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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's Escapades and Episodes According to the Greatest Manipulator of Truth Ever Thing

Dear America,

"With all due respect, 
the fact is we had four dead Americans. 
Was it because of a protest, 
or was it because of guys 
out for a walk one night
 who decided they'd go 
kill some Americans? 
What difference, 
at this point, 
does it make?"

This snapshot of Hillary's Benghazi testimony reveals so much about HER, doesn't it?

Right from the get go, this answer she gives claims to be out of respect, and yet it turns into nothing of the sort.  HER answer is alarmingly disparaging to our four dead Americans, and makes her point by trivializing the possible reasons for the very attack...and adds finally, what difference at this point does it make, dead is dead, let's move on.org.

This attitude of what difference does it make seems to follow HER around like a puppy -- and just maybe she rues the day now made scorching permanent in American history; but no matter, what difference at this point does it make if she finds herself in regret, or not -- for Hillary's lack of respect to the truth will rule the day here on the old gthing...good morning.

This testimony reveals who she really is...a manipulator of truth, someone who makes a habit of using deception, when necessary, for selfish advancement or simply to avoid the consequences of a mistake.

Just like Benghazi -- this whole dehydration thing, and fainting thing, and falling down thing -- has a timeline, too.   Returning to circa December of 2012, here at CNN.

And even from the mouth of HER own husband -- “Well, if it is it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently, not frequently, rarely, but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing’s happened to her where she got severely dehydrated,"

When it comes to the Clinton's -- the truth FREQUENTLY is altered, avoided, bleached, or destroyed by a hammer;  while sometimes -- this  truth -- when it is hidden deep inside the mind of another human being....perhaps after months of research, experiences close to a situation, or methodical review (I mean, what difference at this point does it make how the truth suddenly  illuminates, right) ....something actually happens to this human being -- keeper of the truth --  under the cover of darkness...poof!

You know, and I know, that you know, that I'm no doctor.  But if I were a doctor, and Hillary was under my care -- and if this whole fainting thing and falling down thing is really due to dehydration -- my prescription would be the same year over year:

  • drink more water, always have a bottle of water with you...better still, and if you are into brands -- load up on the Gatorade to the Powerade in the Escalade.
  • get your rest
  • periodically get hooked up to an IV for fluids, electrolytes, etc 
  • get a shot -- as in a vitamin cocktail on your derriere (very popular out here in So CAL)
  • (and being one of those skinny girls, myself -- tell her to think about losing a few LB's)
  • (not to mention, your face looks puffy -- are you taking steroids or the HGH, by chance...)
But don't tell me this is pneumonia.

And certainly -- let's not make light of it as if what difference at this point does it make, and consider it just something she just does frequently, or occasionally, or rarely, or from time to time, like Bill said.

The problem I have with the latest fainting spell -- causing HER to leave the 9/11 Anniversary service prematurely -- is that it didn't resemble fainting!

HER movements were odd -- by the time she got to the curb, while waiting for the van to pull up, she appears twitchy, to the point that at the very moment the van arrives, her whole body jerks.  Then her legs buckle, and she takes a step towards the van with help holding HER up on both sides, looking more like she has Muscular Sclerosis, or even Lou Gehrig's disease, or something. Something is wrong with HER.  

This is not just dehydration.

Nor the fault of pneumonia.

No way.
No way.
No way.

HER health issues are years in the making, and made exponentially more serious since the concussion in 2012, the one that prompted delaying her Benghazi testimony until she recovered.

BUTT the bottom line -- it all matters to the American people.
She must be the greatest manipulator of truth ever! Who couldn't proudly hail all that, huh?

Now Trump -- well (emphasis on well) he's not showing any signs of any health issues; and not only does it matter, it speaks volumes, and often repeats.  Yes, folks, it's gonna be huge, it's gonna be huge.

And yet, every time Hillary stumps, something seems to be a problem -- be it a cough, be it dehydration, be it the weather,  be it pneumonia, or be it the inability to just stay on message with her own policy and agenda plans vs. making the mistake of lumping half of Trump's followers into "a basket of deplorables."  [Of course, she corrected herself, and for the record considered it a mistake for calling it "half" -- but what difference at this point does it make,  she said it.  And maybe what she really wanted to say was ALL...there is that.] A tisket, a tasket, blame it on the basket...

When Judicial Watch deposed Cheryl D. Mills on the entire EmailServerGate -- Mills being the chief of staff for Hillary at the State Department...all four years, mind you -- the 162 page transcript contains as follows (see JW Verdict publication, for more):

  • 283 instances of the words "object" and "objection"
  • 38 instances of "I don't recall"
  • 183 instances of "I don't know"
And then JW goes to commentary in the Wall Street Journal, with Kim Strassel describing the Mills testimony as such:  "Ms. Mills can barely recall any conversation with anyone while at the State Department about a server, or email, or anything.  She is clueless or mum on why the server came to be or who knew about it, or how it worked."

To which I must conclude, this whole dehydration thing, fainting thing, falling down and hitting your head until you can't remember shit thing must be contagious.

Watch the video of Hillary "fainting" into the van, from pneumonia, because it was sweltering hot (at a beautiful 77 degrees), plus she needed a wee bit of water....


What difference at this point does it make, from every angle, this video is devastating.

It's almost as infuriating as that other video, the one that caused the attack on Benghazi -- if you happen to be in the basket of  leftists, that is.  Which, lucky for me, am not.  [....that link there has really nothing to do with Hillary's "situation" -- this girl just likes Gutfeld's angle on being lucky.]

And on that note, this girl is gonna wobble on into the kitchen for a little red fruit punch Powerade - gotta load up for the afternoon ahead.   Bottom's up.

Make it a Good Day, G

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