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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's hey, man, Can't We All Get Along.... Thing

Dear America,

hey man, peace.
Breaking News Update:   @Occupy Wall Street is on the streets in San Diego.

and it is really far out.

One of San Diego's very best, Mike Slater [mornings 6-9am on 760kfmb], a young dude totally dedicated to bringing high grade purple haze ideals and opinion to conservatives everywhere within the listening radius, is on it; he is down there this morning, masquerading as one of them.   Simply calling himself "Mark Hater -- a progressive blogger and radio host"  -- he is talking to every anarchists he can find (which is nearly everyone).

And yet, if somebody were to just jump into his program today at the wrong time -- unaware of what he's actually doing -- it could really throw you off.  There are times when his boy-next-door voice of rational, sound principle starts slipping into another realm....like a never, never land of sorts, before unexpectedly dropping down a rabbit hole of whoa.... dude.

Here are some of the highlights of the wisdom walking tie-dye down Broadway:

Anarchist #1:  when asked to define 'anarchy' ---  'is, basically, like, about being responsible for yourself...people, like, living together in harmony...and you know, like, helping each other out. that's what it's all about.' [paraphrasing, cuz I just couldn't keep up with it all]

Anarchist #2: when asked to define his reality  --  'um, well I'm unemployed right now, but not really looking...I'm kinda like off the grid, man, like growing my own food.  that's what it's all about. we don't need all this stuff...like grocery stores...or like SDG&E...think about it. we survived before without all of it, without electricity, without Iphones.  capitalism is not the way, man.'  [again, paraphrasing the psychedelic dream weaver as best I could]

Anarchist #3:  a direct quote..."humanity comes before profits..."

and naturally, kumbaya is playing in the background.

In between Mark Hater's progressive tambourine routine, the program would also hit us with a commercial from a "sponsor" -- and equally dumbfounding if not tuned in and turned on and in the know.  Running spots for "windmill showers" and one of my favorites, "hemp boxers  -- if concerned for lowering the carbon footprint through the seat of your pants, see the guy in the middle of the park holding a sign next to the guy playing the bongos..." or something like that.

But wait! There's more!  I haven't told you the best part -- on this day in the life in America.

All of this, going on, like, in 256 cities nationwide, is totally supported by the upper echelon of the Democratic party, including our very own Organizer-in-Chief. [did you play a little Marvin Gaye there?...it's one of my favorite songs.    I know, weird.  But we have no time to dwell on that little wonder right now...so moving on dot org...]

Here's our president, from late last week:
“Obviously I’ve heard of it [Occupy Wall Street -- cuz don't tell anyone, I organized it.   shhhh], I’ve seen it on television..."  [um, ah, that's a good one, Mr. President]   "I think it expressed the frustrations that the American people feel that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout he country, all across Main Street, and yet you’re still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us into this problem in the first place. So yes I think people are frustrated and the protestors are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration [using broad-based charades for emphasis] about how our financial system works.”     go here for more.

right.  broad-based. would that be the "99%" by chance?

did you ever think we would ever see the day when we had a president supporting anarchy --  through broad-based, highly misguided, mis-representation of the masses by revolution  -- upon the streets of America? protesting the very essence of our free market, capitalism?

And how could we forget not to tie in our very own Nancy Pelosi, fresh in off her private jet from Haight-Ashbury, as the great sympathizer and co-dependent of the right kind of Astro-turf, I mean, grass root agenda...Her message to the Occupiers:  "God bless them...for their spontaneity. It's independent ... it's young, it's spontaneous, and it's focused. And it's going to be effective."

ahhh but it's awfully hard to keep up with this girl; in February of 2010, the Tea Party was actually beginning to grow on her.   what a difference a day makes, huh Nancy?  she is just blowen' in the wind, however the political breeze blows.

The thing is, it's as if some of us have slipped into the seventies all of a sudden and everybody seems okay with it.   so strange.

But that isn't my point today.   'My thing' has only just begun, ya dig?  Sure the anarchists at large may have started it -- while the broad-based acceptance of it from our democratic leadership is another -- but it got me thinking about one of our first intentions, organically cultivated as first citizens of this great country.

Our inherent birthright -- which came chock full of  responsibilities and duties, to ourselves and each other -- was designed so that we would all be our own banker.

America was created much like the sentiment from anarchist number one -- to be responsible for ourselves and live in harmony with one another.

Perfect.  Sign me up.

While in the beginning, we most definitely had to be responsible for our own bread and water; we grew in community with each another and learned how to share one person's corn with another person's butter -- and turning the lights on by candlelight or kerosene or something or nothing.  we shared the light or we shared the dark, building the community church, the local grocery store, the one room schoolhouse, the jailhouse, the saloon, and even [god help us] the very first bank!

