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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's About an Immediate Need for a Pop of Sunshine and a Smile Thing

Dear America,

it's a new day.
How many ways can we be better people?
If you really think about it, all our issues, problems, corruptions of character - fiscal stability - spirituality - health - peace of mind - future, can be resolved by being better people.
The tragedy that we spoke of just yesterday is one of them; just don't drink and drive.  Hello?
While the ramifications of the out-of-control, overzealous, irresponsible, governing body of people -- immediately qualifying every administration, large and small, of the last hundred years -- is another.
If men were angels, right?
You know what I'm feeling right about now?  I'm feeling an immediate crisis of confidence coming on, only to be upstaged by my blood boiling when I hear idiocy like this: 
SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: "We do not have an immediate debt crisis..."


"But we all know that we have one looming." 

Hello?  It's been looming for at least a decade.

And that's after it made a rather uncomfortable foothold in the decade before. 

And even that's after absurd changes were administered and mandated into the American economy, by way of the creation of entitlements to begin with, dating back a century -- and, of course, not to be out done by a brand new health care entitlement, commonly recognized as Obamacare, that is projected to now cost Americans 6.7 Trillion dollars.

I can understand Boner.  I expect this kind of nonsense coming from him.

But this?

"To borrow a phrase from my friend Erskine Bowles, we are the healthiest-looking horse in the glue factory. That means America is still a step ahead of the European nations who are confronting a debt crisis, of Japan, that’s in its second lost decade. It’s probably because of our resilient economy, because of our world currency status. So we do not have a debt crisis right now. But, we see it coming. We know it’s irrefutably happening. And the point we’re trying to make with our budget is, let’s get ahead of this problem.”

This is incredible; it's obscene to the conservative ear.  For this clip is out of the mouth of one of my personal favorites -- Paul Ryan.

Oh my, people, as you know, we are like 17 trillion horse lengths behind -- while these bureaucrat jockeys think there is nothing to worry about "in the immediate" because their confidence lies upon our economic resiliency and our "world currency status?"  

That "world currency status" is built upon sand --  bad debt, printed money, shady deals under the table, and a system built by a corrupt power elite where only the bookie wins -- the little people get squeezed out, bamboozled, buried, and broke.   Hello?

"But, we see it coming," he says, "we know it's irrefutable happening."   What the bleep is the difference, Mr. Ryan?   It's "irrefutable"  -- doesn't that mean , it can't be disproved?   Isn't that an occasion where an IMMEDIATE response is warranted?   Don't we then heed the warnings --  immediately --  so that it doesn't come?   Are you really saying the debt crisis is irrefutable, but it can wait?

You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I don't have an "immediate crisis of confidence;"  it's more like an immediate sense of feeling pissed off.

You know, if we just froze our spending today, at today's budget (as crazy big as it is @ 3.6 Trillion dollars), we might have a fighting chance -- but it would be a long shot, you know, given that men, who are clearly no angels, are in charge.  Only then, can we progressively keep moving forward. 

And then, keeping a decent pace, if we just cut 1%, across the board, every year for the next ten, perhaps --  getting to the finish line by a nose is foreseeable, doable. 

For the thing we must do --  immediately -- is stop the growth of the government we've got.  

And then, we can easily reform the tax system, the big three federal entitlements...as we repeal Obamacare and abolish federal departments that are grossly mismanaged, bureaucratic cesspools.

But the thing is, every thing is in the immediate.

We've basically crossed the line from celebrating the wealth and hard work and patriotism of the Greatest Generation, to becoming what may turn out -- in the history books that is -- as the Suckiest Generation; just look at what we have created and  MANufactured for ourselves, only to be outdone by what we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.   

At this rate, we belong in the glue factory -- we are total losers -- that's my immediate response to that.

Believe it's time to focus on building the better bureaucrat, statesman -- along with boldly, being, building the bigger, better human being, in general.  (Can you say 17 trillion dollar man?) So we will do that here, in earnest, in the days ahead.

But now, recognizing my immediate crisis in time management, I must stop right now, right here in the middle of the track. 

However, make no mistake, that immediate crisis in confidence, the one growing into that immediate sensation of feeling puckered up pissed, just might be with me all day. Let's pray it goes away with just a pop of sunshine and a smile.

Make it a Good Day, G 

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