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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear America,

Oh thank you father/mother Christmas!  Thank you!  It's just what I always wanted.

Harry Reid got nothing on his 1.1 Trillion Dollar OMNIBUS spending bill; and not because the momentum of the Democratic Majority Senate was being obstructed by their fellow republicans, oh no, it was his own party keeping him from riding into the homestretch on a big white horse to save the day.  even with the majority, Reid didn't have the votes...because it was @*&(#^(*& ridiculous.

Surely, we should all be kissing the ground right now, as that was a close one.

But look alive, people, he is still not done: believing he can still pummel through DADT, the Dream Act, a Boxer/Reid Land Grab, and finish the New Start Treaty... and here's the real kicker, all before the end of day Saturday, he says (that would be tomorrow).

Yeah yeah, that's the ticket; let's rush controversial, monumental changes at the last minute, without debate, and vote on it starting at about 9am.  are you for real playa?

Just before jumping into my G thing, I did a short search for the following, "what has Obama cut from the budget the last two years."

Top two contenders were from a recent Bloomberg piece, crafting an overview of where the Bush Era Tax Cuts stood, posted this month (not what I was looking for) -- and the second article that popped up was from May 2009, a news feed from the Associated Press and posted on MSNBC.

Oh, if we only knew then what we know now.

In a nutshell, way back when, Obama was proposing a $17 Billion Dollar reduction of federal spending  -- but keep in mind, this is 2009...way before the summer of townhall meetings and the coming arrival of Santa loaded up with the unwanted, unwarranted, overzealous Health Care legislation passing on Christmas Eve (at a cost of 1.3 T's).

Much to my surprise, even the liberal mainstream media could not deny that $17 B's was like a drop in a very deep bucket -- can't help but get a rise out of that, way to make me want to like you.

To pick some what was said apart:

The article explains that "the proposed cuts amount to less than one-half of 1 percent of his $3.6 trillion federal budget outline." 

But the AP quickly came to his aid, adding a heartfelt connection between The Chosen One and the people, quoting our new leader, "[Washington] is prepared to act with the same sense of responsibility" as all the rest of America... especially since it is a time when everyone is "tightening their belts."

"'I believe we can and must do exactly that,' 
Obama said in a statement he delivered before cameras..." 

"But $17 billion a year is not chump change by anyone's accounting," he said.

(not "chump change" he said...it is now, eighteen months later...but I digress)

While the AP ventures on, putting the "17 B" into layman's terms context:
"those savings are far exceeded by a 2 1/2-inch thick volume detailing Obama's generous increases for domestic programs. And instead of devoting the savings to defray record deficits, the White House is funneling them back into other programs...

Despite redoubling its efforts to portray itself as tough on waste and spending, it's undeniable that the administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress has taken the nation on a steady course of higher budgets in appropriated accounts. In rapid succession has come passage of a $787 billion economic recovery bill, a $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill and Congress' $3.4 trillion budget, which calls for increases of almost 10 percent over current funding for non-defense agency budgets...

Obama has said repeatedly his administration will go through the budget "line by line" to eliminate waste. But the resulting savings are relatively minor compared with the government's fiscal woes, especially a deficit that's likely to exceed $1.5 trillion this year, the latest installment in a national debt now at about $10.7 trillion.

Many of the cuts mirror those proposed previously by Bush but largely rejected by Congresses controlled by both Republicans and Democrats. In fact, Democrats already have pared about $10 billion from Obama's appropriations requests in passing the $3.4 trillion congressional budget plan last month...

Can we note the numbers, please: $787 billion economic recovery bill, $410 billion OMNIBUS bill, $3.4 Trillion Dollar budget!, increasing nearly 10 percent...deficits reaching $1.5 T projected for 2009...national debt then, $10.7 Trillion (oh to have this day back again) -- and now, nearly $14.

And yet, Obama was somehow pleased with himself to maybe shave off about $17 billion dollars of savings here and there, give a little, take a little...not so fast... that's right... even the MSM had to admit that the money was just being "funneled," or shall we say redistributed, to somewhere else; it didn't go straight to the bottom line,  mending the deficit, or the national debt.  It was circulated, and thus amounts to the real reason for this season, and last season, and the one before that...Washington is broken.

Oh how this girl loves to tiptoe through the archives.

So all in all, the annihilation of this year's Omnibus spending bill is a good thing. 

Okay now, just before I go, get a load of what an outlet called "POLITIfacts" calls the Lie of the Year...and they had some good one's, for sure, up for nomination...you can see them all for yourself if you jump over to their website; personally, I wouldn't waste your time. 

This is what the lame stream media is circulating -- mostly amongst themselves... here we go now... wait for it...

The biggest lie, according to the self-proclaimed authority on all the media matters at hand, PolitiFacts, is "the claim that ObamaCare is a government takeover of the Health Care System."  BIG FAT LIE they say.

Sorry kids, that isn't exactly true now, is it?  is it?

What the left fails to recognize (again) is the funny thing about the Free Market System -- you start messing with it, manipulating it, massaging it, feeding it uppers and downers, the beast begins to self destruct from the inside out. 

The left, recklessly fails to look beyond the horizon.

The left, is always kicking the can down the road, and sadly, making gains with the help of many on the right.

The left, refuses to see (even after the shellacking on Nov 2) that we can no longer support government by immediate gratification.  

But there they go, the left, choosing to pass a new health care law, on the eve of Christmas, to the utter disgust of nearly every American (pro or con for one reason or another) -- and not without giving us a conciliatory brush off  from Nancy Pelosi, that "we must pass it to know what's in it."

The left, without actually resolving the highest concerns, empties a piece of loaded legislation ringing into the new year a brand new entitlement, further strangling, entangling, and enslaving a system already suffocating under the pressure.

The left,  despite enjoying the best health care system in the world, with 85% of the people happy with it, gives the people a bureaucratic bombshell, only exponentially exasperating the abuses even further; even as issues of government regulation, malpractice, lawsuits, waste, fraud, along with the chokehold of systemic failure due to the inability to carry insurance across state lines, allowing the free market of the sale of health care insurance to actually operate freely, and thus equitably balance costs through fair competition practices ...all of it, continues to grow untethered.

In the end, the bottom line is that the Left is clinging to an unrealistic outcome:  sooner, or later, the market we know and love will implode, all that will be left standing (if we're lucky?), will be the government's public option (no, we're not there yet, but we will be -- simply by the natural "progression," or rather, attrition, of the market itself).  And those of us "not on the left" can see this from miles and miles away; while those on the left, inside the beltway, that is, know this, too... we might as well have had Nancy saying, 'all in due time, my pretty, all in due time.'

So PolitiFacts, you fell for a really, really, big lie, with a lie; oh the irony in becoming the BIGGEST LIE of them all.  Sleep well. 

Thank goodness we have a president who is "prepared to act with the same sense of responsibility."

Make it a Good Day, G

click your heels on Dear America...

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