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Thursday, September 8, 2016

It's Thinking with a Capital T Thing

Dear America,

making an honest assessment of things seems to be a good place to start on this typical, foggy morning in SO CAL

shedding some light on things, yeah yeah
opening the drapes, 
paving the way for the sunlight, now hidden to the far reaches of the horizon,  to ultimately become the fool rushing in to save the day...eventually

we need the fog sometimes
in order to quiet the mind long enough to think...to begin to understand the big picture alongside the minute nuances of truth or fiction, all of which eventually begin to take a certain shape of what's to come, outlining through the nooks and crannies what is real, what is imagined, what is truth, and what is false.  The seen and the unseen revel amongst themselves and almost magically, things come together

and this morning, let's just start with one thing Capital T said last night to Matt Lauer --

"I have a plan, but I want to be -- look, I have a very substantial chance of winning.  We're going to make America great again, I have a very substantial chance of winning.  If I win, I don't want to broadcast to the enemy what my plan is ...If I like maybe a combination of mine and the generals plan or the generals plan.  If I like their plan, Matt, I'm not going to call you up and say, 'Matt, we have a great plan.' This is what Obama does."
Upon morning light, the Washington Examiner post of late last night, titled, "Trump vows to replace generals" from Al Weaver, is a masterpiece of a headline, but let's let the sun shine in, shall we?

Is that really what you get, Al?  Is that the summation of your observation from the 30 minute exchange last night?   Because, I, for one, five star girl can tell you, not sure it was a vow -- for that means he's committed to it -- and really now?  What, other than making America great again, is the Trumpster truly committed to? (It's a fair question.)

sure he did say....
"Well, there will probably be different generals, to be honest with you...
but then he went on to add:
"Well, the generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful," Trump said. "Under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. You have a force of 30,000 or so people ... and I can just see the great Gen. George Patton spinning in his grave as ISIS we can't beat." 
"I have great faith in the military. I have great faith in certain of the commanders, but I have no faith in Hillary Clinton or the leadership," 

Truth is, there is a galaxy of possibilities waiting in the wings when you Think with a capital T...

Could not the generals transition into something different even without a replacement?  Indeed.  Perhaps through osmosis -- by the leadership of an entirely different Commander In Chief, we see a sea of change in the right direction?  Yeah yeah.  That's  a possibility.  

And yeah, Capital T may still need to change a few heads in the long run, with an overall strategy in mind, that is, but isn't that what being the leader and COMMANDER in CHIEF is all about?  Who do we recognize as COMMANDER of all things really, if it's not the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES?  

Surely, and generally speaking, Obama has made a few changes cough, cough, cough, cough.   [if you only read one of those links -- choose the last one about McChrystal]  What's with the selective outrage on Trump?  THIS administration has done general picking a plenty for pete's sake.

Thinking through the fog is what Capital T seems to do, and do seemingly quite well (unlike Hillary, right....ahhh ahhh little miss can't remember anything that came before the fall, as in concussion...)

Americans are so dialed into reality, and the things literally standing right before our eyes while changing every nanosecond -- that we overlook an advantage only achieved by taking a fine squint to things; taking the time to sit in the fog and contemplate things virtually unseen -- the possibilities are endless --  realities co-mingle with what might be, and after the clouds fall away and blue sky opens up to a brand new day, the light shows answers that to the naked eye could never be found.  And that especially goes if you're in a hurry. just sayin'

This process is sometimes referred to as thinking outside the box.  
Indeed.  It's not the Truman Show, it's the Trump show. So buckle up, buttercups. 

And speaking of a wall of fog --  the same idea holds true regarding building a wall without America actually paying for it, per say, and making Mexico "pay for it" through the assets of drug lords, maybe,  or through a tax upon Mexican businesses who wish to capitalize upon the insatiable appetite of the American consumer, or through any other creative resource within the realm called all things are possible

 [Not to mention, how this administration thought it was proper business to pay Iran, chief financier and supplier of terrorism in all the world,  any interest is beyond me.  Where is the freaking mainstream media show on this one?  Under the cover of darkness, darkness played with a sinister regime, and finally a little daylight proves our worst fear of giving an enemy of the state enough funds to do great harm a billion times over and back again.  This is considered an intelligent thing to do?  Really?]
I like how Capital T was vague in his plans to Matt.

I like it a lot.

This girl has long held the opinion that the most essential military strategy is secrecy.  like, duh.

Be vague, T,  Be very very vague on this one and don't budge a muscle.

What I surely don't want more of is this....and it's plucked from the pages of my latest issue of Verdict, published by The Judicial Watch folks; it's an email exchange, February 22, 2009 between Clinton and Cheryl Mills (chief of staff at the time):

"I called ops and they gave me your 'secure' cells...but only got a high-pitched whining sound."  When Mills suggested that Clinton try the secure line again, the former secretary wrote back: "I give up.  Call me on my home #."

what a riot, huh.
And this is who half the country believes is ready to be Commander In Chief?  Seriously?

I'll take capital T for a hundred dollars, Pat.

ahhh and there's my sunshine, a blog from out of the fog arrives right on schedule.  tee hee

Make it a Good Day, G

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