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Monday, October 24, 2011

It's All About Bulls and Bears, Hawks and Rats, getting along in a Free Market Thing

Dear America,

just sorry I missed the take down.

wow G, way to start all cryptic for a monday morning...but go on...this ought to be good...carry on...

Well, before I get to some esplainin' to do, let me begin noting the explanations of a president when asked about the undeniable onset of his crown of grey hair:  ""My grandfather was grey by the time he was 29.... So I figured it was going to come. It just happened to coincide with the presidency..." a president's remarks in an interview with Jake Tapper for ABC.


alrighty then -- let's run with that -- hereditary, like as in the inherent bent to run Socialist and Marxist policy all willy nilly here, in America, of all places? is that the same thing?  it all just happened to coincide with the presidency?

is it just me?  but funny how a little narcissism can go a long, long way; even to the point of preventing himself from admitting the cold, hard truth -- grey hair is just what happens to a president (before and after pictures prove it so).

So, Mr.O, get over yourself.
As a matter of fact, how about you just consider yourself one of us; this whole grey thing....it's just what happens to most people.   And like the rest of us, stress contributes to speeding up the process every time...  end of story.

Or maybe, you could have just said something to the effect of, grey hair is just a fact of life -- even attributing to such stats and information from real science [because you like math and science a lot], like as in an article like the one I found on Slate, you can read for yourself here.

It's the same odds for everyone:  by the time 50% of all people reach the age of 50, they will be at least 50% grey...50-50-50 rule...

Or did he actually think this stretch of mother nature's will was going to reassure us in some kind of warped way? as if it sounded better that it wasn't the stress of the job, but merely the imperfection of something in his genes, was more to blame? Like, it wasn't his fault -- it's more like it was God's fault, for the way he was made...and how his father was made...and how his father was made...and so on.

right, Mr. President -- we get it.  nothing is too much for you to handle; how silly of us to think that the job itself could be at fault for the temple's grey you got going on these days.

I just can't help but notice though -- it is far easier for the president to admit, and define said genus of the inherent grey gene to fits of heredity, but when it comes to explaining the redistribution gene [none other than the one safely disguised and hidden in the sleepy hollows underneath] and, subsequently, linking it to the science of really bad Marxist policy far and wide, he will deny his ideological roots like the plague.  No, he can't even talk about it.

Now....talk about issues.

His entire family  -- both white and black -- is rooted in the power of the state to solve all ills; and we elected this man president?

But nooooooo, let's talk about his grey hair and get a good chuckle out of it, shall we?

just sorry I missed the take down
take two

What I really wanted to talk about today was the splendid magnificence of the free market; something that our young gun president with the grey hair coming right on cue knows either very little about -- or, understands just enough to make things worse [to lead people to just more government] -- or, understands it so well, he knows just what it will take to bring it all crashing down [to force people into more government whether we want to or not].

And speaking of greater clarity and distinction along these lines, The Daily Bell offered it's readers yesterday an interview with Jeffrey Berwick that seems well worth the twenty or thirty minutes it will require of you taking it all in.  But must warn you, however; some of it borders on rather extreme ideas, challenging beliefs many of us grew up with and all.

[While this may be a good time to remind everyone who comes my way that with regard to everything I bring to your attention, it is for you to decide what resonates with you and what does not ....Who am I, right?   I'm just a girl....what do I know...la di dah di dah]

But if you dare to venture there, click here.

just sorry I missed the take down
take three

okay. I promise you now...here it is...
so a couple of days ago, I became a first hand witness to the free market being alive and well. Some of you might insist on calling it Survival of the Fittest, given that the circumstances begin to look awfully familiar to the whims and fancies of the call of the wild, answering to the inherent need for food.  But don't fool yourselves; it is the free market at it's best and brightest and deadliest.

Months back you may remember the day I was telling you about the rat poison incident -- and my baby Boo who just so happened to have eaten a piece of the little blue chunk of it in the corner of my garage. Two weeks later -- after days of lethargy, no appetite, heavy Vitamin K therapy and enough prayer vigils to cure everything in a mile's radius -- Boo was fine.  

This was after two cars in the parking lot had a creature chew up it's insides, wreaking one car's alarm system in it's entirety, and knocking out enough hoses and electrical lines to prevent the other one from starting [thankfully, neither car mine...but we're all in this together, you know....ew, rats... seriously?].
Subsequent to the poisoning episode and property damage and a zillion calls to the property manager later, traps were laid out.  And we waited.

and waited.
and waited.
pesky little devils...

