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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's All a Hot Mess At Best Thing

Dear America,

"Where there is no vision, 
the people perish: 
but he that keepeth the law, 
happy is he"

k so this isn't some huge revelation, right

law creates a certain order of things.

No matter the scale -- from picking up a gum wrapper to keeping our commandments with the Omniscient Source of all things good, the great G Thing in the sky -- law and order divines more law and order and in return society grows more and more beautiful.

Trump is where he's at because in a manner of speaking and believing and the everlasting placement of one's faith -- we have lost our way in America.  We -- as in the story of US; our way, because it is about all of us doing this thing called life in America together, under God, and by the Rule of Law, as designed.  

The very ability to truly co-exist in America -- meaning, to assimilate into one body of countrymen with the same desire to maintain law and order as the next guy -- is at a tipping point.  And from day one of this election season, Trump understood these grievances and used them to propel an electrified campaign, for better or worse,

Now, getting to last night's first presidential debate -- it's pretty clear that nothing changed all that dramatically; we walk away within our own camps insisting that our candidate won, but that reality is a wee bit twisted -- warped. at best.  

The night was uncomfortable, really.  

There they were on the world stage -- personalized presidential podiums and all --  trying their darnedest to appear temperamentally top shelf to a nation just waiting on pins and needles.... 

waiting for the first gaffe, 
waiting for the first zinger -- you know the one, it's the one that's been at the tip of their tongue, waiting rather impatiently for the moment to be just right.

The strain to maintain seemed immense. at best.

The thing is upon this beautiful morning in America (yeah, even if it's really partly cloudy with a chance of sprinkles)...it is a sad day if these two depict the best of the best of the best.

It's like I wanna say to the both of them, nice try, next?  Who else have we got?  Anyone?

Unbelievable, really -- that we are, for all intents and purposes,  just a month away from choosing America's next Commander of Chief.

 Speaking of nice tries...I've been wanting to introduce Barbra Nice-Try-Sand for days now....
She wrote a piece for The Huffington Post, titled "Facts Matter."  And even though I really really really didn't even want to read the piece of trash, I picked it up anyway...

But lo and behold -- this girl got the best laugh!  It was such a good chuckle...

all through it, I'm thinking is this girl for real?  
Is she really going to write a puff Huff piece to pump up Hillary based upon "facts matter"  and using Donald Trump as the punching bag?    Seriously?

After all the lies on Hillary have surfaced time and time again -- from Benghazi to Baghdad, from illegal Email Servers to the actual misuse of confidential emails, from voting for the Iraq war before she was against it, from calling the TPP the "gold-standard" before thinking twice, from the Clinton Foundation perks with State Department works, from playing and speaking for personal gain with Wall Street....and on and on and on....from simply being in government for a lifetime -- over thirty years -- with no accomplishments worth a darn, as its all smoke and mirrors with only her best side showing in public (and sometimes with a nasty twitch, a pesky cough, or showing off a new twist on the smokey eyes...).

Liar liar pantsuit on fire!

It's like Barbra, don't quit your day job; this is not the way we were, you funny girl.  But more important, in what universe do you live -- are you not at all affected by Hillary's slew of missteps and mistakes?  Gotta love the hollywood bubble.

What Barbra doesn't understand is that it doesn't matter so much what the Donald knows or doesn't know --

his followers see the return to a country of law and order; they trust that Trump has the contacts to create a cool, credible cabinet, and has enough experience and patriotism to support a more unconventional way in the making of America great again, even if that means he pieces us back together one by one, step by step, whether on the fly or by the seat of his blue suit pants.  The business, at hand, seems to suit him -- consider it more a fit of time and place than anything else.   

And who are we kidding... for better or worse, it's all a hot mess, at best.  We do have days when we feel and look beautiful....and I want more of those. 

WHAT Trump IS NOT is the seasoned, worn out bureaucrat and career politician in the race who IS every bit responsible for things like the twenty trillion dollars in national debt (with the additional unfunded liabilities totaling over 100 TRILLION dollars!)....k, babs?  He's not the one.

How embarrassing that Nice-Try-Sand, and people like Mark Cube Head even think for one minute that Hillary is all that and worthy of the office of the presidency after all she's done and more like undone -- ripping law and order up from its roots with aplomb.  IT's incredible how she can keepeth such poise, even after all things said and unsaid, seen and unseen -- but mostly, undone, unsaid and unseen.  But there she was -- with that big fat grin from ear to ear looking worse for wear, and faking it, all of it, year after year.  

If  Hi-LIAR-y  is your girl, Barbra, there is nothing but sadness in my heart.

Government doesn't do anything, Barbra, but waste hard earned money.  It's a black hole that gets bigger and bigger, grander and grander, evermore elitist as each day passes.

Here's an example of how America truly works -- backwards and forwards, reruns and all...   

It's a beautiful story that I just happened to have fallen into by accident some time on Saturday.  And it all starts with a show called Lucky Dog.  Have you seen it?

The episode I watched matched up a homeless, shelter dog with a wounded veteran -- Atlas and Scott.   From the first minute to the last, tears streamed down my cheeks and I kept thinking to myself, brilliant, this is so brilliant, how genius, how beautiful and on and on and on.

It demonstrated perfect law and order returning to two lives without any government help.

So today,
 upon this beautiful day in America, 
we have a choice to make.

It really shouldn't be all that hard to decide, if being honest and sincere.  
Trump is the only option available.

For better, for worse, it's a hot mess, at best.  But it's OUR hot mess x

Come kicking and screaming if you must, but here's to making America Great Again...
and that only happens when everyday begins with law and order -- and the good intentions of each and every one of us to do good, say good, be good, and think good.

Make it a Good Day, G

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