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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's an Anti-Slick Thing...pass it on...

Dear America,

it's awfully hard to pass yourself off as totally organic, just a gathering of the simple-minded from the grassroots, when you have hundreds of homeys walking around with mass-produced black and yellow bold print signs all professing the very same thing...like, JAIL BANKERS NOT PROTESTORS or NYDP HANDS OFF OCCUPY WALL STREET....blah blah blah blah

I swear I could recognize a few mugs, ah maybe not; but aside from that, I think it's entirely possible that these guys just hit the high road and hitchhiked all the way from Wisconsin [if you do the math, time and distance, it works out.  but don't take my word for it, just trust me].

The thing is, with what's goin' on in NYC, it's just too slick, if you know what I mean.

And now, going totally out on my own man-made limb....made super-duper long due to "climate change," of course --and being totally unsubstantiated by the mainstream media or anything.... I am going to make a totally subjective observation:   America is getting pretty darned sick and tired with "slick."

Maybe it's because of things like this:

Featured on The Daily Caller --
Bit of Context --   The White House had to respond to claims made by Obama, when speaking before Texans about passing his jobs bill -- and promising jobs to 400k  teachers (while pointing one out in the audience -- and a single mother -- who lost her job)

"But administration officials quickly backtracked on the 400,000 number once they were quizzed by reporters during the press conference.

The money would only support 400,000 teachers for one year, leaving state and local government to pick up the tab every subsequent year, admitted Katharine Abraham, a member of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers."
As The DC quickly had some fun with this, adding a plethora of other scenarios by the numbers:

[If approved] "...would allow the money to be spent over two years, so it could support 200,000 employees over those two years..."
"...state and local governments won’t be firing 200,000 or 400,000 teaching jobs if they don’t get the money, she explained. Instead, the money is intended to save up 280,000 teachers that might be laid off."

then quoting Arne Duncan, because he is in charge of the department, you know, “We’re trying to prevent those additional [280,000 possible] layoffs and bring back some of the educators who have lost their jobs over the last few years,” 
then back to Abraham, who said, “we’ve lost 300,000 local education jobs over the last three years."
Then -- through the brilliance of the creative minds at the source of The Daily Caller everyday -- we get the big finish:

"When asked to explain how state and local government could afford to keep the 200,000, 280,000, 300,000 or 400,000 teachers that would be temporarily funded by the stimulus act, White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest predicted “the economy will bounce back and make things easier down the road … we’re trying to cushion the blow now.”
Even though I just about gave it all away here, if you care to read the entire piece and get everything I left out, you can go HERE.
But  now, let me take a moment to unveil my media bias -- I love love love The Daily Caller.  xxx

And while it may be enough to simply read the goods each day, I also appreciate delving into the rich, or the not so rich, commentary underneath articles as often as I can.  Although I can't say for certain, but I think it helps me get a good read on what "the people" really really think [whether right or left].  The authentic organic response sometimes tells us even more -- as according to the keepin' it real-counter-meter.

so to that end, this is from somebody who goes by the name of just "P" --

"the only up side of this is that Abraham is NOT teaching any students while she tries to sell obamalamadingdong's idiotic agenda and fuzzy math."

We don't want fast times, smooth talkers, fuzzy math, or slick politicians masquerading around as our savior.

WE want real people, who live in the real world, beholden of a real back bone, to lead us into a real future, built upon real ideals, and substantiated and fortified by a real foundation -- not make believe with props and backdrops and teleprompters and lies. This is what we have come to learn from our experience.

It's like, as if, more and more, we are beginning to climb out of the ditch saying 'just say NO to slick.'

Yesterday, I was all over Ben Bernanke and the ree dee Q lous statements out of The Fed over the years.

As we tinker around with the truth -- happening every day here in girl world [and naturally, being a work in progress, having evolved from a totally organic platform of the female persuasion blending politics and the commonwealth, and never running out of things to say]  just between you and me, between the monetary antics (I mean, policy) of last two administrations, just who is the common denominator?

wouldn't it be more correct to say, it's all Bernanke's fault?   just sayin'.  Who's really in charge of our money and the investment we make in our self, for all of America, for ALL of our futures? 

considering that The Fed is supposed to be operating independently of whatever administration is leading the way, this displaced anger picking on Wall Street -- the industry quantifier of the real moneymakers -- seems stupid.  sure, they have issues, but c'mon.

[G note: but having said all that, let me clarify -- I am not one to absentmindedly believe that Obama has no blame coming to him from his policies.  Critical thinking causes me to question every regulation, every boot to the throat, every massive new entitlement program, every dollar of the five trillion added in national debt, every illegitimate lawsuit against a state protecting the people's inherent freedoms and rights, and for lack of a better word, all 'round lying to the American people]   Good thing he's kinda cute, right?

But the truth is "fuzzy math" -- all the way around -- is getting the better of us, isn't it?  isn't it?

Have we really lost our edge, Mr. President?
Is it really the fault of the big bad banks?  But more important, did you really think they wouldn't figure out how to get around your legislation and pass along big bad bank fees? 
Was Solyndra really a pretty good bet?
Will we really love ObamaCare once we know what's in it?
 Is it really the GOP holding back the vote for YOUR jobs bill?
Are the taxes really lower now -- than under Ronnie Reagan?   really?

Have we stopped asking the critical questions --
or are we, in fact, just getting started?

Let's get back to the anti-slick conversation, shall we?

Herman Cain is white hot right now.  Why?

He is REAL
(girls love funny...always in the "top 5")
He is not a POLITICIAN
He is all about COMMON SENSE
He is the polar opposite of OBAMA
He is aligned, genuinely, with FOUNDING PRINCIPLES
but can he cook, right?

ahhh anyway, you get my drift...

And yet there is one more,
and it's a biggie,


We, the people, can wrap our arms up around him with certain confidence because he gets us, through and through; and we don't slip off, feeling like we need a shower after we hear him speak.
What's slick is out.

What's un-slick is in.

It's as simple as 9-9-9 and as uncomplicated as YES we CAIN (don't you love that! I have no idea who first coined the phrase but love it just the same.)

How did we get here?

Fuzzy math of the last forty years -- or would that be, four score minus two? a couple decades multiplied by the power of two plus four more years?... God help us...  give or take -- Or is it one, with the option to add three more at a later date to be decided by committee before November 30th?  or none of the above.

and now, let me go slip sliding away...

Make it a Good Day, G

And speaking of fuzzy numbers, Romney has effectively been campaigning since when, 2006?  -- and he still only captures less than 20% of the republican vote?   wow.

so when Perry drops out, Cain doubles his numbers and jumps ahead of Romney in double digits, cuz talk about slick....ew...I would hate to be forced to vote for him.  just complainin'

but you know how we know when the establishment is running scared -- the overwhelming RINO reaction to Christie not jumping into the race...little do they all know how the majority of the rest of us really think; because we think for ourselves.

shsssh don't tell anyone. It's our little secret.

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