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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's All in the Narrative Kind of Thing

Dear America,

it's all in the narrative, isn't it.  isn't it?

imagine spending hundreds of millions of dollars every weekend...
some may even say, irresponsibly.

and getting essentially nothing in return for it.

just imagine it.

That top 1% -- the ones who reap the benefits, that is -- laughs at us all the way to the bank and back again at the arrival of each and every Monday morning [past, present and future].

did I mention frivolously...mindlessly...maybe even totally irresponsibly.

Return on investment?... for just a couple hours of our time (in banker years, just a flash across the ticker) ...

perhaps a little heartburn.
maybe some lingering goosebumps.
maybe even a couple of bloodshot eyes (from tears, you know).

Yup.  After killing two hours (three if it's of 'epic' proportion), a box of Junior Mints and a bucket of popcorn with extra butter, all of which you paid $24.75, you have yourself nothing to show for it really. absolutely nothing.

You have ownership in nothing.

You have helped Hollywood's top 1% buy another home, yacht, or diamond.

You see, the funny thing is, the top 1% are everywhere and within everything.  and we really wouldn't want it any other way, when you consider the options.

We want the possibility to grow wealth.

Do you think the key grip (whatever that is) should demand getting paid the same as Julia Roberts or Tom Hanks?   How, exactly, would the redistribution of wealth look like in Hollywood?

At least ANYONE can play the stock market.  At least ANYONE can start a business and grow it into a chain of stores (thank you Walmart and McDonald's).  At least ANYONE can work for a living, working for either the government or a private industry, having the opportunity to invest a portion of their hard earned money into long term funds, mutual funds, bonds and stocks.   Sure, the return has been dismal to say the least over the last couple of years -- but that is the nature of the beast, isn't it.  isn't it?

Wall Street merely took advantage of the market place; is it without fault?  certainly not.  Human beings -- chock full of a whole lot of human nature -- are kinda funny like that;  we've got some good ones and we've got some bad ones.  Got some good movies and we got some bad movies.

And earth to the occupiers -- some of us still have our retirement tied to Wall Street's long term survival.  hello?  ET phone home...'you can't handle the truth'....'make my day'....'what, did you go to college to get stupid?'  

But talk about elitist...you've got to know somebody to be somebody in Hollywood; to get on the ground floor of a movie, to make the big money, you must be seriously connected (or incredibly lucky, might as well just play the lottery).

What got this started this morning?

TIME magazine.
Person of the year?  THE PROTESTOR.

Occupy Wall Street (and the like) just got themselves a plump Christmas bonus.  Even after the latest tally -- 5,425 arrests in 94 cities  (thank you to The Daily Caller) -- without breaking down the fits of violence including, rape, murder, arson, robbery, just to name a Few Bad Men.  (aw, was that being sexist? so not sorry) -- they still get awarded with kudos of praise and admiration.  It's almost like having an award show where the deciders are the recipients and the recipients are the deciders and everyone goes home with a gold-leafed goody bag.  It's almost as bad as having Alec Baldwin be the spokesman.

Nope.  Hollywood gets BILLIONS of dollars through their hot little hands (mostly going to the top 1%) and the stupid people who pay to play get absolutely nothing. nada.  zippo. nothing but niet.

What a racket.

How about we start occupying where they live, like Rodeo Drive?  anyone?

Make it a Good Day, G

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