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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It's an All American Rumble and Fumble Fest Thing

Dear America,

"Believe in something.  
Even if it means sacrificing everything."
Nike Ad, featuring Colin Kaepernick

fabulous; and what a jarring way to segue from the easy breezy summer compositions to the full on, rough and tumble of fall ball.  Are we ready to roll, or what?

so we have football being politically charged, double-doubles being politically charged, and now sneakers....

Oh Nike -- it's a great message.... just the wrong face at the wrong time.  And YOU know it. 

Nike stepped into this campaign knowing full well the controversy would score some, and simultaneously, and explosively, take some away.  And NIKE DID IT anyway.

What is clear, given the reality that conservatives and many independents -- people leaning just right of center, to full throttle right, to everything in-between -- like working out, too.  These people, many being my people, like to just do it, just as much as the left guy, right.   And yet, Nike purposely elected to cut off relations with all these people in one move, overnight.  Stunning.  Calculating. And in my mind, just wondering if it was worth it? 

Time will tell.

Clearly, Nike picked a side.

And just as the president noted yesterday -- something like, he didn't like it, but  "this is what this country is all about"  -- and putting this in a more complete context, simply pointing out that the company has every right to make its own business decisions....To which, all this girl can add would be that he is absolutely right.

Further --  it is upon this very notion -- that the Left must concede, that even the Christian bakers and pizza makers also have every right to "pick a side" -- no matter the issue, the catalyst, for picking a side, and standing by that something to believe in,  in the first place.  We take our rumbles and fumbles with great pride.   EVERY  business has EVERY right to sacrifice EVERYTHING when they BELIEVE in SOMETHING!  [And I believe that goes double when in favor of Something really big, like, um, God, but what do I know, I'm just a girl x teehee]

INDIVIDUALLY -- we each have every right to make a choice -- aka to make our bed and lay in it --  each and every moment of the day, in every set of circumstances/conditions, that in proper turn, instantly give way to whatever consequences may lay in wait; for every action has a reaction, right. And naturally, without prejudice, this describes --  precisely --  how cause and effect works.  Our rumbles and fumbles work individually and collectively, large and small, macro and micro alike.

BELIEVE in something, 
even if it means sacrificing everything

...works at funerals, too.

It was the pastor at Aretha's funeral -- the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. --- who had the nerve to call out the issue of black on black crime...and in an instant, boy did he turn up the volume to controversy; when surely he was just speaking his truth, perhaps even the truth, to an audience who should know better...and in turn, is still standing firm to that something something said out loud, something awfully good and totally praise worthy:
"I said black do not matter, because black lives cannot matter, will not matter, should not matter, must not matter until black people begin to respect their own lives. Then and only then will black lives matter. That's what I said, and again, and again, and again. We need to have respect for each other. Once we start doing that, then we can begin to change."

HE BELIEVES in something even if it means sacrificing everything....He just said it, did it, and is faithfully standing behind it....
and just where oh where did his respect go?   Anyone?

Hey, even up-Chuck Todd can believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything, or nothing, really, given his reality is totally tainted...given he's surrounded by a band of liberal media brothers and sisters who think the same thing, and say the same thing, and do the same thing, day in and day out and shamelessly have his back.  Please, just stop doing it, up-Chuck. please.

LIBS are all under the same delusions of grandeur, even if that means oppressing any, and all, opposition...even if that means, selectively handpicking the news...even if that means, targeting a sitting president of the United States with so much dis- R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that they go out of their way to make a mockery of even their own profession while doing it.

THEY DID THIS TO THEMSELVES...oh yes, stepping into it now -- heeeere's Chuuuuuck, for The Atlantic:

It’s Time for the Press to Stop Complaining—And to Start Fighting Back
A nearly 50-year campaign of vilification, inspired by Fox News's Roger Ailes, has left many Americans distrustful of media outlets. Now, journalists need to speak up for their work.

