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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's a Read It and Weep Thing

Dear America,

This morning I am going to try something different.

Running in the same vein with yesterday's theme -- being just plum tired of being lied to -- we will link to the entire transcript of the president's speech to America.  Wrought with simply too many contradictions to pick out one by one, I will leave it to YOU, the party of one, to read thoroughly at your leisure. Amazing stuff; and not in a good way.

But before we begin, my apologies for opting to use the NY Times as the medium between; while that runs second in condolences for the thirteen pages to read in turn.  Having said that, you must realize taking the president's majestic persona out of the mix, reading the speech in his own words, one by one, double speak and rhetoric and all, changes everything.

On the virtual eve of ringing in another election year, we must realize how presidents from both sides of the aisle have toyed with us, lied to us, played with us; America has gone from the free market plum to a dried up prune, allowing progressives to alter our foundation, our traditions, our free enterprising spirit under a slow, constant depletion of the natural resources required to grow our true good.

Evaporating the very ideals that have made America great, this is what progressives do best.

Pay attention to every word from this stunner of a speech; print it out, underline key phrases... match them up with the contradiction, flat-out lie, or distortion of American fundamentals in nearly the very next breath; over and over and over, this president leaves us wanting, searching for the vine of truth.

Frankly, this speech makes him sound like an idiot; he is reaching for something that remains a total mystery [for him] -- you know...given his background, his community organizing mindset, his Marxist family history, sitting in the pews for twenty years with his Black Liberation Mentor and Church Leader, given his terrorist neighbor who launched his political career, his host of Czars in the White House linked to socialism and communism and Mao along with social engineering aplenty...

..this speech should scare the living daylights out of every American.

So without further adieu, here it is. Read it and weep.

Make it a Good Day, G

need a second opinion?  Read THIS.  Free market has NEVER worked according to THIS American president.  shocker.

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