[To the anarchist number two -- is this kinda like what you had in mind?  like living like one local community at a time -- one park per every ten families perhaps? gosh....it almost sounds counter-productive to the whole global one world agenda...cuz how could we really help women in Ethiopia or Children in the Sudan being locked into our own little world, I mean, communities without a word from the outside, without the means to get there, without a concern of anything else outside of our own survival...but maybe that conundrum beat is just in me...so let's keep on keepin' on...]

The thing is, over time, we grew quite good at it, didn't we?  We developed like little country mice and city mice and became known as the leader of the free world in a span of less than a couple of hundred years.

And when it comes to the "school house,"  today, there is not one school fundraiser that does not reap the benefits of our prosperity and the abundance of our corporate-human-nature supply side; from large to small, from the mom and pop to the Fortune 500, all gifts of donations, in cash or in product or in time and energy, and of course,  in spirit, begins and ends with a product of  capitalists large and small.  All of it.

[while who'd a thought we would need all those gifts, right? like, just the federal budget alone is, like, over 100 billion dollars a year.... on just education for pete's sake...and it must be good, right....just look around at the kids today...]

Which brings us back around to anarchist number three, miss humanity-comes-before-profits.  Where did you go to school?  Without a profit there is no gift of donations  in cash, or in kind, or in product, or in time, while all in the spirit of giving back and taking care of our own -- you know, like in community with one another --   let alone the making of a job or two or 100 million.  None of it happens.

Schools benefit.  Community services and charities benefit.  Livelihoods far and wide,  creating the opportunity to grow personal wealth, all benefit.

It isn't long before we all further benefit in the investment of other people's businesses and talent and resourcefulness through applications like the stock market and money market funds and world markets and blah blah blah la di da.

And when this caught on, were soon learned that pensions and retirement funds could be built upon this principle of freedom to invest for the whole -- for the entire lot -- in community with one another -- like, whoa; people like union workers, the private sector employment packages, federal employees, teachers, policemen, firemen, garbage men, mailmen, small business owners and even CEO's of Fortune 500 companies....you name it...we jumped on that groovy gravy train to benefit.  Ta-Da!

Is the system without fraud or faults?  Of course not.

It's called human nature.

It's all comes back to free will, good character vs. bad acts, and the freedom to rise and fall on our own [whether it be with regard to wealth or reputation -- its like we all manufacture our own karma everyday, and bank on it, while the circle goes round and round and round].

It's a story as old as time.

I keep thinking back to that Newsweek cover, "we're all socialists now;" looking back the last several years, it's no wonder how we got here.

Both political parties have veered off the beaten path; and this just leads me to making way for the big finish now...

Instead of reinforcing the founding principle that, in fact, 'we're all bankers now' at the dawn of each new day,  the unruly lot in office, masquerading as the policy-meets-politics-people, have grown to undermine our foundation -- risking fiscal solvency and the very future of the union.

Methodically and systematically, decade after decade, banking upon government regulation, breaking bad with our principles and values, and otherwise opting for greater controls by the power elite, no matter which ideological side was in the majority -- that little rabbit hole we seemed to have slipped into is now a sink-hole the size of North America.

It's beginning to look a lot like if you've seen one hippie, you've seen'em all; and if you put them all together, the competing tie-dye pattern just make mud.

It's all about human nature acting like humans.  There are good companies and there are bad; there are good people, and there are bad; there are good hedge fund guys, and there are bad; there are good public servants, and there are bad; there are good teachers, and there are bad; there are good kids, and there are bad.

The reality is, altogether, what we are witnessing today is what happens when humanity meets up with just more humanity. And we've been here before.

But more than that, can't we -- humanity and profits -- just all get along?

I believe the real America is more GOOD than bad -- look around you, I think you will see it, too.
The broad-based emphasis should be on that.

The real crime is what is going on in Washington.but more on that later.

Peace out,

Make it a Good Day, G

g note: this blaaahg started yesterday, monday, but it's now tuesday.  kinda sorta had a girl-interrupted moment.  Anyway, I left the monday perspective in but didn't want you to be totally dazed and confused on what day it is...

g note deux: you would think, these kids -- being so ANTI bailout [which, by the way, the Tea Party People agree. matter of fact, they started it...but details, right]  but you would think they would go back to the people that printed the monopoly money to do it.  our government went 'passed GO' with no penalty, no protest.  WTF?

g note trois: speaking of double standards...crony capitalism living in the sunshine state of Solyndra is one thing, but Wall Street doled out BIG BUCKS to their maker in 2008 [and a whole lot more than to the republicans] -- and yet, the media, the protestors, the anarchists just love him, still.  wow.

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