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Friday, September 14, 2018

It's the G Effect Thing

Dear America,

"Every adversity God allows in our life
 is designed to bring us
 to spiritual maturity, 
not to devastate us.  
When we yield to Him 
in the midst of a crisis, 
He enables us to trust 
and wait on Him with patience and hope." 
 Rev. Charles F. Stanley, 
just part of my crew of in-house counsel

gooooooooooooood morning America

happy friday

our eastern seaboard 
is in the midst of great adversity 
as we speak...
let us stop for a moment 
of prayer for all of our
 fellow Americans in Hurricane Florence's path...

on the bright side -- because there always is one, somewhere in the midst -- is that through today's technology, we CAN actually prepare ourselves;  we CAN get out of harm's way; we CAN hop on a bus, plane, train, or automobile and go visit grandma, or what have you....we CAN do all the things necessary to meet such adversity well in advance.    CAN i get an amen?

But this nonsense of  the Washington Post declaring Trump "complicit" in the midst of Florence's wrath of terror...just because, like MANY Americans, he does not buy into the fraud that is afoot -- the one based upon projections of the immoral culpability of man-made climate change and it's destruction, weighed against the wealth of affluent nations, and then dividing such wealth dis-proportionately throughout the third world, and such. 

The science on this one is not settled folks; and I am not crazy for being suspect of the powers that be who wish to make it so.  This world has had turbulent weather, temperature swings, droughts and floods, ice ages and melting ice caps, throughout thousands of years.  THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of years.  

To say, in all serious, that Trump is complicit, simply because he questions what has turned into nothing more than a political power play, an agenda ripe with a one-sided view, when all this time, the actual temperature of the planet had not fluctuated outside of a pretty tight variance, is just ludicrous.  No, it is being downright disingenuous -- deceitful and calculating -- and echos the ricochet, the clanking, of a methodical, storm surge, decades in the making and larger than life itself.  The Washington Post should be ashamed of themselves.  This type of propaganda should have a name for it, too (oh wait, it does; it's called rubbish.)

What a bunch of loons (Warning: that there link takes you to a page that proclaims the some loons are Climate Endangered.  Oh just the sound of that...oh how a girl can dream.... And just to make be clear...I'm not talking about actual loons, I am referring to liberal loons, big difference.)

But moving right along -- according to me, G....after careful study of the data collected (since birth) -- that it won't be climate change that submerges entire villages and, for all intents and purposes, brings the better part of extinction to life as we know it, it will be the shameless, reckless, massive amounts of liberal group think, that will bring on the ruin, in the end.

Remember when there were people who questioned whether or not the world was flat?!  For who really knew, right?

Remember when there were people -- and one in particular -- who questioned the power and control of the Catholic Church, and ultimately became part of history, aligned with the splendid timing of the printing press (like, who even saw that coming, right?)  and  changed everything, virtually overnight!  ....Thank you, Martin Luther.

Matter of fact, remember when liberals loved to question authority?  How ironic.  Find me a lib who thinks for him/herself, who will actually stand up to the daily dose of constant leftist's dribble, through the continuous tidal waves of leftist mainstream media, via the web, in print, and television,  and actually dares to say, 'um, like really my people?'   'um, like, have you seen the charts, have you ...' and I will surely give them a medal.  Anyone...  [By the way, that right there is a fascinating link to climate change pros and cons, and that's it (I think....hard to tell, really)   Anywho, with a ten minute glance, www.procon.org seems to promote the idea of looking at the data, actually reading it, and then deciding what makes the most sense, for yourself.  What I like about it, is the straight forward tit for tat, but you be the judge.]


Living in America, in this day and age, as a conservative, has many challenges.   It's as if there is no room for the existence of opposition -- whether in thought, word, or deed; it seems, critical thinking outside the politically correct sphere is under attack; and that to me, is amazing.  How is it possible to declare an entire body politic, ideology, worthy of extinction just because we disagree on how to run the country?

Truth is -- as the title to today's devotional from Rev. Charles Stanley proclaims -- there are only "Two Ways Through a Valley."  Which simple means, you can trudge through the easy way or the hard way; you can manage the streams of adversity by way of faith, or fear.

I mean, my God, some of our best of times came under the Reagan Administration --  and yet, here we are -- through the unforeseeable valleys of multiple wars, terror attacks, natural disasters, economic downturns, and the like, after all the adversities of our days  -- just how did we get here?

"The question for voters this fall is whether their country will move beyond this troubled chapter in history or whether they will continue supporting a politician who has done more damage to the dream of America than any foreign adversary ever could."

really, Joe? 

no, really, you loon.  And to think, you and Mika used to hang out with this crazy politician,  (But, just for the record, Joe, you know nobody thinks of him as a politician, right?  That was one of the main reasons Trump appealed to the American people, right from the start...to the point of even garnering the interest of a few working class democrats who bravely broke with the ranks...)

SO --  how about this ---
how about we give Trump the Nobel Prize for Economics, as this guy is given a soapbox to speak...

....always have liked Stephen Moore...love this part:

"Well, yes. Guilty as charged. When dismayed reporters ask me why he is doing all these things that are so offensive to the chattering class, my response is almost always the same: "Um, because this is what he promised voters he was going to do. Weren't you paying attention?"
and this:

"This "Obama effect" might be semi-plausible except for the fact that every policy Trump implements reverses President Obama's policy."
doncha love it.

um, like, that's funny stuff.

The thing is --  it really isn't crazy talk; it's just a reflection of the opposition reality that nobody wants to address in a stand up, respectable manner anymore.   ugh.

And in America....of all places; isn't it quite unbelievable.

The best thing about all this, is that God is still on the throne.  I choose to go through this barren valley --  the one knee-deep in one-sided leftist mumbo-jumbo and loaded with oppressive tendencies, and flooded with authoritarian rule and policies all over this great land, and know just WHO I answer to.  I choose to live through this adversity by way of my faith, knowing that in the end, all will be well; and if things do not appear all well, then it must not be the end.

This is what I like to call the G effect -- in the more ways than one column.  And it is gooooooood.

And in that vein, this is where I must leave you; it is the end of this day in Just a Girl land....

Make it a Good Day, G 

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