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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear America,

Dizzy is the day today; if our world could spin any faster, we would be confined to rubber rooms before four.

Let me move into the thoughts of a guy who I don't know very much about but, you know that game where you ask someone, if you could invite ten people over for dinner, who would you want at your table?  This would be one of those guys.  He is a renowned libertarian and world philosopher, centralizing on the economic free will of the marketplace, as well as, in person, as it pertains to our own personal activity and overall governance as a whole.

As a frequent editorial writer for The Daily Bell,  Dr. Tibor Machan, regularly stops the world and speaks directly to the heart of the matter, illustrating a view that is wildly libertarian, non-political, and unabashedly to the point, always finding a way to elevate the debate with common sense, practical experience and knowledge, while adding the much needed higher consciousness in the process. (and his bio is pretty incredible too)

The Daily Bell comes out of Liechtenstein, from the Appenzeller Business Press, a "Swiss-based publisher built upon free market ideas and concepts," mainly coming from the position that "the best form of government is one that governs the least."

His article today is entitled, "A Stupid Analogy,"  and is spot on as he answers the connundrum facing America today, is the health insurance individual mandate the same thing as car insurance?  Oh, yes, and you better believe you know where this guy is going with this -- nicht so gut! Nein, nein, nein.

So guten morgen! and read Machan's splendid take, if you will; read the whole thing, it will only take you a couple minutes...  go ahead...do it...  I'll wait.

It is the end that will make your head spin, but in a good way; it will be a moment that will put all the pieces of Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Machan concludes the following:

"...Other people should not be placed into involuntary servitude so as to bail one out of either bad luck or misconduct that creates medical problems for one.

It is always a puzzle to me that so many people who are notoriously righteous about the past enslavement of millions of people around the globe, including in America, have no compunction about partially enslaving others so as to get their own agendas fulfilled.  But if slavery is wrong, then so is imposing on others the negative consequences of one's own life, just as it is wrong to deprive people of the positive consequences of the same.

This is the central issue so many public policy debates not only in our time but from time immemorial.  People are not for other people to be used against their will.  Never, nohow, under no circumstances.  Until this lesson is learned good and hard everywhere, the world will be very far from having become truly civilized."
This health insurance mandate is reminding me of something that was said by our First Lady just yesterday, when she was at the ceremony ringing in another new law controlling the lives of others, so fabuloso (slipped a little Spanish in for you, coming from SoCal it's the way of the new world, you know).  Anyway...Michelle had no problem saying this stunner:

"We can't just leave it up to the parents."

Yeah, yeah, that would be just crazy talk.

The law itself will subsidize and regulate everything from the (presumably nixed) Tuna Casserole Surprise to the next ASB Bake Sale, not to be confused with the Junior Varsity Softball sale of Junior Mints, or the Varsity Football sale of Butterfingers, see Section 10, sub-section B, (IV) spelling out just one of the many requirements, and any special exemptions there of, blah blah blah, as long as the fundraisers are "infrequent within the school."  Hmm can we get a definition of "infrequent" for 4.5 Billion dollars, please... danke.

So if you really want to read something more fun than the Whirly Twirl, go to this little number, expressly made by the fearless actions of your good government, hard at work serving you -- not all of you, but a few of you anyway.

The thing is, we can't afford to add one more thing;

I don't know about you -- Was mochten Sie? -- but I am prepared, and on my knees really, begging that we all go by way of the lessons of the old world, what I like to call the "prairie philosophy", as personified by our heritage through the selfless, mind blowing, rugged, hearty libertarians and pioneers who have come before us; they had no health insurance, stage coach insurance, horse insurance, chuck wagon (aka school lunch) insurance, happiness insurance, or any insurances of any kind; they lived hoping and wishing and praying that they could just live beyond the next bend; it is normally associated with a philosophy otherwise known as the school of hard knocks.

So, Nein Nein Nein.

Not one more thing; "never.  nohow. under no circumstances."
Konnen Sie mir helfen?  Can you help me?
and Vielen Dank! thank you very much to Dr. Tibor Machan, and The Daily Bell, imprinting humanity with a daily account of the free market system, guarding lady liberty with a Swiss knife of sorts, and bravely presenting our duty and  responsibility to protect our freedoms every day via a forum of the most fascinating thinkers of our time.

And by the way, you are truly welcome for dinner anytime.

Guten Tag! Auf Wedersehen!  G
yes, I am aware, that what I just did makes absolutely no sense, saying hello and goodbye at the same time; ah so goes the spinning world we live and the contradictions that surround us... try to keep steady and make it a good day!

U2 is playing VERTIGO with a click on Dear America, it's still a free world today so play it loud while you still can...

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