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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's Realities Colliding Thing

Dear America,

T-shirt wit strikes again.

and this one really fits nicely, right?

funny stuff.

When none of this stuff is really all that amusing, a little levity is much appreciated; and nobody pulls that off as well as Tucker.

but this ICEGATE...what a riot listening to the left-leaning media's propaganda pile up!

ooooh he threw some ice....the horror.

Do the audiences of CNN and MSNBC really think this nonsense is worthy news?

Wonder why they never talked about THIS news without taking a breath, circa 2008? Obama was approved by the general public and elected to hold the highest office in the land, knowing he came from years of drug/alcohol use, to excess at times, throughout his high school years and in young adulthood.

But anywho,
here we are, mixing the trivial with the serious, twisting stories of relevance with nonsense, and for some people, designating allegations near self-prescribed facts without any real evidence ...other than a memory with holes all through it.  [Did Trump blow it? yes.  He did.  He's got no patience.  He should have waited just a few more days for this kind of thing to come out of his mouth.  That is just the gawd awful truth.]

Here's one more funny thing, and it comes courtesy of the Babylon Bee (love this place)...after getting a little head's up from The Patriot Post (aka my favorite place)

so enjoy....
Everyone Waits Patiently For FBI Investigation That Will Definitely End All Controversy

ah, thank God for people with a sense of humor, right?

tee hee wee wee  all the way home.

truth is, at the end of the day, none of this is all that funny; oh the drama -- as tragedies and comedies and realities collide.

Make it a Good Day, G

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