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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear America,

It must be great to be labeled  "the comeback kid" even before the comeback; almost like getting nominated for being the Prince of Peace, before doing anything to deserve it...and then getting it!...the Nobel Peace Prize, pulleeze, go figure, and based solely upon the public perception of a sight unseen... oh my, guessing precedence couldn't get any better than that, now can it?

More fascinating is the MainStreamMedia jumping on a conservative's viewpoint like white on rice, however; wondering, how often that really happens?  Modern day miracles abound.

But oh the titillation, the thrill up the leg, the oooh's and aww's praising such high thoughts of a renowned conservative for none other than their man in power, the media couldn't say enough about Krauthammer's prophetic characterization of the Chosen One; even if it comes long before we see the actual second coming of a president...and even if it's not exactly his point. 

No bother, as each side takes, eats, as this is my body given for you; we take only what we want to hear, what we want to believe, using it to whatever advantage we can find in direct proportion of our faith.  For the mainstream media, the faith, the belief, the fodder for all things seen and unseen is so real they can taste it like water turned into wine, blindly following along as if fishers of men -- albeit twisted, of course, as their faith is firmly laid in just a man. 

But what Krauthammer offers to the rest of us, seems somewhat of an enigma right now; even after November's shallacking, his column was more a precursor of what's to come if we aren't careful; considering it's football season, "the right" must look alive -- as much like those Giants on Sunday morning, loosing in the final seconds of the game, after establishing a gargantuan lead over Michael Vick and the Eagles, leaving the stands stunned, the nonsensical compromising on our game, may ironically justify the means to the end for the other side...

For even with the win at the polls, even with the wind at our back, the game can easily be taken away from us in a New York minute.

This message of "don't be fooled" is haunting me; just when we thought we could stand on the sidelines, and take a breath, Washington continues the march,  true to form, right down the lines, right in front of us, every single minute it's in session -- and just how unbearable it is to watch; operating like business as usual, in the hands of an unchanged quorum, unhinged spending, and crazy last minute shenanigans, once again, we are fooled into trusting these people to get a grip on things, and more important, keep it.

Much like Krauthammer's column the week before in, The Swindle of the Year, "if Obama had asked for a second stimulus directly, he would have been laughed out of town..."  watch the other hand, 'the Hammer' screams to us from high atop in the eagle's nest, coaching us into the next round of plays.

Rest assured our Krauthammer comes back each week.

Fortunately, his weekly column, and frequent live commentary, is in step, in sink, and syndicated (thank God) to the audience on the right side of the stadium on a regular basis -- for we need all the help we can get. 

And just how does he chose to come to a close in his timely ode to "the new comeback kid"...

"The greatest mistake Ronald Reagan's opponents ever made -- and they made it over and over again -- was to underestimate him.  Same with Obama.  The difference is that Reagan was so deeply self-assured that he invited underestimation -- low expectations are a priceless political asset -- whereas Obama's vanity make him always needing to appear the smartest guy in the room.  Hence, that display of prickliness in his disastrous post-deal news conference last week.

But don't be fooled by defensive style or thin-skinned temperament.  The president is a very smart man.  How smart?  His comeback is already a year ahead of Clinton's."

And on that note, I must leave you to begin a serious round of baking -- all this testosterone slinging has me having visions of gingerbread men dancing in my head.  Can't wait to bite a head off.

Make it a Good Day, G

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