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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a Day 300 Million Under Par Thing

Dear America,

happy gilmore girl day.
I don't have much time; so in celebration of the notion, for every action there is a reaction, get a load of this new ad, care of Nike and Tiger, go here.
Doesn't that just say it all?
It's official; it's a new day in America.
Let's just say, as America has evolved, true, effective, consequences from our actions have become compromised, if not totally inconsequential. 
What's it matter if Tiger got his kicks off the links turning tricks with countless women outside the fidelity of his marriage -- so what if in fact he lost everything, "winning takes care of everything."
What's it matter that for the last forty or fifty years, traditional marriage and the family unit has taken its share of hits, left and right, by virtue of the omnipotence of progressives, feminists, socialists, anarchists, atheists, and even some really cool sports dudes and celebrities,  taking over our perceptions about everything -- compromising upon the virtues of our founding principles and values all along the way.
There are consequences when both parents work full time outside the home.
There are consequences when our children are managed by prescription drugs (goes double when parents are equally medicated).
There are consequences when our children are not given the opportunity to connect with a higher power, in school, with a moment of silence for reflection and prayer for inner guidance, to understand a greater, deeper, sense of soul and self.
There are consequences when our children come home to an empty house...without a loving, supportive parent, or care person, ensuring the cookies are served, the homework is finished, and the chores are done.
There are consequences when our children are forced to deal with a parent's addiction, abuse, absence, or just bad behavior that gets displayed across headlines and twitter.
There are consequences when we collectively stoop to the behavior of the lowest common denominator or the deterioration of society, in the general or in the specific, take your pick; but to relieve the action of it's consequences, to dismiss the aspects of personal integrity and responsibility, is that progress?  
The only way we can truly have "everything" is by giving something up...it's simply a natural law of cause and effect.
But sense when have we decided that the consequences of our actions no longer apply, or even matter?   Sense when does a cocky response take care of everything, leaving nothing to be ashamed of?
Are you kidding me, Nike?
Does it?  Does it?  Does winning take care of everything?
It's an offensive ad, a reprehensible commercial use of an ass -- all for profit -- and coming at the expense of our culture and foundation.  These days, appearing 300 million under par, every little bit counts. 
Make it a Good Day, G 

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