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Saturday, September 29, 2018

It's About that Hearing Thing

Dear America,

some powerful words from my favorite book of daily devotions, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young:

September 29:  I am with you and all around you, encircling you in golden rays of Light.  I always behold you Face-to-face.  Not one of your thoughts escapes My notice.  Because I am infinite, I am able to love you as if you and I were the only ones in the universe.

Walk with Me in intimate Love-steps, but do not lose sight of My Majesty.  I desire to be your closest Friend, yet I am also your sovereign Lord.  I created your brain with capacity to know Me as Friend and Lord simultaneously.  The human mind is the pinnacle of My creation, but few use it for its primary purpose -- knowing Me.  I communicate continually through My Spirit, My Word, and My creation.  Only humans are capable of receiving Me and responding to My Presence.  You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!

We are hardwired by our Creator to know Him.  We are made in His Image, with a mind and conscience, to KNOW Him, RECEIVE Him, and RESPOND TO His Presence and to the world around us without ever being separated from Him, if we so choose.

Watching the testimony all day on Thursday was both remarkable and jolting; for this day in the life of America was not pretty. And at the end of the day, I went to bed saying a prayer for us all.

The thing is, there is just so many things to say...and yet, given the complexity and sensitivity, I really don't know where to begin.  But be that as it may, this is blog, stargate  #959 signing in... 

So let's just start there --  i guess -- 
what's  happening in America 
is anything but 
science fiction;
it's neither a good book to read, nor out of The Good Book, itself; but I'm sure one day, it will be made into a movie.

can I get an amen?

This isn't a case of science fiction in any way, shape or form; this senate judicial committee is for real.  

These men and women -- who are, supposedly, the best and the brightest men and women America has to offer on such a civic scale -- are undermining their own power and effectiveness; their sole purpose IS to serve us --  AMERICA --  with, and through, the processes anchored with the highest standards of decorum, conscientiously weighing and separating what is truly right from what is truly wrong for the betterment of the entire country, and for many, coming complete with a wealth of education, of higher learning, of law degrees and masters, along with a strong semblance of life experiences, meeting up with various degrees of service for a multitude of communities, far and wide, from the local level on up to the state. 

But this hearing -- this hearing revealed anything but that.

It was clear, right from the start, that this hearing would become pure evidence of  21 rounds of political sparring, making a spectacle of the process, if not also, leveling a severe blow against truth itself.  If only this was science fiction...if only.

I like the quote, above, from Sarah Young, for many reasons...but most of all, because it reminds me, gently, that THIS GOD of ours is really AWESOME, and loving, and miraculously THERE for all of us. (Especially when we really really need it...like now) 

It IS a unique and one-of-a-kind relationship freely available to each and every one of us in equal portion -- or rather, in direct proportion to the extent that our minds purposely go to seek It's Presence in our lives.

and isn't that a good thing.

With regards to the hearing, no matter the charges leveled against Judge Kavanaugh -- that was a political stunt.  If the democrats had acted honorably, towards the two parties involved, as well as towards the American people, then they would have brought the letter forward and begun a proper investigation into the charges, effective immediately; as in, within a timely fashion of Sen. Diane Feinstein's office receiving the letter, July 30th.

The democrats methodically and deceptively held this letter close to their chests until such time it warranted the full exposure, the critical timing, all in congruent with creating the set of circumstances and environment to reach optimum gain.

Lying next to the victim -- Christine Blasey Ford --  are not only her uncorroborated allegations of a possible crime against her, but a calculated, politically motivated ambush, resulting in over 300 million people victims of one of the most incredible partisan hack-jobs either side of the Mississippi has ever seen,  at the hands of the U.S. Senate.

Americans watched, as it played out on live TV... the unconscionable raping of the nation's chastity towards a general understanding and belief that all men are innocent until proven guilty; and that that conclusion comes through a process under the established Rule of Law, adhering to a court system, sorting through evidence, revealing witness testimony, and completely satisfying the allegations with actual evidence proving the place, the time, the person(s), and maybe even motive, that is conclusive, leaving no doubts unanswered.

Christine hasn't even filed a police report.
Christine isn't paying for her legal team.
Christine doesn't have a clue as to when it happened or where it happened, let alone one witness to corroborate her memory of an assault.

If Kavanaugh documented nearly every living breathing thing he did, backwards and forwards on his calendar (s) since 1978 --  what explains the absence of even her name, anywhere in conjunction with get together's and casual parties throughout the summer of 1982 -- that being the summer she thinks something occurred with him.

And speaking of which,  the greatest allegations from Christine are in reference to what she thought was going to happen to her; but the reality is, she was not raped; she was not killed....as though she thought, at the age of 15, somewhere in the vicinity of the swishy clubhouse and all of a twenty minute drive from home, when she doesn't have a license.

I do believe she was traumatized by something, and continues to be traumatized today; no doubt.

But something is not quite right in the optics, the timing, the conscious effort to hide the truth before unveiling the truth -- and for the record, none of which I believe, being Christine's fault.

It was the Democratic party who played around, recklessly, and harmfully, and retroactively -- dating back to July -- in a behavior unbecoming of a statesman/woman upon the receipt of the letter exposing the allegations.

In hindsight, if the Democrats had any desire to get to the truth of the matter, the FBI  could have been investigating for the last sixty days...But instead, the Democrats used it as a tactical attack on the opposition.  The most telling -- and I only wish Kavanaugh asked her straight up -- was when Feinstein met with Kavanaugh in her office...an occasion when not one single question was raised about the allegations, even though she was already in possession of the letter.

