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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a Freedom to Decide for Ourselves Thing

Dear America,

we're talking about freedom this week -- and a whole lot of it.

we've been pre-occupied [badump ba] by the idea of freedom living in a more perfect world as being played out by the Occupy Wall Street protestors...but how about we swing to the other side to record what's going on from the right.

so let's talk about it --
how about the left (along with the GOP establishment, no less) give us a little freedom to decide our own candidate, for mitt's sake.   back off; this is not about you.

the nerve really...

after all we've been through...

didn't the elections of 2010 say enough?

What is funny is listening to the continuing refrain -- oh he's so smooth, such a great debater; he's so cool, calm and collected [ew, where have we heard that before?]; while he's so experienced, you know, like he's been a real governor and everything;  and hey, Chris Christie has stepped up to 'like' him...that's gotta say something... and 9-9-9, what in tar hill is that all about?  is he nuts?...that'ull never work.   so what's the big &%#ing deal if a couple of his own advisers helped out with writing Obombneycare?

Happy Wednesday ya'll -- the latest poll hitting the deny'ers upside the head this morning is showing Herman Cain leading with 30%, Romney at 22% and the rest of the pack trailing behind...

unveiling the immediate reality -- Cain is up by 78% over Romney's twenty-two.

The thing is, if Romney gets the nomination, it will not be without a whole lot of kicking and screaming.

Until then -- we, the people, are free to make up our own freeken mind!

-- Newsflash --
Because the Tea Party
has grown truly organically out of the grassroots...

Because the Tea Party's
true dynamic is auspiciously hidden from view...

Because the Tea Party
feeds off a natural connection at the core...

Because the Tea Party
doesn't care how many names you call it...

Because WE know who we are; we know where we are going; and we know what we like when we see it -- when it is one of us, when it is real and authentic and simpatico with the nation's core beliefs and principles, we cling.

Chuck Schumer is out to bury the Tea Party -- illustrating the way the liberal mind works these days; now that Barack Obama is president, the organizer-in-chief has made it possible to implement Alinsky's Rules for Radicals from the inside out, as planned all along.  While he doesn't have to do a thing; all he needs to do is say the word, show them the way, and his party's talking heads will do the rest, allowing the president to sit back, smelling like a rose, politically unscathed.

At your leisure -- please read this insider talking points memo.

For some reason, the Tea Party is believed to be such a major threat -- whether it is the jobs bill or relating to the upcoming 2012 election -- Chuckie and the DNC have developed a plan for an all out attack.  Using graphs, economic projections, dropping names of economic guys in for good measure, the schumester makes his case.

And today, everyone and their mother seems to be carrying the story -- this from Roll Call.  this from HuffPost. this from The Daily Caller.  this from Politico.

The narrative of the power elite and the establishment both left and right, is that the Tea Party is sooooooo 2010; the latest vibe mounting -- world-wide even --  as in the all for one and one for all @Occupy-any-city-USA, entirely aimed at orchestrating a total reversal of fortune -- is where it's at.

And just in case you need more proof, TIME Magazine adds another dimension, something along the lines of this: tea party people, more or less, suck  -- while the occupiers are all that.  For a decent breakdown of the numbers, here ya go.

Which you know, if the prevailing belief among the yucky yucks and the masses is that the Tea Party is out and Occupy is in, then why all the fuss, Chuck?  You must have had your people spend hours throwing that "tea party economics" memo together; as it turns out, what a waste of time, right?  It only leads me to the believe there is still something in 'the Tea' that you are deathly afraid of...but maybe that's just me.

Besides blaming the Tea Party  for the economic Armageddon going on in Washington, he tries to claim this super-power overrides real Senate control.  This just in:

"We are going to be labeling tea party economics. Tea party double-dip recession. Tea party gridlock. We think that’s going to have a real effect. So in a sense, it’s a sword and a shield. The sword is our effort to do something on jobs. The shield is pointing out what’s keeping us from moving forward.”

A reporter asked Schumer why voters were supposed to blame Republicans for economic outcomes when Democrats control the White House and the Senate. “We don’t control the Senate,” Schumer shot back. “You write that and it’s false.”
 via Ezra Klein, WONKBLOG, The Washington Post.

So we have ridicule -- and all-round-bashing -- pitting the essential liberty of one group against another -- the casting of one agenda as nearly demonic, while calling the other, angels -- and basically, downshifting to a make-believe underworld to remedy the immediate political climate (here's lookin' at you, Schume, who can't seem to control his own -- if you dems really really wanted it, that jobs bill was as good as gold and in the bag -- don't you think we the people have been Lied to Enough Already, pul-leeze) ........

.......But isn't it simply wonderful, freedom of speech, including all the rhetoric you can spew, even in writing, is totally protected in this country....yes, including my own....

Is it any wonder to any of you why Romney can't seem to muster any more than thirty percent?

In a perfect world, the majority of republicans wouldn't have a thing to do with him; that's what the numbers say.

Getting back to my intentions on the day -- the electorate is free to make up it's own mind; and clearly, the first thing that we must do is shut out the media and talking heads -- for they are of no use to us.

We have the freedom to follow our heart, and our minds, telling us to take the road less traveled.

It may take awhile.

and the best news -- we don't even have to announce it to anybody, let alone let Reuters, Bloomberg, the AP, in on our vibe;

it's kinda like that 'twin thing' --
you know, when you don't even have to speak....you know what each other is thinking, even across the miles, the purple mountains majesty, and not long after turning right at the fruited grain.  We just know.  We feel it.

And about that feeling, on the inside, sensing that self-control and all the freedom in the world to effect change...oh my goodness... now that is a good feeling.  It's like a slice of home, a piece of yourself, that is spirit expressing and bouncing around all over the place.  Talk about freedom running wild.  [maybe the difference is we keep our shirts on]

The current climate tells us that we no longer need to hold a sign * -- we are connected spontaneously and effortlessly at the core. and boy, do we cling something fierce.

This is what the establishment is refusing to recognize.

and I say, let them keep guessing.

this may take awhile.
and isn't this fun.

Make it a Good Day, G

* of course, it doesn't mean we can't pick one up; and we will, when it is time.

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