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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear America,

Don't you just love a movie montage capturing the umpteen moments when a certain presidential wanna-be said the words 'roll back.' Hannity has been playing it over and over and over...

Makes it all the more clearer just how tight the relationship between the White House and the makers of Walmart; oh the sweet heart deal they got with Humana, now amplified daily in sixty second commercials, appealing to the aged, senior citizens to walk this way; they will wait for you to make it up to the door, take your time.

Once again, I am overwhelmed with the idea that the full orchestration of the wheeling and dealing is sequestered securely under the main stage; what we see going on in Washington is never on the up and up, never what it seems.

How can we really trust anyone?

And these last few days, my goodness, what a joke; how can a president stand before the American people, proclaim a deal is all but done, and then have it morph into days of rhetoric, disgruntled feelings, barbs and jabs from both sides, making his so called "compromise" absolutely, entirely meaningless -- while in the process, diminish his very own credibility?

It was as if Washington, and essentially his own party, abashedly gave him the hook....just  send in the clowns already, don't bother, they're here...loosing my timing this late...in my career...well maybe, next year...

[Great song -- and thank you, Frank, couldn't have sung it better myself.]

Somebody, please, tell me, just why is it we can't agree on one thing at a time anyway?  Why isn't it possible for an easy 'yea' or 'nay' vote on one thing, and one thing only, one thing at a time in Washington?  Why can't we just get exactly where each and every one of you stand -- without collaborating for an inside piece of the action, without gerrymandering the votes on the floor, and keep to a semblance of order entirely based upon one's convictions; and simply make a decision solely based on it being the right thing to do, for the people, by the people, with the people ... of course, doing so in a manner that is totally, utterly grateful and respectable of the office you hold and the larger America of whom you serve, while getting paid handsomely to do it?

I recognize we have a two party system; I understand we very rarely see eye to eye; but what is with these 2000 page bills and the perversions of power doctoring up the details -- to the extent that we don't know what's in it until we pass it?

What's with throwing in as much pork we possibly can, counter-productively risking the passage of the one thing that is sorely requiring immediate attention?

And I hate to keep rolling back to the same old argument, but what's with the manufactured rush now?  How is it possible for all of you to wait all year before tackling these HUGE, catastrophic, controversial, divisive issues and opting to do it under the Lame Duck congress, with those who no longer hold the power by the people?

What kind of management is that?

Let's just say, if my Reebok Easy Tone feet were sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office, you could bet this would be the first thing I would change.

What a mess, these last few days; just imagine what the world leaders are thinking...here's the POTUS appealing to the public, proclaiming victory in reaching a compromise, when not one bit of it was even true -- and when in fact, rolling back on one of his chief, and tirelessly overused, campaign promises to "roll back" those evil Bush tax rates.

O    M    G

And don't  you just love how they define the group of over $250 K always as "millionaires and billionaires," especially coming from the 14 trillionaire sitting on capital hill.  unbelievable.

What is that?  As if there are so many billionaires running around with the rest of us slackers?  Seriously?  Really?  That's what you want to run with? Let's just expand that to make it sound even better, throwing in zillionaires next time and plastering our pinkie to the corner of our lips. Hold up a second while I get a good belly laugh and lose a half inch in my waist...

There are just about 310 million Americans living here -- probably up to 20 zillion of that are illegals, but let's put that in a little perspective, shall we?  Less than one percent of our population are considered to be in the  Richie Rich category, okay?  And dovetailing on yesterdays ideas, just who do you think create the jobs?

Most people are not in a position to create a company that can create a million zillion jobs (okay, really about 2 M) like a Sam Walmart, as in THE Wal-Mart, who low and behold, looky there, are one of the top contributors to democrats, a notable shift from dolling out their thousands of dollars to republicans over the last two years -- and currently, one of the few corporations embracing the employee mandate under the new health care law. hmmmm what is going on behind the scenes there?

Interesting to note, a certain Hillary Clinton sat on the Board of Directors from the mid eighties and into the early nineties; but that little tidbit becomes all the more more fascinating given the company's history of being beholden to the free market system -- being decidedly against unionization -- with it's companies leaders regularly topping the list of the nations "millionaires and billionaires" for decades now. something must have changed...

And boy does this company make bank -- I didn't know how much until today, talk about billions, but equally grabbing my attention was the fact that nearly 100 million Americans shop at Wal-Mart each year, a third of the population; and what may come as no surprise, given their market advertising, might be the reality that the average Wal-Mart customer falls below the national income average -- but did you know that nearly one-fifth of it's base don't even have a personal bank account!

They also say, the people who gain the most from discount super stores, the Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target shoppers of this world -- are those who fall below a middle class income; the filling of this particular economic niche contributes to the harsh reality many Americans live in every day; these super stores make a difference from not only bring a value added benefit to millions of customers, they could very well be the difference of their survival.

So our president is in trouble for rolling back on a promise; he's been here before, I'm sure he will find a way to smooth over the rough spots, maybe throw in an executive order, furnish a pardon, make a special allowance for, exempting his favorite players; or maybe...

he'll simply just look the other way, ignore the controversy, ridicule the opposition, divide and conquer the base, his base, your base, nothing is sacred, we all scream for ice cream, anything can happen in a storm; or maybe...

nothing really matters at this point going forward -- the damage has been done, the trillions in health care legislation, and stimulus, and bailouts, and uncontrollable government spending, and the growth of
government faster than the growth of private industry, and the borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, will all amount to the same predicament for each and every one of us -- that even a Wal-Mart won't be able to help us now, as the inevitable bankruptcy looms larger than life itself.

America's total destruction will put us on the map, equally and fairly, next to the rest of the misfits and failures of a budding republic, that which provides for the safe keeping and healthy practice centering upon the sweet liberties and freedoms of the individual -- as everything this administration ever wanted would be made and procurred whether right under our noses or behind closed doors, stage left  -- creating the brand new, global community at large, yeah cloud, leaving free market capitalism falling to it's knees.  And oh thank God we believe in God.

Make it a Good Day, G

and to the Dems, the party now holding the gun and keeping the tax cuts "hostage" until something better can be worked out in a real compromise...to you I say, since when have you been concerned with deficits, the national debt, and not spending the people's money?  just when did that start?

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