Who's the deceiver -- the ginned up  D.C. player -- of elite stature in the room now? 

After Thursday, this girl is surprised Feinstein can still stand up, after continuously drinking in the insatiable position of power she has, there just has to be times where she totally blacks out that she simply doesn't want to admit to just yet.  Oh you tipsy DC girls and boys of congress.  If you are having all the fun, then why do I have the headache and hang over?

So, after all the antics, after the democrats aimed to bully Kavanaugh into submission, after all the praising of the new Ford model, the latest symbolic heroin of the #metoo movement....after casting judgement upon the man without hearing a single thing,  where does this leave America?

If both parties -- Kavanaugh and Ford --  believe they are 100% certain of their truth, logic would dictate that we are smack dab in the middle.

Like, the middle middle.

But this hearing -- with eleven on one side and ten on the other --  the decision to send it to the senate for a vote, pending a one week FBI investigation only leaves us with this:  TRUTH lost it's seat in the gallery on this day, and maybe for forever.

We witnessed nothing more than a circus... the swamp getting swampier... there's is bound to be something really creepy about to jump out and scare the living daylights out of all of us, wait and see.  I can just feel it.

And may God help him, if Brett is lying about even one itty bitty detail, right? Mr. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus....You should know, Blumenthal.  what a kick in the pants.  I feel violated for even hearing such hypocrisy on live TV.  But I digress. bigly.

Either way, neither Kavanaugh or Ford have a life, familiar and secure, and with any reasonable boundaries to call home anymore.  Although Ford may tell a story of the insistence of having two front doors, a partisan wrecking ball has brought Kavanaugh to ruin with a mere hint of evidentiary support along with the customary semblance of pertinent details, i.e. proof.

I bet, having the entire world as it's audience -- I'm willing to bet no one changed their minds.

What does that really mean then?

Have we all fallen into the abyss of partisan hacks anonymous category?

For myself -- I needed proof.  I needed something to persuade me not to follow my blind allegiance to a conservative judge to replace Kennedy.  Although she seemed credible; she was also 36 years broken.  Her mind did not remember details. Her mind confused the truth of conversations heard, and not heard -- mixed imaginations and fear, with that which may, or may not, have happened.  I cried for her, and I cried for Kavanaugh, nearly in equal portion...for this girl is naturally, and supremely, conscientious like that on most any given day.

Oh the human mind. How we use it, or lose it, through all the days of our lives, rests upon using our brains before taking any and all action under heaven.  And venture to guess that those who seek Higher Spiritual Guidance, in good days and bad, are better balanced than not.Those who make decisions after consulting with a Higher Power, probably make better decisions than not.  Generally speaking.
I created your brain with capacity to know Me as Friend and Lord simultaneously.  The human mind is the pinnacle of My creation, but few use it for its primary purpose -- knowing Me.  I communicate continually through My Spirit, My Word, and My creation.

It doesn't matter the party when it comes to real human experiences and emotion touching another, at the heart.  It just doesn't matter.   Unlike real things and reality, and going back to how we started this day -- science fiction can only become real with a little imagination and some kind of mode for delivery, like a book or a film or a costume;  sometimes what we imagine is not true at all; and even sometimes, what we imagine is only part truth and part tricks of the brain, a complicated way of storing memories we hold so dear or memories we wish to forget to protect ourselves.  For better or worse, even the good doctor Ford admitted to plenty of human mind vulnerabilities during her testimony.  Hmmm and has there ever been a claim that ended up being a false positive?

My wish today, is that more people remind themselves of that.

Kavanaugh could be your husband, your father, your brother, or your friend, too.
AND Ford could be your wife, your mother, your sister,  or your friend, too.

Both of them took this step, in public, that may, in due time, turn out to be as monumental -- culturally -- as the first moon landing (which, in my book, was real, btw).

But the main thing is --  let us not forget the mechanisms and blueprints and preparation as to how they, from the F to the K, got there.... on September 27, 2018, seated at the left and right hand and in the chambers of the Senate Judiciary Committee; all of that, was courtesy of the cockamamie scheme cooked up by the democrats.

And besides, just why was there cause for Ford to be flocked with her partisan hack attorney's to both sides of her anyway?   Kavanaugh didn't come with his attorney...Did the telling of her truth really require the insight and guidance from two people who weren't even there?  ...Did she have to be careful, calculated even, with her testimony?  No matter, I know...it's just a girl wondering and pondering  aloud, is all. 

Although I tend to feel pretty certain that we will all have this day etched into our memories for a long, long time to come.  The question becomes more like  -- will you remember what you were wearing, where you were at and how you got there, who watched it with you, or if you drank a beer or two (or whisky) over the course of the longest day ever....come thirty six years later?  Willing to bet, we all blacked out about 4 in the afternoon, Pacific Time.

Thing is -- It may behoove us all to keep a diary of sorts... or is it, of the sordid sorts....

Oooh and just looky here; look at me, at the head of the class for once in my life; when it comes to diaries, this girl has had a good one going with It's a G Thing since 2009.

....your welcome. and what a day in the life of an American girl it has been....what a day, what a day.

as the end of another day comes around and goes around, again.

Make it a Good Day, G


So Michelle Obama is out there campaigning for college kids to get out to vote...fascinating.  DO you think she will address campuses with members of the Young America's Foundation...encouraging them to vote?? Anyone??  Yeah, like most everything else mixing the left-brain and higher learning...they are only interested in the average college kid voting to get them to vote left, and raise a generation of more liberals.   Likewise, they are only into "free speech," if you lean left in ideology....it's a pattern.  

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