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Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's a Miss You Mean It kind of Thing

Dear America,

they ask, "will you miss her?" with an air of sarcasm and joy.

let's be real, Elisabeth Hasselbeck never stood a chance...not according to her fellow hosts, the audience the show attracts, or even the general public blinded by the political correctness of our time.

In the opening paragraph, the post reads, "Elisabeth Hasselbeck will go down in history as one of The View's most divisive co-hosts in the talk show's 16-year history. As exclusively reported by Us Weekly March 8, the conservative 35-year-old mother of three will not be returning for another season of the ABC daytime talk show."

As if the title of this post didn't tell us everything we needed to grasp in one little whisper.

will you even miss her, they ponder, as they virtually, wholly, believe they got this; believing this ripe for the picking perspective is totally covered with polls and opinion to match.

Well, for one thing -- who has the time to watch daytime TV, especially first thing in the morning?  Who's got the time to kill to watch women bicker, or get all googly-eyed over some handsome movie star or president?  Who's got the time to watch Whoopie (2 million), Sherry (1.25 million), Barbara (12 million, includes other projects), Joy (1.5 million) and Elisabeth (1.25 million) while the rest of the country is supposedly lamenting a 2.4 percent federal spending cut from the sequester?

[But for the record and to be perfectly clear, that would be a 2.4% drop in future growth of the federal government -- nobody should be missing out on anything right about now -- but I digress to impress]

So, besides imagining that any one of these fine ladies could sponsor a week's worth of White House Tours without thinking twice about it, can we just look at the money these women make -- all the while, it's the audience that suffers through commercials, puts up with the petty annoyances between hosts, and quickly grows disenchanted with the underlying agenda and one-sided views. 

"The View"  -- got that right; it's a liberal dose of half-cocked women ranting from a point of view - - dissenting views are seriously frowned upon, if not attacked and berated on national TV.  And about that ONE point of view -- that would be the view from the Left.   

And now, taking into account a poll happening in real time right here on the old G thang, it would appear that about half the country couldn't care less what these ladies say on any given day.   And will they miss Elisabeth?  you betcha -- it was always great entertainment to hear the dust up after Elisabeth freely spoke her mind, her point of view, and many times over the same point of view that could be shared by millions of conservative women world wide.  But guess no one's counting.

Aw but OMG! yahoo! got their message across, didn't they?  

Will you miss her? [sounds kinda catty, no?]    The Elisabeth that "will go down in history as one of The View's most divisive co-hosts in the talk show's 16-year history...."  according to who?   huh? OMG, yahoo, USweekly, or whoever it is responsible for this.  She's "one of the most divisive"  according to who -- one of the low-information, highly brain-washable, and thoroughly ignorant followers of yours? 

I've said this before and I'll say it again -- the Left loves to carry the torch for tolerance and acceptance.  The thing is, they typically and hypocritically and unapologetically draw the line at the conservative and the "right-wing" -- and while we're at it, might as well add, "extremists."  For the Left, the Bible believer, the pro-lifer, the upholder of the Constitution... can all be reduced to views the world could clearly live without.  All tolerance stops with a Lumineer-smile and without batting an eye.

 You know, it's sad really. 

If only these ladies discussed the likes of Adam Smith, and started a book club around The Wealth of Nations, or something; now wouldn't that be something to talk about.  Perhaps, they could take five minutes out to read excerpts from The Daily Bell, or the Patriot Post -- to gain a more current perspective of the life and times and the pocketbook of modern day America.  

Here's a link to a daytime fluff-piece to get the juices flowing -- it's old news in today's standards, and a post from March 1st -- appearing live on The Daily Bell; in short, it's really an analysis upon an analysis.  But needless to say, it's all good.  Sport a Joy Behar accent and read it aloud to yourself; it's just more fun.

So do we really have to dumb ourselves down and talk fashion do's and don'ts, listen to interviews of the latest heart-throb or political hack, and discover the egg isn't all that bad for us after all (in moderation, that is), when in fact, we are in the midst of destroying the dollar, our schools, our healthcare system, our whole entire country from head to toe?

Makes me wonder.

It's still the weekend, at least for another four hours, or so, so consider this a fluff piece by G.  This week will be wicked busy -- mani/pedi, highlights, lunch with the girls, shopping from noon to night...and of course, lots of time to just chat on the phone. ... what sky falling?  what's a sea quest her?  Where are my bon bons?   Who's Karzai and why doesn't he like us?  Is Elisabeth being replaced with Sarah Palin?

[By the way...everything ever after "wicked busy" was just venting with sarcasm and joy.]

Monday Morning wide eyed update:  Barbara Wawa says she's not going anywhere...who knew?

Make it a Good Day, G


"Support for a five percent reduction in federal spending crosses party lines in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates; it includes 57 percent of Democrats, six in 10 independents and three-quarters of Republicans. Shaving eight percent off the military budget, on the other hand, is opposed by 73 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of independents, with Democrats split down the middle."   Wow.  My country is showing up again.  For more, go here.   Let's talk about this next time on The View.

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