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Friday, September 9, 2016

It's a Ride Along C-Span Thing

Dear America,

Aye, Kilombo
[pronounced key - lome -bo by Argentinians]
it's what they say 
when everything is just a hot mess

happy friday

given this morning finds me tongue tied, unable to even think straight, flaming-ly flummoxed to the point of unrecognizable furor  -- at just the thought of 700 million dollars a month (in cash and gold) going to the Iranian regime, and perhaps to the tune of 33.6 Billion dollars! dating back to 2014! ...this girl has decided to do something a wee bit different.  For I simply cannot speak; my voice has been snuffed out, like a pinch between two fingers atop a candlestick, leaving a scorching reminder of how much it hurts bearing witness to the atrocities against this land of liberty and her rule of law.

The strangest thing happened on Sunday afternoon.  While channel surfing the hours away, being thoroughly lazy, even staying in my jammies all the live long day -- all of a sudden C-Span grabbed me, pulled me in with no mercy.  And I thought to myself, nooooooooo, don't linger G -- don't get hooked...just walk away...

But it was too late.

It was something out of Hillsdale College -- an interview with Dennis Prager -- and my personal power to disconnect from it was utterly useless; it got me, the tube wrapped around me so fast, there was no way out.   This was mother nature speaking to me and all I could do was sit back and take it.   

And yet, what began as a sign of weakness turned around full-tilt, just a green flash later this girl was hanging ten over the coffee table and my little ass wasn't gonna budge.  To my surprise, my ears were ringing, my soul was stirring, my heart was alive with what it is to be an American girl! [As if I ever truly have issues in this area...tee hee]

SO without further delay, HEAR ye HERE ye are some HIGHLIGHTS -- and dare I say, this will hardly do the entire experience justice; Dennis Prager is freaking awesome!  He's so clear on things, all things, everything; ask him a question and Prager has an answer that is Pithy, Practical, Precise, and Powerful with a capital P.   If P were a wave, this girl would be pounded into the sand and come up smiling for the experience and say cowabunga.  So join me now; let's ride --

"If you have LIBERTY -- there will be no equality."

"The French Revolution 
was all about equality of outcome; 
the American Revolution 
was about the equality of opportunity."

"Socialism spends what capitalism makes."

"Leftism has been the most dynamic religion in the world."

"Catholic schools teach Catholism -- 
it's a moral mandate to teach it; 
just as the many Public Schools today, 
teach Leftism."

"If it's a dysfunction in America, 
the Democrats will benefit."

[answering to those who dismiss and discredit arguments by making generalizations] ....and paraphrasing Prager, he said something like this:

"Without making generalities, 
humans are idiots,
 for there is no real understanding 
of life and how it works...
it is more important to ask, 
is the generalization accurate?"

"If it's a moral demand 
for free healthcare -- 
why isn't food free? 
surely that is more important..."

and then he reminds us of a phrase made popular by Milton Friedman, "there is no such thing as a free lunch"...   and then promptly brings the audience to this point:  "Because nothing is truly free --there is a cost somewhere and that cost is paid somewhere by somebody."...

Then a caller into C-Span reminded Prager of something he once said..."humans are not born good."

And so he added, "they're not born anything. they become something through environment, enrichment, experiences..."

Responding to the recent conversation started by Colin Kaepernick, Prager goes right to American exceptionalism to answer it  -- "there just isn't a country on earth that has such a racial mix that gets along so well."  

"America is not racist; there are racists in America"

truth is...

"you are privileged if you are raised with a father."

In Los Angeles, children are offered free breakfast and lunch, and Prager says --

"breakfast is the least expensive meal
 of the day...
if you can't supply breakfast 
for your own child, you're inept. 
 Child services 
should come take your children."  
[shocking, huh..but makes sense, right?]

the conversation shifts to being Jewish...

"America is the best country for Jews ever!"

"America is not anti-Semitic; 
there are anti-Semitics in America."

"Jews invent secular religions all the time...environmentalism, secularism, multiculturalism, ...as a replacement of the religion...The irony is that Jews embrace the Left, but the Left loathes them."

Re: Trump -- [disclosure: Prager was against Trump in the primary, but is now supporting the party's pick]

"we're not electing a pastor -- but a president."

Regarding picking the lesser of two evils -- 

"picture two doors.  
First door, IS a man eating lion.  
Second door, PERHAPS a man eating lion.  
Which one would you choose?"

I believe this was when he began responding to his latest book, The Ten Commandments, Still the Best Moral Code....

"what we do, how we behave, matters"

"God judges everybody by our behavior."

On behalf of the Right not teaching its stuff well, if at all anymore....he begins to tell a story....

Over the years, Prager has posed a question to his audiences -- 

When in the midst of some tragedy, would you save your dog or a stranger?   
1/3 of people say dog, 
1/3 people say Stranger, 
1/3 couldn't even decide.  
And then Prager quickly noted, if raised with the Judeo-Christian roots, the answer should always be to save the stranger....

Anywho, there is plenty more to say, but for now, for more on Prager, perhaps begin with a place called Prager U.  Start HERE.

And on that note, yay me -- with a little help from the P-ster, this girl has found her beach and it's corona time.

Make it a Good Day, G

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