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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear America,

"It's an absolute joke. I was looking forward to this. 
It would have been a real experience. 
This is what football is all about. 
We're becoming a nation of wussies."  
Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, sometime yesterday...

I guess it takes something really big to happen before a liberal even notices; yes, Govena, we aw a nation of wussies...and we sure didn't get here by way of the foundation laid by our fine forefathers who gave us everything with nothing more than perhaps a pat on the butt, maybe with a resounding 'buck up buttercup' as we set out to become something, be something, as purely evident by our duty and delight of just being a part of the home team, and a winning one, at that.

Okay, so they wouldn't say 'buttercup', but neither would they say "wussies" either, so na na na nana.

But nooooooooooooo, somewhere down the line, we DID become a nation of wussies; and I couldn't have said it better myself --  just the irony, as the shout out is coming from a die hard left wing entitlement monger, bellowing out onto the field from the sidelines!  The very thought of it gives me more chills up and down my leg than quite possibly if I were sitting in those snowdrifts above the 50 yard line -- if in fact, the game went on in spite of a few flurries as planned.

So they canceled the Sunday Night Football game for a little snow, and this is what turns the liberal upside down, to the point of calling us all a bunch of wussies? wow.

Where is Rendell when it comes to showing up for that same fighting spirit when it comes to the daily grind?  Where is Rendell when it comes to shoring up the business leaders and corporate makers of jobs, for the betterment of all, in hopes of creating jobs and responsibilities and duties above and beyond the local unemployment office? Where is Rendell when it comes to speaking directly to the wussies and the weak-kneed who just need someone to give them a little tough love, the kind that causes someone to grab life by the bootstraps, no matter what, and keep at it?  Where is this Rendell?

Wussies, he says.

What is fascinating, seeing into the future no less, is what kind of other suspicious weather might be lurking around the bend to call for another unusually long commercial break?  Will these actions inspire another team, to use creative license to postpone a game until "Joe Blow" is feeling better, to allow for an additional day's rest, or simply, make the other team sweat for 48 hours longer, or more, weather permitting?

And just who, in fact, makes this kind of call anyway?  Was it just Goodell who threw in the wussie pink flag? Or did he get some help with his own audacious line of commissioner's men, sacking the rush to judgment in a last ditch blitz?

Setting precedence, is setting precedence, just sayin'.

and oh the trouble we've seen when we take an inch, right.

But more important, doesn't this just give us one more reason to gang up against the rising tide of regulation in this country?  yeah, you must have known I would go there...

Even though I woke up really fuzzy this morning, I still have my Common Sense wits about me...

this being the fifth day -- or is it the seventh? -- of a horrid regime of hot tea, naps and NyQuil.  Yes, even over the Christmas holiday, this girl was out cold in a lovely, self-medicated, shut down the cough so I can get some sleep medicine. yum.  You will be happy to know the congestion is all but gone, and I have almost forgot I had a nagging cough.

Being one who is not a wuss when it comes to getting sick (and proud of it) -- hardly ever catching the common cold in the first place -- when it finally catches up to me, I simply go down.  out. down. done. turn out the lights, the party's over, don't bother me, I'm sleeping...

ONLY to wake up from the slumber refreshed! yeah me!

As you can imagine, the in-box was over-floweth, like a blizzard, doncha know.  But one of my favorite things to read is the Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell -- it always chimes in with highly topical, straight up talk of the play of the day; it's kinda like gathering in a huddle with a cadre of  colonial doers and thinkers, all round up dispensing a shot in the arm for the die-hard fan of these United States.  So, in an effort to get to my point before a lingering need to close my eyes comes upon me, read this about BIG GOVERNMENT.

This 111th Congress cannot go down and out fast enough, if you get my drift.  Regulations that we don't even know about, hear about, have a chance to read about, continues unbridled and unguarded all around us.

And just like football, the game -- the AFC meets NFC meets USA  -- the really big show, for real -- was never intended to have this much regulation.

This nation was not made for wussies, damn straight, Mr. Rendell; what he lacks in eloquence, he sure makes up in relevance.

Besides hoping we hit replay on his remarks over and over and over again, my second hope is that this may lead us to a new, new start treaty dating back to this very moment in time, and that one day, we may look back at this and get a good laugh -- for it all began with a little thing called over-regulation, in the hands of an over-zealous commissioner, that perhaps changed the course of a nation gone pansy... all because of the potential of a hundred year storm, rising from the groundswell of fear of the ever so humble itzy bitzy snowflake; with any luck at all, it will roll up into a ball and unceremoniously be thrown in the face of all Americans right here, right now...

meaning nothing more and nothing less than:  WAKE UP!  Snap out of it! This progressive march of over-regulation, these continuous threats thwarting the rule of law by lowly man, along with the constant attack upon the Natural Law, endowed by our Creator, enlightened by our founders, and left in the firm grasp of each and everyone of us, is taking the fun out of everything!  let's just play the game, already. enough is enough.

Make it a Good Day, G

And thank you, Mr. Ed

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