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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Time to Hang the Establishment Clique out on the Flagpole ...Thing

Dear America,

"... not running for president, 
sort of strolling for president 
without an infrastructure. 
It’s pretty and cute and nice 
but whether or not it works
we can be doubtful.”

assessing the immediate situation,
playing media mean girl, 
to engineer an outcome on behalf of the establishment,
some time 'this week' 
alongside another one of my favorite people, 
Christiane Amanpour.

"it's pretty and cute and nice but whether or not it works we can be doubtful?"  really, Mr. Good Will hunting?

And  let me guess, because it's you saying so we should all just bow our heads in allegiance to the conservative pundit king waltzing through the halls of poly-sci in the nth degree, even though it oozes with unsubstantiated brute pettiness... who are you and more important, whom do you serve? you're, like, reminding me of a surreal moment, like, with the way-back-then wanna-be first lady.  Remember this one everybody? 

but to think -- it wasn't as if your sassy remarks were directed at, like, just a girl, out of the blue, or something; it's not like it was in response to some kind of homegrown, pink, and proud to be an American girl candidacy rising up out of nothing to nowhere and unexpectedly running away with the polls...

you, GW [ew, awkward], were speaking to a real live viable candidate with the real life credentials to back himself up.   unbelievable is all I got to say.

oh the establishment.... they simply know not what to do.

And can't help but notice how the egregious cutesy-pie commentary  was just laughed off -- if not otherwise totally, like, you know,  ignored.

It's like as if that guy is so unprepared, like, you know -- or worse, he's just so unwilling to don the RINO accessories like the way the designer beltway babes and boys do it --  let's just make fun of him and see how quickly we can turn his life into a living hell.  He's just not the brightest bauble in the jewel box, if you know what I mean...

So let's get to it -- just who is GW ditching in the quad?

Herman Cain.

But oh thank heaven for our tried and true friends, right?  Simply those who come along at just the right time complete with all the right things to say. Go to Star for more.

The thing is -- 
we have seen the damage 
that political cliques can do.  
...And how.  

While for many, mean girls and boys abound, bouncing off the walls and lockers and masquerading around like all that -- looking more like, a lowering of our standards...calling each other names....undermining the hope for achieving any real unity...masterminding a drift from principles en masse for so long now, we have abandoned whatever good we had going for us three years back, like freshmen, or something.  And it feels like all the attention has turned to the dark side at the same time.

Even when we see GOOD genuinely walking around with common sense, sound principle, and a firm faith -- we have grown to deny it, discredit it, proving that we have grown totally uncomfortable with the duty and responsibility that comes with it; it's called a real change, and a turn back to the things that make America pretty darn great.    Cool even.  Some might even call it a homecoming to believe in, offering something for everyone [as in, equal opportunity does not always equate to equal outcome].

Truth is, when we are in it -- and sounding hauntingly familiar with the glory days of yesteryear -- little do we really understand until we are through it; little do we truly grasp and differentiate as to what is essential and pure of intentions, and what is not.

Speaking of which, let's return to Humanities 102 and a little Emerson to finish the day:

"The world globes itself in a drop of dew...Eyes, ears, taste, smell, motion, resistance, appetite, and organs of reproduction that take hold on eternity, -- all find room to consist in the small creature. So do we put our life into every act.  The true doctrine of omnipresence is that God reappears with all his parts in every moss and cobweb.  The value of the universe contrives to throw itself into every point.  If the good is there, so is the evil; if the affinity, so is the repulsion; if the force, so the limitation."

Each of us holds the power to be the change we want to see in order to create an educated student body we can really believe in -- one safely held to a higher standard of a limited government, one that we can entrust with our utmost respect for long term security, solvency, ensuring future prosperity and happiness for us all.

"right is right even when nobody is doing it; 
wrong is wrong, even when everybody's doing it."
wee bit of wisdom 
from a somebody or a nobody
what does it really matter anymore, right?

and lookey there,  we truly are back in high school and so right on the ASB money.

Let us hope all credibility is not all lost in something simply too cute to properly vet, again (no offense, Michelle, my belle, but we've been there, done that)  While hanging by a moment here with you, it works much the same way as 'too slick,' too...just sayin'

Perhaps someone should whisper in GW's ear a little something something to let him IN on what's really IN these days, for he seems to be living in sooooo two thousand and eight -- taking us back to a time when the establishment gave us McCain.   ew. and double ew. [Heads up:  drop the mick and we just might have  something to talk about]

Peer pressure does not live here anymore [unless, of course, it's setting the right example].

Make it a Good Day, G

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