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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Levin Sunshine on my Shoulders Thing

Dear America,

it was just something Mark said...that shook me to the core, forcing me to face an obvious oversight of my own making...

the Mark, was a Mark Levin; the moment, about five seconds of a three hour show -- and, if being totally honest, the only five seconds I heard of it (for not only was I busy, I was having a hissy-fit about it; let's just say, spreading myself just a wee bit too thin for my own tastes seems to be the on-going theme for the week, and it's only tuesday).

my apologies for not having available the entire context  (again, it was like five seconds, right)

but allow me to just get on with it...

His lead in went a little something like this:  'upholding the Constitution' in which he responds, to himself, business as usual,  "how can that be right wing?"

How incredibly stupid I am not to have seen it!  How brilliant is he to have revealed it!  It's like a giant duh! keeps rippling through my mind, shaking me like that itty bitty earthquake we had just yesterday morning (no biggie, thank the Lord-y, at four point nine-y). 

My last post -- the fluff piece from Sunday evening -- included this splendid insight (at least, before I got the check mate from Mark):

"I've said this before and I'll say it again -- the Left loves to carry the torch for tolerance and acceptance.  The thing is, they typically and hypocritically and unapologetically draw the line at the conservative and the "right-wing" -- and while we're at it, might as well add, "extremists."  For the Left, the Bible believer, the pro-lifer, the upholder of the Constitution... can all be reduced to views the world could clearly live without.  All tolerance stops with a Lumineer-smile and without batting an eye."

So -- Did you catch it?

How can it be something "right wing" -- Mark asks -- to be an American who believes in upholding the Constitution?  Doesn't everybody?   How in the world can it be deemed extremist, something only conservatives (or just say it already -- the wackos that we are) seem to want to follow?

And just think about this --
 this is what I gained from all of five seconds...
just imagine the post five miles long
if only I caught the whole show!  
yeah, you can thank me later for that... 

But something even more important --
why didn't I put two and two together? 
Oh the shame. 
Oh the pure logic staring back at me in the face. 
  I bring dishonor to my family. 
Oh how I wish I could call
his stroke of genius mine, all mine.  
But now,
I do believe, 
I have taken this train of thought
for about as far as I can go for one day....
let's get back on the right track.... 

So the Left doesn't want to cling lock, stock and barrel with the Rule of Law anymore? 
Seriously?  And now smack yourself silly and tell me something I don't know already.


But in what parallel universe are we living?  In what rabbit hole have we fallen?  Since when have we, the people -- meaning all of us --  every     single     American  -- stopped UPHOLDING, believing, trusting, in the magnificence and good reason of the Constitution?    

-- and that being not the first one, Mr. Brennan, but the Constitution ratified some time later ...1791...with the Bill of Rights included, just to be sure we are all on the same page...and wouldn't it be nice for me to say 'no harm, no foul'...wouldn't it be nice.

I love you, Mark; I really do.  But don't freak, I love you like a bowl of chocolate mint ice cream, okay?    If it helps you to know, I think of myself totally stable -- as any fifty something menopausal woman would be anyway; so you can call off the dogs, as I'm not crazy, cuckoo, or gonna start stalking you, or anything.   But  I gotta say, it's just so cool how simple you make things; and you do this a lot; so I love you, madly.  You are some kind of sunshine on my shoulders.    [Okay, guess now I sound a little nuts. so that's it, Mark, that's all the googly-eyed G you get]

The question is:  when did honoring the Constitution become something of an ideological thing in America -- and to be more anatomically specific, right wing?   [hint: just a means to an end, people; to marginalize, to polarize, is just to jeopardize the fundamentals of a nation and the Republic, America, the nation under God and the Rule of Law --- and all in all, just a part of their plan . As in, the Progressive, Left-Wing Extremists Unite! Plan... fist pump here]

Now that would be a good case study. 
Hmmmm...I wonder how many upholders of the Constitution are fat, as in not just a little fat, but obese -- and then, how many of those lean left with their fatness, and how many of them lean right?    Oh no, that wasn't it -- what did we just spend 1.5 million dollars on?  Oh right.   Seriously, folks? 

Oh the day in the life of America is traveling at the speed of light and megabytes combined.

But this day goes to Mark -- in appreciation of the incandescent light bulb continually hanging over my head, lighting the way, as I burn the midnight oil to bust out this post.   [Hey, isn't it funny that Thomas Edison holds the patent for that even in his afterlife?]

Make it a Good Day, G

and one of these days, we're gonna have to get back on the money tree.  Paul Ryan is out on a limb again, presenting his plan.  And although good, for it gets rid of Obamacare -- it's not good enough, and keeps Obama's tax increases.   Somehow, or other, the budget balances in ten years, but it seems a wee bit squirrely in what he keeps and what he bleeps.  The Heritage Foundation has a wonderful breakdown of its key points, here.


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