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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Good Intentions and Blind Ambition Thing

Dear America,

so...I guess the possibility of getting a blog burst poolside never really had a chance.  This girl has been gone, long gone, for two whole weeks; hence the beginning of my guilt trip as we speak. Which immediately sends me into the realm of facing a stark reality....good intentions are so overrated, are they not?

For what gets done if we merely intend to do something -- think about doing something -- ponder about the possibility of doing something?  NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing.

Even if I were to jump in right now and say I missed you -- that I missed showing up on the page, if even for a nano second before ordering another Mai Tai -- it would be meaningless, wouldn't it?

I mean, I guess I didn't miss you enough now did I?

I mean, I didn't stop what I was doing long enough to drop in with even so much as a breaking news update. Nor did I have sufficient command of my sense and sensibilities to add my two cents to the conversation even following acts of God and mother nature, as in the 5.8 magnitude earthquake felt up the entire east coast or during the days of heavy -- torrential -- flights of anticipation, only to be outdone in the aftermath of devastation, following Hurricane Irene. While it has already been weeks since the much ado about nothing three day presidential "bus" tour just before the start of his much needed simpleton vacation, albeit in Martha's Vineyard.

Hopefully by now, everyone is fully aware that the grassroots bus tour -- of the people, for the people -- was a total fraud.  This president of ours was only on the bus long enough to ride into town resting his reputation solely upon making the right impression -- once the speech was over, the last hand was shook, he was on the bus just long enough to take him back to the closest airport where he would be swooped up into thin air and carried to the next townhall meeting. Even his buses didn't go by ground!

This from a president who wants to teach us a thing or two through EPA regulation along with the advent of his brand new mileage requirements for the auto industry in order to stem the tide of fuel dependency.  This from a president decidedly micromanaging the very fuel, the natural resource required and paramount to the daily feedings of the hybrids plugged into the wall from sea to shining sea --  the coal industry -- and then basically creating the very conditions to witness it's slow death.

I guess we could say the president's intentions may have been good, to get out on the bus and meet and greet the people on his "listening tour" while "talking jobs."  But somewhere along the greyhound fine lines, after the truth is highlighted in fluorescent yellow, the message gets lost in translation meeting up with reality, doesn't it?   Just how can a guy tooting conservation of fossil fuels, even if that means penalizing industries, threatening jobs and livelihoods far and wide through overzealous governmental controls, actually get away with it when in fact his own actions do not walk the talk?

And yet where is the outrage from the media calling him out on it?  Where is Daryl Hannah on this?  Sure, she is upset with the pipeline guys, the oil execs etc., but where pray tell is her outrage for a president -- a president who doesn't think twice before making TWO fossil fuel burning buses (by Canadian workers, by the way) only to use in between stops -- merely for superficial appearances only -- before jetting off in something that leaves a carbon footprint exponentially far greater?  How can Daryl not use this opportunity to use this president's abuse of power and fossil fuels to make an even greater case for herself?

Daryl's intention is simply to bring the oil industry in America down, even if it jeopardizes America's energy independence, even if the rest of the world continues to capitalize on this fundamental resource for everything under the sun; the intention is to cast those on the side of good and evil based purely upon lines of ideology -- not in reality, not in common sense, not even in truth -- let alone without posing as a total hypocrite.

This bus tour fraud is still timely, Daryl; there is still plenty of time for you to speak up -- I dare you.

Our good intentions mean nothing without the proper follow through.  Our good intentions are elevated only with action, with discipline, of course in keeping with an inherent responsibility to the whole.

From a little book called The Book of Life, by Robert Collier (published himself in 1925):

"If you are doing nothing, 
if there is no driving, 
no hurrying, no working, 
you may count upon it that there will be no results.  
Nothing much worth while in the years to come."

now remember -- it may be true that I really missed you deep in my heart over the last two weeks. But the truth is, I am here showing up for more myself than anybody else.  I seem to be the one who needs to be reminded of what works and what doesn't work; I seem to be the one who needs to reflect upon values and principles that bring lasting success.  I seem to be the one holding onto my best intentions to keep a daily record of the world around me. With or without you, the absence of showing up here was sorely missed.

I missed this through and through.

We have so much going on in the world right now; while in this day after of my family's departure, my intentions were to swing into a lighthearted recounting of the visit.  You know, like beginning with the discovery of the little mouse who saved a shrimp at the bottom of the fridge.  Yes -- that would be one shrimp on a ten inch plate with enough sauce on the side for twenty -- which was saved or created for future use (just a little love wink to my mama).

Perhaps to the outsider this would be like no big deal -- but unlike popular belief based on the amount of crud at the bottom of my window sills and glazing every inch of the glass as my papa has come to expect each visit -- my fridge is one area of my life that my OCD lives and breathes ad infinitum.  I would rather die or eat the last shrimp then save it along side a baggy amounting to about a tablespoon of coleslaw or the jar safekeeping the last quarter cup of gravy.  It is just not my thing.   I mean, my soda cans and bottles all face forward at attention, if you know what I mean. The labels face in the same direction, at the same angle, in line -- as if I were opening up a deli case and quickly glancing by color coded and brand selection.

Needless to say, I gobbled up the last shrimp and moved on with a giggle and a smile.

And speaking of family, I very much intend to get into the new language coming out of Washington, with multiple parties and widespread usage over the last couple of days already at a staggering number, highlighting the "federal family." Yet I should disclose, if my last two weeks give any indication and much like the way of the world and how this girl rolls, good intentions don't mean a thing.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring, let alone the next day, let alone what I will want to talk about.

But just in case I never say another word about it, me thinks the nanny state is beginning to show it's true colors; little by little, the "federal family" wants to take over the real family, your life, in every way.  The new America according to this administration is replacing your family altogether as the more and more of your needs (and wants) come from government. just sayin'.

Boy, did I miss this through and through.  See you tomorrow.

Make it a Good Day, G

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