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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's TipToeing Threw the Tulips Thing

Dear America,

Sorry, but we have to get this Cain Scandal out of the way.

For starters, I remember, way back when -- like in the nineties sometime -- we elected, of our own volition, to the highest office of the land -- our very own Womanizer-in-Chief:  Bill Clinton

And boy, did that come back to bite us, no?

None of it really mattered for the democrats, or really the press, for that matter; everybody made hay and had a good chuckle...oooh Jennifer Flowers  oooh [just another e pluribus unum storyline].... while in the end, the American people still elected him president of all things.

And it's funny, it seems we still get a good laugh over it, don't we -- be it just Jennifer, or Monica, or anybody else that was in his sights.  We just think of good-ol'Billy boy as some kind of wonderful; as if, thinking back, he was the president who had it all going on -- and even right under our noses, mind you, if not also under the oval office desk. badump ba  [and did I mention, he, like, plays the sax? -- gotta say that like a valley girl]

good times for America, yes indeed.

c'mon, get over it, it was just a little hanky-panky, right [for which he was nearly impeached....but details schmeetails]

And Cain....well he 'enjoys flowers' like everyone else.

After all, he is a man ....ah so many flowers, so little time...

While it must be true that only men "look"...if not also pluck... no?

oh woe is me...
I do declare... 
whatever will you do, Rhett?
which is not really the line, but whatever.
[which just takes us for a spin back to a person's true character...la di da di da]

But seriously -- does he have a roaming eye?  or hands, lips...or anything else?  Flat out he said, "no." [to Greta, last night...you can read more about it here.

From what we now know, as of today -- being about three days into the story -- it was not sexual harassment.

It was more like a making of a general comment, likening the body of one woman in the office to the height and shape of his wife...with doors wide open...with people around...and nothing more (oh, except that little gesture he used to show how his wife comes up to his chin....nooo....he didn't.....)

Women are funny creatures, aren't we. [statement.  because I am one]

It's like on the one hand, we want men to look at us, admire us for our beauty and brains...as we spend gobs of time working out and putting make up on and getting the new Victoria's Secret Wonder Bra and all -- but heaven's to betsy, give us any more than just a quick glance (without our notice, of course) that's when there's real hell to pay, by golly [using the term 'pay' totally on purpose].  Letting the cynicism freak flag fly.

And before you all jump down my sweetandsexybad-ass, let me be clear -- true sexual harassment from an office predator is wrong and the accused should make all things right --  however the matter needs to be settled just short of cutting off you know what from you know where...just sayin'

But you -- girls everywhere -- better really have a case; and you better not have contributed to it in any way (and you know exactly what I am talkin' about).

But this thing, with Herman Cain, is pure and simple a witch-hunt to get him out of the way.  For we can't even begin to ask the question as to "why now" without looking at the suspicious eyes of impeccable timing from God knows where, now can we?

This is like twenty years later!  This is months into his campaign!  This is after substantial gains everywhere we turn.  And besides, this is after"everybody was doing it" in the nineties  --  flirting with political disaster like so -- just look at our past president.

So why now?
he is kicking butt in the polls and in the hearts and minds of all Americans!   He is a real honest to goodness threat for all the right reasons.

as much as many of us may try -- women cannot have it both ways.

We can't scream look at me [from mass appeal in general, to the single lady in particular] -- and then cry foul when "they" do!

The truth is -- the American culture -- if not the entire world -- has created this phenomenon and it is a little late to begin to ask for special rules, protections, and exceptions.  While perhaps, it makes quite clear the case for returning to a time calling for more restraint, doesn't it? Maybe calling on Hollywood to clean itself up.  Maybe going back to using all those hours in school teaching the golden rules and respect of women, like true gentlemen; while teaching women to be little ladies.

[I KNOW!  I hear  you...oh G this sounds so Victorian and all....way to take us back a hundred years or more].

Maybe it's just me; but I am just so sick of this sort of thing -- the games people play; like, look at me, woo who over here and then turn around and slap him across the face with a lawsuit; it just doesn't work for me.  And it especially doesn't work for me twenty years later, only to surface just in time to throw a live grenade into a worthy presidential opponent's campaign.

Sure, there are some real dogs out there in the real world; but I truly do not believe Herman Cain is one of them.

And are you really going to try to tell me women have never done the same thing while making small talk around the water cooler?  oh, Charlie, you're almost as tall as my husband... like I come up to here on him [making a gesture]....seriously?

Now certainly, I am not defending anything goes, whether in part, or in whole. I am, however, of the firm belief that we can return to an age of being better grown ups all the way around.

And more than that, I believe we can do a better job in and around the water cooler, the holiday office party, and the corporate retreat in keeping a firm grasp of our own set of scruples -- to treat people with respect; and, if I may be so forward, be better at loving our neighbor as ourselves [in the biblical sense, that is].

Okay, so can we get back to the real Cain campaign now?

Just maybe if he sings us a new song we will all get a good laugh and move on.org. Time will tell -- but without a doubt, we will all know in a lot less than twenty years (more like in about twelve months).

Make it a Good Day, G

G note:  'Office Predator Drones' are a whole 'nother species separate from the case of men who rape women.   Please do not equate the two, or misconstrue the message of sexual attraction, or believe G to be of the mindset that women can "ask for it" by how women dress.  NONE of these issues have been addressed in THIS Day in the Life.

This attack on Herman Cain is, by all journalistic standards, neither substantiated or proven; from all appearances,  this story, driven by POLITICO.com,  is just making hay.

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