SEP 3, 2018

WARNING:  Classic LIB ignorance, coming right up --
From the very beginning, Ailes signaled that Fox News would offer an alternative voice, splitting with the conventions of television journalism. Take the word balanced. It sounded harmless enough. But how does one balance facts? A reporting-driven news organization might promise to be accurate, or honest, or comprehensive, or to report stories for an underserved community. But Ailes wasn’t building a reporting-driven news organization. The promise to be “balanced” was a coded pledge to offer alternative explanations, putting commentary ahead of reporting; it was an attack on the integrity of the rest of the media. Fox intended to build its brand the same way Ailes had built the brands of political candidates: by making the public hate the other choice more.

there's more --
Fox News adopted a similar strategy, rarely showcasing its own reporting or journalism. There are some great journalists at Fox, including Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Shep Smith, but it’s not an organization that emphasizes journalism. Instead, Ailes created an organization that focuses on attacking the “liberal media” whose “liberal bias” was ruining America. Almost any big story that was potentially devastating to a conservative was “balanced” with some form of whataboutism. The Ailes construction has been so effective that these days, I often get mail from viewers who say: Now that you’ve focused on all of President Trump’s misdeeds, you are biased if you don’t dedicate the same amount of time to Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds. It seems completely lost on this segment of the population that one person is the leader of the free world, and the other is a retiree living in the suburbs of New York City. 

and this --

The American press corps finds itself on the ropes because it allowed a nearly 50-year campaign of attacks inspired by the chair of Fox News to go unanswered.

Seriously, up-Chuck?

A fifty year campaign of attacks...unanswered?


You are so deep into your deep state dialog and deep throat talking points, clearly, the oxygen has been cut off from your brain.  The American press corps...on the ropes?  Which universe are you living in?  Your leftist media mafia controls all of the mainstream news feed, every single day!  This huff and puff piece is nothing more than leftist propaganda.

Where was the unbiased reporting on the umpteen acts of Executive overreach of the Obama Administration -- namely, you know, writing new immigration policy by Executive Order is a misuse of presidential power, right?  Where was the unbiased reporting of the over half of Americans who were not in favor of Obamacare, who had republican representation in Washington DC without one single vote in favor of it?  Where was the unbiased reporting of Hillary wiping clean any and all evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, and even erasing her hard-drive, after using an insecure server (with China hacking in!), after her botched handling of Benghazi, when four Americans died, including an ambassador, as Secretary of State, and then trying to cover it all up with a lie about a video?    Where is the unbiased reporting of the fake dossier, and the long record of corruption within the DNC and the FBI?  Where is the unbiased reporting of the Clinton Foundation and its involvement of the sale of uranium to Russia?!

The thing is, there are just too many things to count.

The thing is, there are just too many things that  MY mainstream media intentionally, and manipulatively, fully IGNORES!   And this girl just can't ignore that.

Um, this may come as a surprise to you, up-chuck, but not everybody in America is a liberal.  We don't all drink the same kool-aid.

Oh, Up-Chuck, you have made my day -- can you really say this with a straight face..... 

Does this mean that other cable-news networks should follow Fox News’s lead and become advocates? That’s not the answer. Newspapers did this in the early 19th century, when they operated as arms of the political parties.
tears are rolling, this BS is so funny....

Instead of attacking rivals, or assailing critics—going negative,in the parlance of political campaigns—reporters need to showcase and defend our reporting. Every day, we need to do our job, check our facts, strive to be transparent, and say what we’re seeing. That’s what I’ve tried to do here. I’ve seen a nearly 50-year campaign to delegitimize the press, and I’m saying so. For years, I didn’t say a word about this publicly, and at times I even caught myself drawing false equivalencies because I was afraid of being labeled as biased. I know that stating the obvious will draw attacks, but I’ve also learned that the louder critics bark, the more they care about what’s being reported.

I’m not advocating for a more activist press in the political sense, but for a more aggressive one. That means having a lower tolerance for talking points, and a greater willingness to speak plain truths. It means not allowing ourselves to be spun, and not giving guests or sources a platform to spin our readers and viewers, even if that angers them. Access isn’t journalism’s holy grail—facts are. 

What a crock,  you mean, you're not advocating to continue to be an activist press, only an aggressive one?  What does that even mean?  Isn't that a contradiction -- how can facts have characteristics at all -- how do you tell of the facts, while being aggressive in telling the news at the same time?  Are you really telling the American people facts -- or are they just the facts packaged according to how you want the American people to hear it?

OH and I love love love your last line-- "Ask yourself why someone is so determined to convince you not to believe your lying eyes."

oh up-chuck todd -- you don't complete me.

But so happy you live in a country that allows you to live within your four walls of delusional reporting of the truth, all -- how do you say -- all fifty years of it;  that this country celebrates the independence and freedom that gives you every right to believe in something, even if that means sacrificing everything -- even if that everything is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Indeed,  facts are stubborn things, even for whiners like up-Chuck Todd.

oh my, what a good day in G land, what a good day, indeed.
if it's fall, we must be having a ball, and how.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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