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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dear America,

"You have legislation 
reaffirming that “In God We Trust”is our motto? 
That’s not putting people back to work! 
I trust in God,
but God wants to see us 
help ourselves 
by putting people back to work." 
Obama, earlier today.

wow. right?

Context: Rep. Randy Forbes brought forward legislation affirming "In God We Trust" as our nation's motto -- and overwhelmingly, with a vote of 396 - 9, the House approved.

Not only does our president immediately march out to the podium to mock this action, he actually says something to the effect of 'like, what good is that?'   when he adds, "that's not putting people back to work!"

Yeah, right, he "trusts" God -- but like, not that much; in his eyes, this motto sucks because like, God, can only do so much, right?  God is limited, according to the Golden Child.  Sounding an awful lot like he thinks of himself to be smarter and more all-knowing than God, Itself, he quips, "God wants to see us help ourselves..."  ergo, and approve my jobs bill.

AND just the way he makes it a question!  

 "You have legislation reaffirming that 'In God We Trust' is our motto?"   

Really, Mr. President?
Anyone taking this statement out of context may allow for plenty of room to make a case against our country's entire foundation, as found in the words of our Declaration of Independence, which invokes the power of Divine Providence and Nature's Law and Nature's God throughout; lest we ignore the rather huge opening you leave us with, questioning your own true beliefs.

But for the sake of this conversation today, let's just run with giving you the benefit of the doubt....that perhaps you didn't mean it in that way... that you may have misspoke a wee bit...that you didn't mean to insinuate the fundamental ignorance of handing over our trust to God (...kinda like every other intellectual, liberal elitist who clearly wishes for this country to march through, over, and beyond God as quickly as we possibly can) .

Mr.  Oh "I trust in God, BUT..." Bama....seriously?

just so disappointed in this president of mine...

So yesterday, in the naming of the blog itself,  "It's Fundamental Change without the Fundamentals Thing"  -- I will gladly admit, I was mocking the conscious choices made by this president to run as far away from our nation's fundamentals as he could get.   But little did I know the president would support my charge with such a blatant show of one-ups-man-ship of our tried and true fundamentals the very next day.  The audacity of the man, really.

Keep on bringing it, Mr. O, that's all I got to say; keep on keepin' on; because the more you open that mouth of yours, the more I have to talk about.  amen!

[warning: flagrant sarcasm around the next bend]
So speaking of the limited power of God -- mythology, demons and angels in general and in particular --  here's a few cogent points "Debunking Obama's Latest Jobs Myth":  GO to  The Heritage Foundation.

Our foundation, calls for each one of us to be stewards of our own good self-government, with the firm belief and faith in something Greater than ourselves -- calling It whatever you wish; for "God," Itself,  IS the most generic and yet the Most High, the most profound, all at the same time.

Our foundation, marking our best and first intentions, set a course to Trust in God -- that Divine Providence Thing --  both in the micro and in the macro; so much so, we developed a brand new world -- the world's first Republic outlining the principles and values of faith within the fine print and bold declarations making our feelings, faith, fundamentals widely known.

While drafting our individual self-reliance as one of the cornerstones; we, the people, became the new king in town.   We, the people, held all the power to capitalize on Life, Liberty, in the Pursuit of Happiness.  We, the people,  would reign for all time through the power of a LIMITED Government and under an UNLIMITED GOD.

IN God We Trust is not a slogan to hang new legislation on.  It is a way of Life; it is a firm belief, inside and out, with or without, in sickness and in health; it is a marriage made Absolute and resilient for all time.

Spinning this into something more personal, I am reminded of a class I took at my church.  It was simply called Financial Freedom.  Even though the material was from a long while back -- like almost twenty years -- the basics of it are still very much a part of my everyday consciousness.

The most essential element probably being the one which demonstrably thanks God within the daily routine -- shouting out thank you out of the blue or after something good happens!  thinking it in the back of our mind like a meditation!  waking up in the morning making it our very first thought!   -- that sort of thing.

The idea is that we are circulating our good graces -- we are fueling the universe with appreciation and reverence for all of God's gifts [be it our talents, our pocketbook, our children, our life's work, etc...]

And the more we circulate -- keeping this pure joy in motion -- the more it builds upon itself.  For even our 'Financial Freedom' has a life force of it's very own.   We can be of the negative... reactionary....stifling... repelling kind... believing that 'the world does not have enough' mindset  -- OR - we can be of the multiplying.... abundant... forthcoming... unlimited kind...believing that 'there is plenty to go around' mindset.  [another exercise in the power of good over evil....]

But the point is, the power to decide 'how to think' is within every one of us [and, of course, it also plays into being an integral part as to the outcome].  That power is not by proclamation from government, but by affirmation, and individual atonement, with God's grace. [For more along those lines, read more about Nature's Law...google it...it is, after all, the one, the only, real true green energy you know.]

The Occupy Wall Street people -- fully supported by this administration, by the way -- is of the mindset of 'not enough.'  I don't have enough, so you need to give me what you have. Share the wealth! cuz Lord knows, I don't trust God to do it....

Start writing "thank you God" on the memo line of your checks and see what happens.  Start appreciating what you already have.  If nothing else, give thanks for being able to freely speak, for goodness sakes.  For every little thing -- good and bad -- look up and say thank you; there is reason back behind every little thing that happens.

Be a part of the conscious, positive, abundant, unlimited-ness in the world around you and all of a sudden the world around you will respond -- in buckets sometimes.

Case in point: the natural world never questions the magnificence of God; the trees never look upon other trees thinking to themselves, I don't have enough leaves... acorns... flowers...fruit...you need to give me some of yours -- they just LIVE!

Sure.  It sounds silly; but I beg of you, start recognizing how much of the natural world accepts where they are and makes the best of it.  Bear witness to nature's affirmations all around -- that the sunflowers really do stand tall and keep their face to the sun!  That there are thousands of polar bear thriving right now, in the natural, in spite of climate change.  The natural world revels just as much in the dead of night as it does upon morning light.  The natural world adapts to circumstances, never settling into the realm of 'not enough.'  It just keeps going.

This is the kind of faith our founders had in mind. The inherent mindset was one of UNLIMITEDNESS and total, absolute, abundance all the way around.  Circulating.  Thriving.  Living.  Capitalizing upon God's good graces.

And when we have a-good-and-plenty, we share it with others from the goodness embedded in our heart; taking care of the community and the common good through our churches and charities, knowing we have more than enough to go around.

This is why we affirm the motto, In God We Trust.  This is why our fundamentals are so vitally important.  It all connects to back to the Divine in all things we do -- individually and collectively.

"You have legislation 
reaffirming that “In God We Trust”is our motto? 
That’s not putting people back to work! 
I trust in God,
but God wants to see us 
help ourselves 
by putting people back to work."

what desperation.  what kind of affirmation is this?

it's a fundamental transformation kind of affirmation, that's what it is.

Make it a Good Day, G

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