Well, just last Friday, Boo and I were walking along the same path we always go -- I let go of the leash for just a moment or two  to drop the garbage in the dumpster, and no sooner that I pick it up, this gorgeous bird flew across the driveway and caught my eye.  It was a hawk, with a wingspan of what looked like four feet.  Truly Gorgeous!   She took my breath away [and why I am calling her a girl, I have no idea]  But in that very same instant, I began to wonder, hmmm, what on earth is going on?  why are you here?  why now? ....as goosebumps quickly gave me a shiver.

And within seconds, Boo is on the hunt! Pulling me in a direction my arm did not want to go.  

And the next thing I knew, a rat and Boo were face to face, with Boo's fur beginning to stand up now, as if he were psyching himself up for a rumble (little dogs think they are all that, even when they know not what they do).  I, of course, screamed like a girl and jumped out of my skin and went running in the opposite direction...with the pooch in tow (like he had a choice, you know).

While the walk -- it was as good as over.

Flash forward about a half hour later, sitting at the living room window, watching the world go by,  when a movement down below catches my attention.  It's her; thinking to myself, 'so, we meet again' (only this time from a distance we can both enjoy.)  She is sitting atop a tuft of ice plant on the hillside, looking into the bushes; while I'm wondering, does she happen to have her sights on the rat-bastard from the walk?  It's kinda hard to tell what's going on, as all the stippled, muted shades of beige and brown and green run together with the naked eye.    Nature's mosaic wouldn't give anything away, if not for that every now and again something moves.

And all of a sudden she did; you know, move.
And Lo and Behold, she was already standing on the muthr futhr.
And a second later, she was pulling out a long red stringy thing from it's guts. You go girl...
and oh what a hunka munka she turned out to be. While thinking about it is making me squirm all over again...

But this brings me to where I came in -- just sorry I missed the take down; after all this time, manipulation and packaging -- the thing that worked was the free market left to it's own devices.

......without any manipulation from outside sources
......without money spent on a single job to lay the trap that was made in China to catch a rat in America
......without a regulation demanding habits be changed or taxes be levied to control the population (that goes for rat and people and birds of prey)

-- it was only in the natural that could get it done.

And really would have liked to have seen it.

Sure, it's an over-simplification of serious economic conditions based on truth and consequences, reaping what we sow, supply and demand, in boom or bust, success and failure, even if it hauntingly reminds us to call upon our Darwinian survival skills learned of in sixth grade; it's a free market thing.

Whether in Tech bubbles and Housing Bubbles...Internet booms and busts, in banking booms and busts, Wall Street booms and busts, Central Banking booms and busts -- it works the same way for all of us, large and small....from mom and pop to wall street...whether all by our self or in the collective -- the nature of the beast works all the same.

And it all begins with our individual freedom to choose everything; even if, sometimes, we run the risk of losing everything.  In a truly free market there are no guarantees (just ask that Jeffrey Berwick guy -- did you read all about it? -- or ask George Soros how he loves the free market, taking down currency in a single bound...or just ask Bill Gates how the free market has worked for him...or ask Micheal Moore how much he loves the free market people going to his free market movies...or when you get to heaven, just ask Steve Jobs how failure really worked out for him...IN THE FREE MARKET!...ahhh, you get my drift....)

We all play in the same realm; even though there are no guarantees, history proves that the best thing to do is allow nature, and natural law, to take its course. Haven't we learned anything by now?

The thing is -- what we choose to pass onto our children (including, but not limited to, ideology, good character...and yes, even a grey hair or two) becomes the very foundation of the next generation; naturally,  it becomes the stuff that makes America.  Of course, some things are more important than others. (A few greys by the age of fifty, who gives a rat's a$$, right? -- but what about the stuff we can't see from the outside?)

hmmmmm....now there's something to talk about.

Make it a Good Day, G

my apologies for the long winded G...
but you know,
it's a free market
in a free world
for at least another day
yea me!

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  1. It's a "Wealth of Nation" thing, freshman economics 1955, CU, book by Adam Smith, ethicist and economist, the second seminal writing on freedom published in 1776 thing: one said our rights to personal freedom come from our Creator, and the other said our economic freedom is best attained by our making economic decisions in a moral framework of enlighten self interest.

    All of today's thought to be too hard to solve economic travails are addressed in 'Wealth of Nations". Readers will be amazed!