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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's 44 BILLION, not 85 -- it's lies, not truth -- it's fear, not faith -- and it's a pretty big THING

Dear America,

so this little article from CNS News explains everything in a nutshell; actually, the shell is overflowing, but what's the big f&#*ing deal about that, right Joe?  (aw, remember that day?) 

my work is done.

have a nice day.

but seriously, haven't we heard enough already?

Do we not possess all the information we need to know?   Or how about this angle -- everything we ever needed to know we learned in kindergarten; how's that for bringing it down to a level of intelligence everyone can relate?

THIS Administration added 253.5 BILLION dollars to our national debt just in the month of February.  

THIS Administration buoys the market on borrowed time to the tune of 85 billion dollars a month. 

THIS Administration passed the Sandy Hurricane "Aid" bill about a month ago, pledging 51 billion dollars in "aid" to the region -- not to mention a few unmentionable pork projects, added in  for good measure [real aid amounted to under 10 B's].

Or, how about this --

if the federal government didn't go around spending the people's money all willy-nilly, we wouldn't even be in the middle of this sequester insanity; if the federal government only spent according to what they bring in -- reflective of legislating within a balanced budget --  how truly wonderful a world would that be?

But let's take a look back at that story from CNS News once more.  It points out that only 44 billion of sequester cuts are set to kick in for THIS fiscal year.  How is it that everyone in the mainstream media, and even the talking heads of THIS Administration, continue to throw around the 85 billion dollar number?    Wouldn't that number have absolutely nothing to do with the truth?  Wouldn't that number just be another lie?

Ah but don't try using that logic with Janet Napolitano; the walls are crashing in, security lines are unimaginable, and if you take your frustrations out on the poor helpless TSA, it's not going to help any of us get from here to there.

oh really Janet?

Hey, does anyone remember what happened the last time the stock market hit an all-time high?  [just food for thought...just a nut to save for later in the apples of our cheeks...or not]

The thing is, there seems to be a whole lot of manipulation going around.  Whether good, bad or indifferent, THIS Administration is arranging all the itty-bitty, nitty-gritty details of how we feel, and more important, how we respond, as it pertains to the collective body.  THIS Administration is master-minding movement, transformation, fundamental change from the roots.   And it's been a long time coming, actually.

Developing the fear factor is where it always begins, which reminds me of a story shared by Joel Osteen... and paraphrasing now --

It begins with a guy who works in some kind of shipping facility, or something, and one day he's inside a refrigerated trailer, packing and stacking, when he realizes he's alone and locked in for the night.  Long story short, everyone else has gone home and he begins to feed off the fear of being in this cold, dark environment, totally cut off from all communication with the world.  After awhile, he finds a piece of cardboard and scribbles out something like, "it's cold...not sure gonna make it..."

Well, the next morning the crew finds him.  Sure enough, he didn't make it.  He was discovered huddled in the corner under the cardboard.

But lo and behold -- the refrigeration of this trailer was not on.  It was never on.  The temperature throughout the night was never cooler than 61 degrees.  But this guy died anyway.  His thoughts were so powerful, they drove him right into his own death.

DO you think for one minute THIS Administration doesn't know what it's doing?   Obama's mentor -- Saul Alinsky --  was a master at weaving psychology, public policy, politics, propaganda, and community organizing all together to move the collective in order to control the collective.   Thoughts are things to be reckoned with; thoughts are things and can be used for political advantage and create radical change.   THIS is the kind of stuff Obama was reared and raised; this is precisely how Obama thinks, too.

But how about we close for the day on a couple of Osteen's points of light -- "fear presents itself much bigger than it really is"  and "if you stay in faith, God will deliver us from evil."

Think independently. Never assume, don't believe everything you hear, and live in truth (and certainly not within the confines of what THIS Administration tells you to think, feel, and believe).

It's not 85 billion in sequester cuts this year, it's 44 billion.  But what is 44 billion when we borrow 4 billion dollars by the end of every day?     The day we will be able to begin to save a few nuts and berries for a rainy day is 17 trillion dollars away (of course, not counting the unfunded liabilities).

Make it a Good Day, G

Hey remember when Obama said he would go "line by line" to make cuts in the budget; remember when Obama called Bush "unpatriotic" for raising the debt to 9 trillion dollars?  At the rate this president is going, AMERICA will be 22 Trillion in debt by the end of Obama's second term.

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