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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear America,

"He who passively accepts evil is as much
involved in it as he who helps perpetuate it. 
He who accepts evil without protesting against it
is really cooperating with it."
Dr. Martin Luther King

I was born at 8:07 in the morning, on a Sunday.  Anytime I see an 8:07 on the clock it is like a big fat reminder of the moment I entered this world.  A mind blowing exercise in one's purpose in life may very well be found through the simple task of hindsight...crowning with the question, just what would it look like if I was never born?

Between the family you entered and the lives you touched and the children you made yourself and the people they've touched, it can be a daunting game of what if.

I grew up recognizing and relating to things knowing that there is a purpose under heaven for everything; there is a reason and a master plan for it all.  Not in the sense we lose our free will, or that we have an all powerful Oz above us accounting for our every move -- but a master plan that allows for all of us to be at choice with respect to everything we do.

And the longer I live, the more I believe good outweighs evil; even if it looks dark, dismal or without repair, the goodness welled up inside each and every one of us is enough and in abundant supply, even if dormant, it grows to sustain us until such time the light can shine through once again.  

As humans we are built for the good times and bad; we are strong enough to weather the harm done by others or done through our own ignorance and poor choices; while we are inherently joyful and loving and kind for all the hours and days in between.

If it were a more perfect world how unimaginably boring it would be.

As people, we are born into a master plan at a time and for reasons unknown; and as thinking creatures born of good conscience right from the start, we are bestowed a gift that sets us a part from the animals, and with that, carry great responsibility to each other to be of good nature as well.

I find it amusing with the left of when they decide what circumstances to respect life are valid and when they are not. 

Take for example dolphins.  We can value the life of dolphins over the life of a tuna, as I would expect because we eat those.  Green Peace has operations all over the world to police the seas and ensure the sanctity of life of dolphins, whales or any other species worthy of protection.  The bottle-nose dolphin, by the way, is not an endangered species; but it is good to know which tuna is "dolphin safe" and labeled such on the side of the can.  I like that touch.

Over this past summer, it was liberals who insisted on protecting the lowly smelt and the feeding of salmon over the farmlands of northern California, withholding irrigation to the fields and directly harming food supply for not only California but for the world -- let alone recklessly damaging the number of jobs available to farm workers -- the irony.

Come to think of it, it is usually a liberal who will speak on behave of the human rights of a murderer and child rapists in forbidding the use of the death penalty, causing Americans to carry any and all liability to incarcerate the worst criminals of our kind for decades, to the point where our prisons are insolvent and overwhelmed with issues.

But the life of a child.  Fugetaboutit.

It comes down to the woman's right to choose, that's it, no more discussion, end of story, the debate is over.

Where is the man's right to choose?  Doesn't he naturally carry 50% of the partnership; wouldn't the action of a woman who chooses to abort a child in which the man wanted be considered an act of contempt in the court of law?

And, taking it a step further, you liberals expect people who do not agree with the outcome of your free choice to pay for it under federal funding?  

How about this, Congress, we keep the provision that allows women to abort as long as the federal funds come out of a slush fund managed by the liberal feminists, how's that?

Yeah Yeah that's the ticket...the feminists, the one's who are college educated and have careers holding director positions at NARAL, the intellectuals making bank as ivy league professors, the lefty's who landed a cushy job within the current administration, the civil rights attorney's and shake your money-maker investment bankers, and any and all of whom profess this ranking ideology for a women's right to choose -- they can pay for it and then shut up. 

I'm sure they can handle the costs, as remember, only 3% of the total planned parenthood budget goes to abortions; remembering also, the majority who choose the gift of choice are women over the age of twenty five.  These are their people --  how could they not support their own?

Then the rest of us can go about redirecting our attention to making smarter choices and teaching our young girls not to grow up to be stupid. (1.2 million abortions vs. 15.3 million new STD cases each year...you do the math).

I was forwarded an article from my father on the language used by the left which I believe relates to this discussion;  it is an article entitled, The Passivist Left, written by Dr. Joel Wade.

"This passive voice allows them to disassociate themselves from the human willfulness of the people who made these attacks happen...it allows them to step back , and view purposeful actions from a more abstract and theoretical position.  By putting purposeful human actions into the passive voice, people on the left avoid having to face the reality -- and the horror -- of human evil."

Dr. Wade was speaking in reference to the Fort Hood massacre -- out of which the left described as a "tragic event" or "the act was incomprehensible" -- instead of the willful, premeditated action by Major Nidal Malik Hasan with hate in his heart and evil in his soul with the sole purpose to not harm, but actually KILL as many people as he could.

But there the left continually sits, the action nor the human is ever under fire, as there must be a reason that allows for such horrifying "events" to occur.  The left removes us from the blood and guts of a situation and hasten to make up excuses, as there must be some other reason, some account for this tragedy to occur other than the responsibility and action of one human being choosing to kill another.  How can they be at choice, how can they be of free will and spirit to enlist such ill will upon others simply out of just wanting them dead and choosing to pull the trigger and do it?  That conscious decision does not fit into the mold of human behavior, and never will according to a liberal.

So it is merely a matter of choice.   Is it now?
As women in the 21st century painfully bring to light, we've evolved so far as to be able to extinguish a real life in our womb without any more pressure than what we choose to have for dinner -- tuna casserole or free range chicken?  We aren't killing a baby, we are simply advocating our right to choose.

How passive and whimpy is that? 

Wake up women of choice, you are choosing to KILL a BABY.

If you are going to do it, be a big girl and tell it like it is.

Make it a Good Day, G

Interesting enough with the technology available today, women can see their baby even earlier.
More interesting, with that reality staring at them in the face, many women now change their mind.

It's a beautiful life.

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