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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

It's Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Day Thing

Dear America,

game on, kimmel...

“Hear me out on this,” 
Kimmel began 
“So Kavanaugh gets confirmed
 to the Supreme Court, OK? 
Well, in return 
we get to cut that 
pesky penis 
of his off 
in front of everyone.” 

yup, so says the guy famous for this........

OH that MAN SHOW....
with a title like that, would that even make it out of the cutting room in today's sensitive climate?

So what, in Uncle Sam Hill, gives this dude the gonads to say a fricken thing about Brett Kavanaugh?

He's not that funny, and he has no third leg to stand on, if you get my drift woody.

Oh yes, Kimmel, we can all be crass when we wanna be -- but if you ask me, the US of A was better off when we behaved ourselves, especially in public, or when bouncing around the public domain via the world wide web.

It's hard to believe he actually said what he said, really.  But seriously, who's playing who?

And how do we know he was just kidding?  Given this new age of RESISTANCE, right Brennan?

"Any attempt by the White House to subvert or manipulate law enforcement should be resisted," Brennan tweeted Monday evening. "Rather than resigning, officials should stand their ground & wait to be fired. Resisting abuse of presidential authority is not a policy difference; it’s about adhering to the rule of law."

so says the leftist-ordained leader of the new radicals of resistance...John Brennan.  And if you have been following along the bouncing blue balls, there are no rules anymore.  Or read this.  And speaking of leaders and mentors of leaders and mentors...

From Saul Alinsky --

"Confronted with the materialistic decadence of the status quo, one should not be surprised to find that all revolutionary movements are primarily generated from spiritual values and considerations of justice, equality, peace, and brotherhood.  History is a relay of revolutions; the torch of idealism is carried by the revolutionary group until this group becomes the establishment, and then quietly the torch is put down to wait until a new revolutionary group picks it up for the next leg of the run.  Thus the revolutionary cycle goes on."
....and a page later --

"I believe that man is about to learn that the most practical life is the moral life and that the moral life is the only road to survival.  He is beginning to learn that he will either share part of his material wealth or lose all of it; that he will respect and learn to live with other political ideologies if he wants civilization to go on. This is the kind of argument that man's actual experience equips him to understand and accept."
Oh, better call Saul quite the comedian, right.

just who's playing who?

First, as for that soul searching "that man is about to learn"  -- this imaginary age of enlightenment, take two, the one man seemed ripe to endow....the one showing the way of "the most practical life is the moral life and that the moral life is the only road to survival" -- um, really?

Now, he wrote this book, Rules for Radicals, in the early seventies -- which came directly after the sixties, if I'm not mistaken.  Did we actually learn anything from our behavior in the sixties?  Were the seventies about to transform us -- all of this manhood -- in every way, or at least in the way of brotherhood and peace and equality and justice?   Or, is this just Alinsky being Alinsky --  framing an argument, that deceptively leads us to a better understanding of man's final destination according to Siri Saul, via the way of an organized fraud and the redistribution of wealth?

And this part --  "that he will respect and learn to live with other political ideologies if he wants civilization to go on."  What a riot.

Um, the Left didn't seem to get this memo, now did they?  There is not one cry from the left, in calling for a simple co-existence, let alone a group of them.

It's such a great shame.  How ignorance continues to wreak havoc.

Our greatest understanding --  based upon the foundation established in America 231 years ago  --  should be that we are NOT a society of groups whatsoever.  The organization, from top down and bottom up, began with the idea that we are a collection of INDIVIDUALS seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under God; that our rights come from our Creator, and that these rights are unalienable, and purely part of the natural order itself.

A moral society was intended to be the end, with the means by way of the establishment of morally sound individuals, people who are characteristically virtuous and leading lives of principled values, in peace with one another.

Taking us back a wee bit, a revolution was fought against a huge power -- the Church of England; back in the day, this power daily demonstrated all the oppression and taxation and infringes upon liberty one can ever imagine (that is, until perhaps FDR or BHO.....teehee).

And America continued to revolutionize thereafter...be it through a Civil War, the World Wars, the demonstrations throughout the sixties on behalf of civil rights, for one and for all.

While America continues to be a dominate factor, all over the globe,  fighting for freedom and justice and equality and peace and brotherhood everywhere and often.  America IS the beacon of hope on all fronts....still.  If we weren't, then there would be no need for a wall at all, right?

But what we are watching today -- in the Kavanaugh hearings -- is a revolution of the worst kind; for it isn't even based on a truth!  She --  Professor Ford, in the ballroom, with a candlestick (the revolver is no longer a weapon of choice in the new game of Clue, by the way)   --   doesn't even know the truth.

just who's playing who?

The thing is, there is no presumption of innocence until proven guilty for Kavanaugh; he has been tried through the left leaning media, through political tactics of Feinstein and the democrats, through stand up idiots, like Kimmel -- simply because Kavanaugh leans towards a different ideology.

Kavanaugh does NOT believe in the "living Constitution" -- and that being, by definition, pliable to the whims and politics and ideologies of man.  Kavanaugh believes in the Rule of (Actual) Law.

And he seems pretty solid on his facts, too.  Read this from The Patriot Post.

Is this all we have to do now --  sow seeds to vilify, demoralize, slander, and bully someone like a Supreme Court nominee and, in proper formation, take part in publicly, grossly, victimizing the entire family and his/her person, and destroy his entire career and livelihood in one fell swoop?

How have we done, Saul, according to your future projections of man....how have we done?

From Gallatin's final paragraph, at The Patriot Post --

"Kavanaugh realizes that he will have to fight for his good name and reputation not only before the Judiciary Committee but before the court of public opinion. He’s not naive to the fact that at least within the mainstream media he’s guilty until proven innocent. Sensationalism sells." 

indeed it does.

Morally -- mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves.  Just who is profiting off of this story?  Certainly not the American people.

just who's playing who?

The good news -- Kavanaugh is prepared to stage his own revolution.  Why?  Because he believes he is on the side of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  And besides, he doesn't even have anything close to a video library of asking attractive women on live TV a question, like, can you guess what's in my pants?  

yeah, Kavanaugh doesn't have that on the record.  Matter of fact, there is no evidence to be found. It's all hearsay, or her-say, like, what ev errr.

But Kimmel does.  Although, at best, I consider this nonsense simply juvenile; but, just maybe, if intoxicated enough, I just might consider it a wee-wee bit funny...or, come forty years from now and growing totally disgusted, almost to the point of feeling violated.  And then, I'll be coming for you, Kimmel.


the end.

And please, by all means, try as you might to ....

Make it a Good Day, G

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