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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear America,

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, 
now it looks though they're here to stay, oh, I believe, in yesterday...

everybody join in now...

First, let me just say, yesterday is what happens when you blosh...rushing a blog is no way to go around life, you know what I'm saying... What, was I on speed, barreling through the the turns in run on after run on, not really coming to a complete and full stop if ever, not even once.  Crazy, I tell you, simply crazy.

Nothing good comes in a rush, that's all I'm trying to say; and going back to how the seasons greetings each year find congress suddenly in a rush, I think the point is made all the way around -- rushing legislation is no way to circumvent the people and create an even bigger government.

And besides, who was it yesterday who basically called the central government out on this, highlighting the history of Rome in the process, coming to the conclusion that the congressional body might just be pretty much for show nowadays -- the real damage gets done by executive order, czars, by special committee, and under a new system of governing and social order -- a.k.a. community organizer in chief. 

Oh it's subtle alright; half the country doesn't even see it coming, or rather, happening right under the mistletoe.

Let us slow down today, and pay attention to what we are doing, shall we?

And given it is clearly permissible to congregate by community prayer vigil, let's have one:
(and can we have a great big shout out to JoAnn Watson, City Councilwoman of Detroit...kudos to you...I give the ACLU, or our very own Justice Department, about ten more minutes before they shut that kind of behavior down)

In Mother Teresa's own words, found in her book, A Simple Path...
"God is everywhere and in everything and without Him we cannot exist.  I have never for one moment doubted the existence of God but I know some people do.  If you don't believe in God you can help others by doing your works of love, and the fruit of these works are the extra graces that come into your soul.  Then you'll begin to slowly open up and want the joy of loving God."

Mother Teresa made herself wholly available to God, to use her in whatever capacity He chose for her, being led down a simple path of austerity, grace, adding in an extreme duty and allegiance to the welfare of others, all her life. This reverence to the Most High became her life's work.

Not all of us can be a saint, like a Mother Teresa; some of us become Aretha Franklin's or Paul McCartney's showering the world in the love of song, sharing in community that one still voice; as a people, we can glean much and often through the power of lifting spirits higher, in joy or in sorrow, through words and melodies in song.  Music can sometimes change everything.

Let us consider then, music's ability to act as prayer, and come away with perhaps, a resolution, in hopes that we use our gifts, and support each other to do the same, and welcome the prospect of congregating with those who use God's gifts for good as often as we might possibly can; let us ponder, that while congregations sing on Sunday, everything from Gospel to Evangelical, from the Torah to the Koran, the reality is we sing in God's glory throughout the ages, in all communities, all the time. 

Tell me, we are not changed in that moment we recognize, altogether, that we are connected to the source of All Good; when we commune with each other in song, and in prayer, we lift our spirits to the heaven's above, and we let go of all the troubles of the earth and by the earth -- even if only for a moment.

When we pray, we do this; when we sing in the car, we do this; and when we do, things change, we change.

Doesn't this tell us and affirm, the essential element in life, and perhaps our success through it, might be eased simply by being mindful and cognizant of just about everything we say and think and sing and pray then?  Isn't it required of us to display this faith, actively and in community with one another, in order to teach our children, everyday, the importance of joining together in prayer for the betterment of the entire community, like glue, as the directions say?  

How is it okay to pray for a cultural icon, as in our dear Aretha -- openly, publicly, in the town square, and fully advocated by an official in the business of public service -- and yet, to do so for someone of lesser "value," or to even think of attempting such an act within the walls of public school, we say, heaven forbid?!

Isn't it just as important to display this faith, to unite in prayer, everyday?  In order to create a community in peace, and love, and respect, for all faiths, of all things, isn't it vital for the growth  and wealth of such a nation to practice what we preach in our daily affairs?  Why is it only allowed, and not ashamed, when it is hovering into an the realm of only for the elite, only for a few, only under certain conditions, only warranted by that which we deem politically, or culturally, correct?

Ball players do it; musicians sing it; Muslims demand it; the natural world revels in it; even birds do it -- chirping in God's grace the whole day through.

Mother Teresa explains,

"We are working for the Kingdom, we have devoted our lives to the Kingdom of God, so He definitely has to be the one who guides us and leads us and provides for us.  For instance, we never lose sight of God's providence, so we try to store the things that we need, and just manage with whatever comes as it comes.  I think in this way we will continue to receive God's blessings, especially if we don't become extravagant and if we don't get caught up living for the future, instead of right now in the present.  We need to be flexible -- when it is God's time things are easy and when its not His time things are difficult.  We must really listen to the invitation that God extends to us in whichever way it is manifested...

Let Jesus use you without consulting you.  [wow, that is good]

We let Him take what He wants from us.  So take whatever He gives and give whatever He takes with a big smile.  Accept the gifts of God and be deeply grateful. If He has given you great wealth, make use of it, try to share it with others, with those who don't have anything.  Always share with others because even with a little help you may save them from becoming distressed.  And don't take more than you need, that's all.  Just accept whatever comes."

"If he has given you great wealth..." this isn't just about material wealth and financial freedom, it is more about the gifts of talent and influence we live from a place of being in communion with one another.

"We must really listen to the invitation that God extends..." this isn't just about who we are individually, how best to purposely use our gifts, endowed by our Creator,  it is more about who we are how we unite, as a whole, with these gifts; collectively, what do we stand for, and how do we best give reverence to God, while shaping our society in gratitude for all that comes our way.  

Do we begin to take it all for granted, and move on.org, or do we make manifest a brighter, purposeful world of co-creators all around, never forgetting to give thanks and praise for where THE ALL comes.?

This is a time that try men's souls without a doubt -- but in relation to protecting all that we have worked for, it can be utterly detrimental and permanently destructive of everything if we ever come to a time when forget from where we came. 

A genuine effort to build community coming from faith, a belief in something greater than ourselves, Something so Great and Wonderful, that It guides us and directs us, even if totally unaware or accepted, is the only way true progress can me made.  To live a life connected to the Source of all things, and live a life of true faith -- the kind of faith the majority of us say that we are, and a nation that celebrates this very foundation from it's birth  -- we we must actually connect!

It was Glenn Beck, yesterday, who stamped out the fall of the Roman Empire across his handy dandy chalkboard; how did they fall from being an upstanding Republic?  Through the degradation of social and moral values, a show of rampant incivility between one another, overextending the growth of the central government increasing the power over the people, restricting the everyday rights and freedoms and liberties of the whole...in other words, letting too much power into the hands of way too few in every attempt to play God;  little by little they began to control God's gifts.

Our society is doing everything backwards these days -- instead of praying for guidance and direction, in the community of one another, we are separating, polarizing the issues, dividing the hearts and minds of a faithful people, and dismissing the one, true, simple path right in front of us.  Our troubles of yesterday will never go away until we pray about it today.

And to pray on it, never ceasing.

We really don't know what will happen tomorrow, do we. At this point, as the world turns, just about anything goes and just about anything could.

If we paid more attention to how we live today [for it might be all we have], freely, in the presence of one another, anywhere and often, and undoubtedly under God [have your pick],  our troubles may not miraculously fall far, far away, if ever, if at all; but it would be a matter of record that we would know precisely where they lay... and more important, know just where to put our hearts and minds in order to make manifest a resolution, and everyday create a more perfect union.

Make it a Good Day, G

and by the way, we really should pray for Aretha today...and while you're on the line, throw in a few good thoughts for all the rest of us, too.  We all need a little love, be it for yesterday, in this very moment, or whatever tomorrow may bring...

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