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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Charismatic Governance that should scare the living daylights out of us Thing

Dear America,

"So it is our opinion
that however you manage that reduction,
you need to make sure
you are not contradicting
 what we said the impact would be,"
the email from Washington said

says it all, no? 

hilarious that the White House makes this dramatic announcement....that the terms of the sequester has forced them to shut down the tours to the big white house...especially considering the truth --  it's a task performed by volunteers!

Deep impact, take two.

How uncomfortable is it to know that this administration is able to say anything (and sometimes nothing) in order to sway public opinion in order to enforce their political will?  [whatever it takes, lie, cheat, steal -- but whatever you say, don't make me look like an idiot]

How uncomfortable is it to know that this administration considers itself legally authorized to kill an American citizen, on American soil, without a trial, warrant, anything but a hunch and by drone and totally unexpectedly take them out? [right, so we can't water-board an enemy combatant and terrorist, but we can kill Americans in their own backyard in the middle of having a few friends over for a barbeque.  oh okay]

How do you feel when you hear something like this?

"I’m not a dictator. I’m the President,”
Obama said.
“I can’t have the Secret Service
block the driveway."

Of course, he's mocking all of us -- the press, the public, his congress; it's just something he likes to do.   It's almost, dare I say, what he does best.   But think about it -- just look at how he has "governed":  using Executive Order to effect change, unilaterally deciding when not to follow the Rule of Law, jetting about the country to campaign, propagandize, and use his charm to persuade, pre-occupy, and plant seeds of thought all over the land.

It's as if he leads in silence, by edict and covert maneuvers in the middle of the night; while by day, he flashes his smile and charismatically gets under our skin (good or bad), putting distance between his excellency and Washington D.C..  

Indeed, he is just that skilled.

Obama's current aspirations include extinguishing all opposition, by ridicule, thuggery, military drone, perhaps one day soon.    Oh I know;  of course, of course he can't just come out and say so -- gosh, that would just be absurd, if not also, awfully brash.   No, these actions require a certain delicacy of thought, word, and deed.     

How different is this Obama, this president, from someone like, say, a Hugo Chavez?  I mean, there are good dictators, right?  Look at the people's reactions down in Venezuela; it would seem to be the end of the world.   I mean, if we really give it any consideration, there are Americans -- intellectuals, actually --  who happen to like dictators, too (nod to Sean Penn and Dennis Rodman...)

oh whatever.

it's just another day...
one day we will look back at all this and just laugh.

Make it a Good Day, G


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  1. Use of reason and "COMMON SENSE"?

    Who would ever do that? What a PAINE!