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Monday, March 18, 2013

It's a Nanny State Knocking at the Back Door Thing

Dear America,

"Particularly on issues like smoking, drinking, guzzling sodas that are too big for them, you know, eating sixteen Big Macs a day, whatever it may be, the reality is we all need a bit of nannying about that that's why so many people are on diets. That's a form of nanny state."  Piers Morgan, speaking with Christine Quinn, President of New York City Council, as well as, fellow New York Liberal.

yeah, nothing wrong with steering people in the right direction, right?

Let's just ban cream cheese, too -- no perfectly good use for that, unless, of course, it's totally fat free...and why bother then, what's the point.  Whipped cream -- especially out of those canisters using a propellant like nitrous-oxide -- fugettaboutit.  Absolutely not.  All fluff and no substance.  Which kinda reminds me of a certain someone...perhaps we could just ban 'that guy' while we're at it.

Candy, should be gone.

Ice Cream, gone.

Real sugar -- gone (White House, the Capital kitchens, Governor's mansions, all exempt)  let's just force everyone else to use a fake substitute?  What's wrong with that?

And then, while we're confiscating the sweeter side of life just because a few bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch -- what's to stop us from the government going for our dough, like Cyprus?

Can you just imagine it?  If tomorrow morning when you wake up, ten percent of your savings in the bank was gone?  Gone, baby, gone.

Yes, indeed, "whatever it may be, the reality is we all need a bit of nannying about that that's why so many people are on diets. That's a form of nanny state,"  spoken like someone fit to be king.

We all need a bit of nannying -- for we, in the general context, have lost all self-control, according to Mr. Piers 'Hold Still, This Won't Hurt a Bit' Morgan.

The question, then -- and the one most of us considered answered, like over 200 years ago --  is where does this nanny state start and stop?

The slippery, syrup-y slope has begun people. 

  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to re-distribute funds as they see fit, using the sequester cuts to make political gains, hurting the most people to affect change as quickly as possible?  
  • Perhaps the nanny state eventually decides to ban fossil fuel family vehicles altogether, given the reality that most of us are simply not moving fast enough on our own?  
  • Perhaps the nanny state forces private companies to provide free contraception to all employees? 
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to interfere with the element of personal accountability and self-reliance to know and weigh the risks involved with playing for the NFL? 
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to take personal property, without cause, and all the while causing so much financial strain to fight the case, the property owner simply walks away? 
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to distribute full college scholarships to illegals, non-citizens? 
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to mandate services to buy -- for our own good, you know, for our health and the welfare of the entire country? 
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to designate which days we can buy gasoline, and how much we can have?
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to trivialize life itself -- providing legalized abortions, even after 12 weeks - - while forcing citizens who do not believe in abortion at any time, to subsidize it, going against one's personal and religious beliefs?
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to tell us what kind of gun we can own, or how many, and more important, begins to control the availability of ammunition to use it?
  • Perhaps the nanny state begins to dictate how much salt, sugar, soda pop, chocolate -- and whatever else causes all self-control to go right out the door-- we can enjoy?
Newsflash:   Immigrants have flocked to America's shores because we are NOT the nanny state.  [GOP TAKE NOTE]

Up until now, America has steadfastly stood for sweet liberty and fullness of life and happiness, come what may -- in good and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.    In other words, the self-contained reward, living in America, came only following hard work, combined with self-reliance and individual aspirations and personal responsibility, to make something of ourselves, to provide for our family, and give back to our community from the goodness of our own heart.

But needless to say, we worked so hard for it --  the making of it's a wonderful life -- there was no time to get fat off of soda (which, by the way, used to be a treat, saved for special occasions, but I digress)... or donuts, or ice cream, or French fries, or potato chips, or "whatever it may be, the reality is we all need a bit of nannying about that that's why so many people are on diets..."  

The thing is, over time, Americans have grown lazy with the fundamentals, and have grown entitled in "whatever it may be, the reality is we all need a bit of nannying about that that's why so many people are ____________".   

Are we not entitled to eat what we want, drink what we want, smoke what we want, and all the while, exercise as little as we want?   Are we not entitled to get free birth control, free education, and a six digit salary fresh out of school...for who works up the ladder anymore, right?    Are we not entitled to dictate when religious liberty, and the free exercise thereof, is permitted and when and where it is not -- not to mention, when religion is simply offensive in and of itself?  Are we not entitled to usurp the principles that made America great, replacing independence with dependence, and collectively deteriorating the value of hard work by guaranteeing outcomes without equal effort and sacrifice?

Our reward, now limited.
Motivation for excellence, gone.
Great aspirations, gone.
Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, gone.
Possibility for acquiring wealth and property, gone.
And America eventually withers away.

Perhaps a return to good old-fashioned anecdotes is in order?   A revival of things like, everything in moderation....having a modicum of self-control..... maybe living within our means and totally respective of our individual weaknesses and cravings and demons.... saving for a rainy day (under the mattress is looking better and better)...

In short -- in essence and in everyday life, we have grown more immorally entitled than morally responsible in every possible way; AND THAT goes for our government, too.  And I think we can all agree, it's beginning to show.

Naturally, the nanny state sees an opening to dictate every living detail of our life, down to our last Big Gulp and, coming to a nanny state near you, dime.

Make it a Good Day, G


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