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Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Land of the Free to an Occupied Territory Thing

Dear America,


for starters, anything that operates under a name beginning with the word "occupy" a red flag should tell us to walk away right quick. right?

But more than that -- and given this is  just-a-girl-world-after-all  (if it hasn't already crossed your mind, silly girl wants you to sing that to It's a Small World after all...) -- I feel that I would be highly remiss if I did not tie the relationship of my own misguided alliances based upon a poor assumption, maybe a downright lie, or a false pretense made real, if only in my own mind into the conversation.

When it comes to love ...and war, and wealth building, and whatever else, picking up on the signals -- whether sweet petunia pink to fire engine red  -- takes experience, panache, a certain sense of knowing-ness in order to rule the day successfully.

The truth is, in order to successfully navigate life, it calls for each one of us to be responsible for making sound decisions all by our self  based upon the conditions, the realities, our experiences, our education, all while paying close attention to the red flags and smoke signals --  AND BE honest about it!

Forever being a twisted catch 22 of the heart and soul creating real life outcomes, our due diligence to remain unattached to the fairy tale being played out in our head while being total open and honest of whatever the truth may be, even if the truth hurts, unite at the core at the very source of our highest good, only revealing itself in the every day decisions that we make.

But sometimes, we just don't want to see it, do we?

Admittedly running the risk of spinning this into something really really silly:   is it fair for just the sound of a name to send some of us running to the high hills with the willies?

No. Probably not.

But for me, that name would be paul.   ew.

And yet, with the latest meme marching at the corner of Wall and Broad remaking a classic tension, robbing peter to pay paul, it would seem my distrust and distaste has reached a level of disdain I had no idea how deep.

What's the point?  What about paul?  well glad you asked...

I keep looking at the "Occupy Wall Street" people wondering where in the world did all these pauls come from?   ....as I fight to hold back my own natural gag reflex at just the thought of it.... How in the world did America, of all places, make so many of them all of a sudden?

It's as if every lousy, good for nothing paul (and paulina) is there, perfectly willing to attack, and take advantage of, the system --  maybe even destroy it  (and being totally oblivious of their own ignorance and shortcomings, misguided as they are, of course).

It's as if to take something from somebody else -- even though entirely undeserving, and being without warrant, nor of good conscience, nor with a shred of common sense applied -- has grown into a new self-reliance of a warped age, displaying uncommon, unprecedented, generational defects.

Who are they?
Apparently proud enough to be associated, if not synonymous with, the Arab Spring and the Day of Rage. The underlying amount of grassroots stupidity is outrageous.

PLEASE READ THESE -- from my favorite libertarian outpost, and the brand curator of a popular movement taking a foothold as we speak, and simply recognized as the Internet Reformation -- go here.  And here.

So as the new rules apply, "paul" is perfectly fine with taking from peter, the more the better.. even if it's wrong... now tell me something I don't know.

As the new sense of entitlement builds, "paul" is monopolizing and making a mockery of the left wing media while pulling on the heartstrings, claiming to be the victim....to which I have to ask, oh really?  seriously?  that's a good one.

"But 21st century class warfare is a weird thing.

Take the technology that gives most what only the few once could afford. Most Americans now expect as a birthright iPhones, iPods, laptops, DVDs and big-screen televisions, thanks to cheap overseas fabrication and fierce price-cutting global competition. The typical welfare recipient now owns a sophisticated cell phone; a fat cat corporate CEO not long ago did not.

For the president, riding on a private jet from New York to Los Angeles is supposed to be privilege. But a poor person on a discount nonstop ticket can still get there as safely and almost as quickly for about one-thousandth of the cost in fuel and overhead. Once they land minutes apart at LAX, was the Gulfstream passenger all that blessed, the guy in steerage with headphones and a TV screen all that deprived?

...In the old days, class warriors were proverbial men of the people who made an effort to match their lifestyles with their rhetoric. Not now. When President Obama rails about "millionaires," we expect that in a few hours our Class Warrior in Chief will golf with Wall Street fat cats to hit them up for campaign money. We presume that the First Family prefers Costa del Sol, Martha's Vineyard or Vail to a passé Camp David."  from Victor Davis Hanson, featured in The Patriot Post here.

The thing is --  the truth is --  the co-existing realities in play are off; things are not what they seem and in a word not-quite-right.from a number of angles in the light of day (and, of course, once we take those rose colored glasses off).

If only;  if only these poor, poor kids...... who somehow found enough time and money to cut out from real life for, what, going on three weeks now..........who seem to have enough broadband capability to keep connected on facebook while twittering their afternoons away.......and who, ironically, seem an altogether perfect fit for fighting against the establishment through Tea Party activism far and wide (go figure)......if only they stopped for a second and realized the hypocrisy of their actions alongside their free market associations and alliances.....just maybe we might get somewhere.

These kids can 'occupy wall street' for as long as they want, but "Wall Street" is not the problem as much as it is guilty for taking advantage of the economic conditions handed to them on a silver platter by our government.

But if only these kids knew better -- they would realize that most of MIDDLE America's retirement funds are all wrapped up in it's safe keeping, almost like a bad marriage at this point.  To ruin Wall Street now, is to wreak havoc upon what happens to grandma and grandpa -- or perhaps your own folks -- in due time -- and if the senseless preoccupation along this line of attack continues. Do you have room for all of them to move in with you?  [can you hear me now?]

Besides, this anger is totally misguided -- considering that the truth was staring at you in the face the whole entire time.  Oh those pesky details.  

Clearly, living in the present moment like you all seem to do, history has escaped all logic.

If you are gonna get mad -- sure -- get mad -- get mad at The Fed,  and those who created the very conditions for the rich to get richer in the first place.  Get mad at the Central Bank and, of course, those in power who just play with the people's money.   Get mad at the Federal Government who grows debt at a rate of TWO TRILLION dollars each year.

But by all means do not stop there; go the distance with this anger so that just maybe, the next time, the next time you have a chance for love and happiness, wealth and fulfillment in every possible way, that your anger is not in vain.   Learn, grow, expand.... make something more of yourself in the process;  and more than anything else, commit to never making the same mistakes again.

We only have ourselves to blame.

Truth bites, doesn't it (taking a big bite of it myself, mmm mmm yum)

We are the ones who let the things that matter go; we are the ones who allowed the things at the core, the fundamentals, to vanish.  We are the ones who slipped into an imaginary happy ending with our eyes wide shut.   Whether our head was in the sand or in the clouds, we did it to ourselves.

"A wise and frugal government, 
which shall leave men free 
to regulate their own pursuits 
of industry and improvement, 
and shall not take from the mouth of labor 
the bread it has earned -- 
this is the sum of good government."  
Thomas Jefferson

For all the things gone terribly wrong, the overzealous government happened first.

"A great empire, like a great cake, 
is most easily diminished at the edges."  
Benjamin Franklin

Make it a Good Day, G

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