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Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a Massive Republic Take Down in the Park Thing

Dear America,

Happy Friday.
Our days of real, unadulterated freedom are numbered.

There is shocking propaganda circling the airwaves -- but before I get to that, let us review a quick review of the "Early Signs of Fascism;" it is posted right outside the door of my girl's World History classroom.

And just an idea, if you pretend this bucket list is being projected through a loud speaker echoing from the rooftops, it will be more fun. So ready, steady, let's begin:

Early Signs of Fascism

Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
Disdain for Human Rights
Identification of Enemies as a Uniform Cause
Supremacy of the Military
Rampant Sexism
Controlled Mass Media
Obsession with National Security
Religion and Government Intertwined
Corporate Power Protected
Labor Power Suppressed
Disdain for Intellectuals & the Arts
Obsession with Crime & Punishment
Rampant Cronyism & Corruption
Fraudulent Elections

getting queasy yet?

Hitler was considered a fascist, mobilizing his agenda under the National Socialist Party (aka Nazi's).

In the other extreme....we get to Socialism and Marxism...and basically applying much of the same but different tactics aiming to redistribute the wealth, destroy capitalism, and flip the continuum of power from the bourgeoisie to the working class using whatever it takes -- from 'peaceful' protests to inciting total violence and revolution.

It's a private park in NYC where the Occupy Wall Street is taking place; Bloomberg [with the boot to his neck]  backed off his request to the protestors to temporarily vacate in order to allow for the management company to clean it up [oh the irony of the environmentalists destroying the grass under their own feet, to the extent of pissing and defecating wherever they please].

But when it comes to crony-capitalism, we can sit a spell on a park bench and read all about it and the 168 Million dollar loan guarantee tied back to Zuccotti Park...Department of Energy chimes in again.

Why should we even allow the democratic process to go any further, right?
Check this out:

'just get it done' --  very dictator-esque, isn't it.  I'm just gonna do everything in MY power to circumvent the congressional power that's out to get me and obstruct my vision of fundamental transformation...

and he is being fully supported by some real winners, too:
just sit here for a spell.


Our founders were quick to recognize a certain truth about human nature and power -- it can get the best of even the best of men.  This kind of authoritarian power must be restrained through the power of Law to tether the lawlessness and corruption of man; while our Constitution was written to protect the very freedoms of little men, NOT big government.

"It would be a dangerous delusion were a confidence in the men of our choice to silence our fears for the safety of our rights; that confidence is everywhere the parent of despotism; free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy, and not confidence, which prescribes limited constitutions to bind down those whom we are obliged to trust with power; that our Constitution has accordingly fixed the limits to which, and no farther, our confidence may go...In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, BUT BIND HIM DOWN FROM MISCHIEF BY THE CHAINS OF THE CONSTITUTION."  From The 5000 Year Leap, taken from The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, Annals of America, 4:65-66; emphasis added when quoting the words of Thomas Jefferson.

Our freedom is hanging on our ability to hold certain truths dear, sacred even...untouchable.

I've gone to this next quote often.  From James Madison:

"I believe 
there are more instances 
of the abridgement of the freedom 
of the people by gradual 
and silent 
encroachments of those in power, 
than by violent 

And to tie in some straight talk from a bunch of true libertarians, seek refuge under the tree of life @The Daily Bell and read this take while eating that fried baloney sandwich.

it is the strangest thing, watching a REPUBLIC once so strong and so clear about it's responsibility to limit the power of government slip into quiet revolution turning our tried and true principles upside down and ass backwards, with a smelly park to prove it.

This class warfare &$%* has never ever never ever worked; while making money makes more freedom every single time.  capitalism is not the evil super power to blame -- big government is.

And nothing could be more true, or uttered with more passion, when we end this day with one last shining refrain: Power to the People!

Make it a Good Day, G

and have you noticed deeply embedded in the park that we are back to bashing Jews? since when is this okay in America?

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