unborn child.  We're like these precious little whores -- or high class escorts if you will -- for either the Democrat or the Republican platform to take from us what they need and toss us aside when done. 

Come on, people, CHOICE?  Is that the best you got?

Smart women know our choice comes a lot sooner than pissing on a stick. 

But more disturbing is that this women's right to choose has defined the battlegrounds between sides; it automatically delineates that the left gives the power over to stupid behavior, while the right is determined to make it a question of godliness and respect to the unborn.  When both miss the most profound political message -- which one really cares about you; not the baby, not the choice, you.

Neither one has been brave enough to show that side.

We live in tough times.  Burning ours bras and birth control and free spirits revelling in the now does not prepare us for times like these.  Unprotected sex can kill us.

Its not even enough in today's world to be on birth control -- we have to be taught to wear a condom too. 

But the N.O.W., the liberal Democrats, even a few Republican women, and in the company of any other organization pontificating the right to choose as this holier than thou sacrament to women's legislation believe that this is where the argument must settle in, already nesting into the state of mind of our young girls, and clearly having themselves a field day with the smart women we see running around today.

Yup, that smart, white, college educated woman is my kind of role model -- we can choose abortion.   It's easy.  Harmless.  What else is a smart girl to do?  And we can teach our baby girls that they can have the power to choose, too!  It's so liberating to be a woman -- girls just wanna have fun, right. right?

Look, if we are going to be smart women today, choosing unprotected sex just isn't an option.

You know, many couples don't even have a choice.  About 6,000,000 couples a year have issues conceiving, while 2,000,000 infertile couples mortgage their lives away trying.  While today, a whole 'nother level jump into the field, as homosexual couples look to other countries to adopt a baby because America just doesn't have enough available -- nor is it easy to get through the bureaucracy -- while backlash to a different lifestyle also plays a part .  Perhaps, folks, we could take a look at marrying some of these issues together. just sayin'...

What surprised me when reviewing some of the stats is what I learned about Planned Parenthood. Roughly 10.9 million services are provided each year for contraception and other women's services.  While 82% use Planned Parenthood for contraception services, cancer screenings, STD testing, and miscellaneous other women's issues, only 3% of the overall services provided are specifically for abortion.  You would never know it by way of what we hear; by reputation alone you would have thought the 'hood guilty of coercing young women into abortions left and right. At first glance, hardly to be the case; but we will get into that another day.

As a women, I just don't get it really.  By today's standards, the liberals treat this ability to choose an abortion like its just a get out of jail free card or something, when in fact it may really point to a carelessness in behavior that could jeopardize our health in so many more immobilizing ways, to the point of even death.  How can that be responsible legislation?  And what about the other half?  Does he not have a choice, too?

Republicans are no better -- by simply making the mistake to glorify the unborn life and villainizing the doctors, cowering to the realities of the discussion about unprotected sex and the ungodly numbers of sexual abuse in this country altogether.  While both sides take turns slapping each other around, they miss a stellar opportunity  -- to be the actual party who has the strength and compassion to protect women with accountability and honesty, and begin raising generations of girls that are not only stronger but that more the wiser.

I'm telling you, you couple birth control with a condom and abortion rates will not only diminish substantially, but we will save women -- young and old -- from all kinds of woes and consequences from being simply irresponsible with our body.  That is the choice that must be taught.  That's it.

Anything else is merely masking deeper issues, and quite certainly more horrific outcomes, with rose colored glasses -- while spinning a kaleidoscope of psychedelic political rhetoric to each other's advantage -- flipping women over and from side to side in desperation for a cheap thrill and a vote.  And whenever we all come off whatever drugs we're smokin' or pills we're poppin' or political future worth saving, I pray we live to see the day --

when women slap ourselves in the face and wake up -- and realize just how stupid we've become.

Make it a Good Day, G

This is all I can do today, I'm worn out. 
Clearly, there is more to say; as complicated as it is, we will begin to look at ways to save both women and the conservatives in this argument of who really has the power to choose, and when we do, in the days to come.
Maybe we need some music to clear our head a bit...let's try this one on...and call it a day.

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