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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear America,

i'm not ready to make nice...even though we are a healing nation, a forgiving one, a trusting lot that just thinks the better of people naturally, or because we were raised that way perhaps...still, no.  Not ready.

Remember when the Dixie Chicks came up with that line -- that song.  It was answering to a President, disrespectfully of course.

It came after a war torn and patriot President George W. Bush was getting it from all sides, having just committed troops, and a very public anti-war sentiment rang out across the stage and all over the world with this: "Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We don't want this war, this violence, and we're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas".

That was roughly a week before going into war in 2003 with Iraq.

Talk about a shot heard round the world; that caught fire in the hearts of all Americans, true Americans that is, and raised such an uproar. The band was dissed, concert attendance plummeted, record sales tanked, and then those happy go lucky Texan girls quickly learned what its like to suffer a little PTSD in the aftermath.  It was a free for all really...it made national news, the London Times... MSNBC just loved it at the time...of course, on the side of pretty girls from Texas.

Even though she (Natalie Maines) ended up begrudgingly apologizing for disrespecting her President on a world stage on foreign ground along side a European audience who ate it up...it would be a few years later, she took it back and was a featured article on MSNBC in 2006.  Yup, she dumb dare took it back in her sweet southern drawl..."I don't feel that way anymore..." yadi yadi yada...  From one chick to another, typical. When the going got tough, people bailed on Bush, congress included; why not throw a few dixie chicks back into the ring, whatever sells records, ya know.  But that's beside my point.

Free speech anyone?  There are consequences and benefits to having that kind of freedom; and the more power to us all for having it.  No matter what the issue, America has always been the land of the eloquent and the trashy mouth -- and by golly, as a cornerstone to not only great entertainment, our ability to speak freely as a country is a liberty most of the world does not know or recognize without repercussions.

The bad news, we are becoming a censored society.

What happened when a few inmates in Guantanamo hold up signs reflecting Obama a communist?  The administration limits journalists and cameras from areas throughout the compound and only allowed to see what the government wants them to see.

What happened when a company (HUMANA) who specializes in offering additional health insurance to medicare recipients sends a letter of information about the future welfare of its program and how it may affect senior citizen benefits to its clientele? 
The administration chastises Humana's gall to question authority and their enterprising techniques to raise suspicions and influence seniors.

What happened when the National Chamber of Commerce, who after supporting the administration on most everything up until now, raised concerns with the President with regards to the economy and health care combined -- and just how much the current bill will adversely affect small businesses nationwide?
The administration took a few swipes at Bruce Josten and vilified the organization for not bending over like the good boys and girls of the AARP or AMA (which of course is only by acronym, the real body and souls are not behind it).

Tea Parties.  Teabaggers we're called now, and being hung out to dry by the administration.

Town Hallr's.  Depicted by Nancy Pelosi as Nazi's, carrying swastikas and machine guns...ignored by a condescending administration and labeled as UN-American

Marching on Washington in droves, twice now.  Totally dissed by the President, he either leaves town or ignores the call for his earnest attention and honest discussion altogether.

Does this administration have issues or what?

You know, honestly, we did it to him.  It was the power of the people and the weird warped attention to a man who really didn't stand for anything other than HOPE.  We did it.

Oh sure, the Democratic National Committee carried the torch first; but this Obama world was created and molded and formed into an ever perfect embodiment of soul, charisma, and cool sense of calm. 

He would mesmerize us, the lost and forlorn, and lead us not unto temptation, but save us from the evils of a government run amok.  He captured our hearts; he was sharp, funny, hip to the times and used a palm pilot.  He was going to change Washington and fundamentally transform America (we all know that clip, I'm not going to play it again, just not that into it today).

But today, we have this President doing whatever it takes to shut anyone up -- large or small -- who does not abide by Him.

And let me tell you, this thing with Major Nidal Malik Hasan is part of another growing issue, having absolutely no place for political correctness and censorship and everything to do with our civil liberties and ability to speak freely -- no matter what.

We will come to find out that even our military is afraid to speak candidly and ask questions when it comes to certain realities of growing aggressions and radical Islam infiltrating our troops, restricting it's ability to properly protect America and the men and women who serve their country.

Organizations like CAIR are actually set up to shush people across this great land of ours; and they are here to freely operate and do as they please without harm or backlash.  They insist it is for the betterment of race relations, but really all they want to do is censor any negative chatter or any racial profiling of it's people and propensity to harm, and proliferate the growth of the radical Muslim community in America. 

Look, just as the family of Rifqa Bary has come to exemplify, a father will do anything to control his family, especially if you are just a girl.  In the Muslim world, a girl is a second class citizen -- she has no rights of her own and can only do what the men in her world allow her to do -- and converting to Christianity is certainly not one of them. 

CAIR will do anything to control the message, the propaganda, the truths and the untruths and will shelter Islamic followers from all harm or defamation -- even if those very same people only wish to do harm to America.  They are financially supported by drug lords and sheiks, even Saudis.

I'm just not sure what this country is doing anymore to tell you the truth. We let the Muslim world in, as we are just that kind of country of nice people, who trust other people with our whole heart and where does it get us?

It was the Army Chief of Staff George Casey who said "if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse."  Really George?  Are you really willing to risk life and limb protecting diversity over honor and allegiances?  Are you not in the business of protecting ALL of America, as well as the welfare of all your troops -- even if it comes at the expense of a few good men getting a few extra questions, a few more surprise inspections, a few more feelings getting bent out of shape for the sake of the whole?

Now I'm sure there are Muslim boys who wish to do no harm to America or to his fellow troops. There are currently 3,557 Muslims in the military; actually, let me note, that we would know that only if they labeled themselves that upon application and their religious affiliation -- should also note, Major Hasan listed "none".  SO besides being a psycho killer Islamic martyr on a rampage, he is also a LIAR!  But I digress.

So there are 454 Muslim Marines, 661 Muslim Air Force, 732 Muslim Navy and 1,710 Muslim Army; out of the entire armed forces of 1.4 million troops, 0.3% are MUSLIM. 

Don't you think we could take the time to talk to the few and the proud, for peace of mind if anything else, for the troops who accompany these men and the families that share their lives and future in the hands of people whom they do not know? 

Wouldn't that be better, George?  You know, to help the wives and the children get a better night's sleep, wouldn't it be worth it?  Wouldn't it be the right thing to do as one American protecting the lives of another, or 1.4 million?

How about this for a little diversity regulation, it's a different angle, but I promise you it will not disappoint: 

This is President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responding to the three young tourists who accidentally crossed over the border of Iran, and of their pending trial for espionage of which the punishment is death,
"Unfortunately, they crossed the border illegally.  Every country has a punishment for those who cross borders illegally. [yeah right] We are not happy about that [aw, I see the corner of your mouth, Mahmoud, you're so cute...], but now they will have to go to the court and convince the judge that they did nothing illegal [guilty until proven innocent].   I hope this is not a problem, but it is up to the judiciary to judge them [good luck with that]."
Today, I think this girl is really pissed off and I can't seem to shake it.

We are so politically correct when it comes to issues of the left; while the right gets continuously degraded and dismissed.

Well by George, G respectfully requests the full investigation of all 3,557 if it's not too much trouble, just to be sure.  

Just tell them, 'we are not happy about that.'

I'm sure they will understand.
Make it a Good Day, G
Good thing the right is a resilient and mighty bunch...and I got just the thing to inspire your day...its really just about the music...and anyway, we're just not ready to make nice.

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